Freaky Friday

Friday, November 30, 2012

 Happy Friday guys! I'm in a weird mood today. Like, I need to go shopping for my entire family today for Fake Christmas next week and instead I'm looking at bad fashion online and listening to my kid watching "Sofia the First" because Tim Gunn is one of the voices. TIM GUNN. I love it. So yes. Freaky Friday, then more gloating over Tim Gunn, then shopping. I heart the weekend.

 These boots were listed as "Ugly, yet beautiful." No, no. They're just ugly. They look like a pot smoker's poncho, which I can only assume are experiencing a resurgence in Colorado.

 Hey, I want to be comfy in the fall too. But I also don't want to look like I'm wearing a wookie. It's a fine line, people. A fine line. 

 Yay! It's your new go-to cocktail dress. For a party with the Cirque Du Soleil. And everyone's dropping acid. 

Oh, JUMPSUITS. Let's see what Bearded '70s Gigalo has to say about this:

 ...Because one is enough... when it's YOU. 
...Fashion climax.
...Walking turn-on.
...She'll eat you alive in it.
...Treats your body. 

I'm dying.
 Perfect for when you want long, droopy napkin in the front but a PARTY IN THE BACK. 

 You can totally hate me when I say I don't *get* Star Wars. In fact, I remember going to Episode 1 at like, midnight when I was 16 and I have no idea why. 
I also don't *get* hoodies that make you look like another person. Particularly when it has hair. I don't want my sweaters to already have their hair done, you know? 

 Add sheer miniskirts and glitter booties to other things I don't quiet understand. 

 My mom  -- the only person in the WORLD who still insists on sending everything to my 10 year old Hotmail account -- found these on Pinterest. MY MOM you guys. Even she knows that looking like a demented doll is weird. 

 Look like a demented panda instead! This reminds me of My Strange Addiction where the guy wanted to be a baby forever and had a hard time finding a woman who would change his diapers and feed him mush. YOU DON'T SAY?!

 Sara and Eileen sent over this laptop privacy sweater. Because, you know, NOT surfing dirty pictures in public is so hard.

And I saved the best for last. Dawn sent me this with a note that Yoko Ono is designing clothes now. I'm wondering when the whole mysterious Asian thing is going to wear off. Like, one day she just wakes up and is like wow, I just want to wear yoga pants and look at cat memes and eat Kraft Dinner today. And then people can stop acting like she's provocative and not just a crazy old coot.

I keep scrolling back up to look at Bearded '70s Gigalo and laughing hysterically. Dude is a smooth operator for sure. Print him off and stick him to your fridge for constant entertainment. You're welcome in advance. 

Alright, I'm off to gift shop. I love to gift shop. It gives me the warm fuzzies. Much like Bearded '70s Gigalo in his sassy white playsuit. Meow!

Winter Coat Love -- on a Budget!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Can I point out that this is my 501st post? I feel like I should do something special. Umm. I got nothin'.

That aside, I did want to take some time out of my busy schedule posting posed pictures of myself to talk about winter coats. Is it starting to get cold where you are? It's actually really warm here in Utah still. I'm mad because I just bought a new winter jacket and boots and they are in no way appropriate for wear yet. Darn. But! I'll be in Canada next week and they know how to do winter there, so I'm looking forward to some snow bunnyness.

Now, the main mistake I see in winter jacket wear is shapeless-ness. Puffy coats are warm, but they also make me question your gender, you know? I'm all for staying toasty warm during the cold months. I'm from a place where your nostrils froze together on the way to school. I get that. Just make sure you buy with warmth and style in mind and we should be good. Warm nostrils, pretty fashion -- what more could you ask for?


I love me some parkas in the winter time. I used to have a green one but my husband hated it and I have a feeling it found its way to the charity bag. Nevermind, I bought a new white one last weekend -- it was on sale! When looking for mucho warmth, parkas are where it's at. Just look for girly details. I LOVE fur on the hood and toggles that let you cinch up the wist. Bonus if you get a bright color.


If it's a little cool but not exactly freezing, leather jackets are my go-to coat. I have an uber-high cold tolerance, so my leathers get a lot of love during the winter here. I have some that are real leather, some that aren't and I don't care either way as long as they're cute. Look for slimming details -- a streamlined cut and scuba -- or moto -- collar is super flattering. I love these with jeans and heels for date night too. Ca-yoot!

pea coat

Belted pea coat / Pea coat / Precis Petite pea coat, $205 / Fur coat / Black swing coat, $48
If you want something warm but you don't want to look like you live in an igloo, you must own a pea coat. They NEVER go out of style and they're my fave with flats and jeans. So classic. My parents bought me my first pea coat for Christmas when I was17 and I still have it -- how's that for longevity. I have since bought a couple more, my fave being a bright red one. They're super warm and I wear them with everything.


Finally, if you're looking for something lighter and more formal, have a trench on hand. It's not exactly toasty, but it'll keep you dry on drippy, warmish days. Ew, drippy and warmish should never be used in a sentence together ever again. Sorry about that. REGARDLESS. I wear my trenches when I'm in skirts and dresses. There's just something about a trench with heels and usually when I'm dressed up, I'm only outside for two seconds anyway.

My advice would be to grab a range of jackets for the winter. You should have a wardrobe of different jackets on hand. I even have a super puffy ski jacket that I wear for snowmobiling. It's pink. It matches my pink helmet. Very important detail. If you don't have the budget for a closet full of coats, I would recommend you go with a pea coat for your all-around jacket, since it goes with both casual and dressy clothes. Then you can build out from there.

OK, all this talk about coats is making me wish for snow... um, anytime now, 55-degree Utah weather...

What I Wore: Farewell to my Peeps

Monday, November 26, 2012

Blaaaaaaah this day! I went to bed last night with an actual game plan and to-do list for getting back on track after the holidays. Umm guess what didn't happen. Instead, my neighbor's dog barked for like, three straight hours and then my son was up at 6 am. THEN! I got started on my work and my hubs woke up with stomach pains so I took him to the doc (he's fine but on good drugs yay!) So I'm just sitting down to take care of business and writing a blog post was at the top of the list. I obey the list.

How was everyone's holiday? Did you go shopping? Please tell me you went, just not on Thanksgiving. There's something ungodly about spending Thanksgiving fighting with strangers for legos, amiright? I did go out way early on Friday and then again on Saturday and I feel pretty dark good about my scores. My favorites might have been two things for me -- a new winter jacket and boots for waaaay cheap. I'll show you them another day. Don't worry, I shopped for my kids too. I'm heading up to the Great White North next week (is it me or does it seems like I'm NEVER home lately?) and still have to shop for my mumsy and whatnot. But still. Making headway here.

Another thing I bought for myself? This awesome-sauce leopard print sweater. I swear, there is something wrong with me. I won't say no to leopard. EVER. 

 Sweater: F21
Skirt: modbod
Shoes: Nine West
Bracelet: Heirloom 
Earrings: F21

It was super warm here yesterday so I took it as a chance to wear peeptoes for the last time before the snow hits. Farewell, peeptoes. Thank you for forcing me to repaint my toenails every once in a while. 

Also, yes, my Christmas stuff is up. I love. 

Oh accessories, I love you. Go figure that my one pair of shoes in oxblood -- the fall color de jour -- are being put away for the winter. I'm so not stylish. Don't listen to anything I say.

Alright, I have a list a mile long to get to so I'd better seize the day and actually do something. Some housekeeping notes: Keep an eye out for the Fossil winner. Fossil is choosing from the links provided and they'll let me know when someone has been selected. Also, check back on Wednesday for a primer on winter jacket selection oh I know you're excited.

My Fave Jeans Du Jour

Monday, November 19, 2012

So I usually have an outfit post on Mondays, but when I did take an outfit picture on Saturday it was too dark and I'm not actually sad -- I was wearing something cute and I want to wear it to Thanksgiving so it'll be like I never wore it at alllllll mua ha ha.

But, I did want to tell you about my favorite pair of jeans du jour. See, a town near mine opened a Costco. I don't have a Costco membership because my family is teeny and I just never ever go. But I have crazy friends who wanted to go over and so I met them there to poke around and eat free samples because I'm a classy lady. Anyway, I'm SO glad I went because it was there I found my favorite jeans ever. I KNOW! Costco, who knew? I loved them so much that me and my friend both bought a pair and then she went back the next day and got us both a pair in black. Now literally all of my friends have them and we're all different sizes and all in love. One of my friends even bought them for her daughters.

Here they are: Calvin Klein Powerstretch.
(That was the only website I could find selling the exact pair I got... the CK site has them in different colors if you're interested.

Anyway, dark wash? Check. Little bit of Spandex so they don't droop off your butt at the end of the day? Check. Different lengths? Hallelujah, check (Though I'm short, I have daddy long legs and pants never fit right) Butt lift? Oh yes. Perfect straight leg fit? Mmhmm.

And the best part? They were a mere $20 at Costco! If you're near one, I seriously recommend these babies. They run VERY true to size and might even fit a bit large. I bought my normal size and could have gone down one if I'd wanted them tighter. Anyway, I'm in love. I wanted to share that love with you, especially for the cheap factor.

And FYI, CK did not compensate for this post. I just wanted to share with my readers. These jeans make me TOO happy. And they will definitely accommodate for Thanksgiving food on Thursday. I've already got mind locked and loaded for pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes.

Freaky Friday

Friday, November 16, 2012

Is it me or have we not done a Freaky Friday lately? All of that Halloween and vacation stuff threw me off. And I had a folder full of good material just begging to be made fun of. I shall not let it down.

Like this body suit... that wishes it was a bikini. Doesn't it look like one of those swimsuit coverups that old ladies wear that have a hot body painted on them? I can't think of a time where I was like "Gee, I wish I could wear a swimsuit but also a sweater."

 What is with these bodysuits? This one looks like her top half is in jail. Free the boobs!

 I've seen many an ugly boot in my day, but this is among the top winners. Garbage bag material? Check. Clod-hopper bottoms? Check check. Least flattering cut that makes your feet look like hooves? YAY!

 I had a ton of readers send me a whole slew of super scary shoes with gun heels. GUN HEELS. These ones also have snake heads on them to say "Not only am I terrifying human being, but I will literally eat your head if you look at me the wrong way."

 The cow hoof ones are a little gentler. I think they say, "You can take the girl out of the country, but then she'll obnoxiously sing along with every Shania Twain song and tell everyone how country she is and you'll never hear the end of it." At least I think that's how the saying goes. 

 Oh good! Sad adult baby diapers with stangely-placed bum flaps. PERFECT.

 I believe seven different readers recognized these monstrosities and sent them my way. It's like someone trying to out-gangster another person. You think you wear your pants low? MINE ARE AT MY ANKLES. Word.

 Of course, this would be on the other side of things. I'm sorry, but at this point, wouldn't you just wear actual jeans? 

I got these from Aly. These look like a faceplant waiting to happen. Why do designers consistently want women to fall down and have embarrassing moments in bright, look-at-me shoes? 

Oh, I'm sure Elle Fanning is a darling girl,but this outfit gets worse as you scroll down. It's like 
Shoulders: OK, I like the color, pretty fabric. 
Middle: Umm alright I can get on board with those please I guess. 
Skirt: OK you're losing me here, Elle. 
Shoes: What in the blue blazes are you doing with rockets strapped to your feet? 
(Thanks Lindsey. See? It was Lindsey who made me do it! Blame her!) 

Now I'm off to be struck by lightening for criticizing a teenager. I'm a monster. It was nice knowing you. 

Holiday What-to-Wear Shopping List

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I am still holding strong on my "No shopping until the day after Thanksgiving" rule, which has been hard, let me tell you. I'm in the market for these boots and it's killing me to wait, but what if they're on saaaaale? So instead of going on a stage five spending spree, I thought I'd make up my Holiday Wear Wish List so I can keep an eye out on stuff while I shop.

Because, you know what's coming? Holiday parties. And your husband's work party. And hanging out with your weird extended family that you don't like but want to feel superior to. You know what I mean. So it's time to start searching out holiday-appropriate pieces so you look dressy without looking crazy... and without spending a ton.

1928 ring

1928 ring
It's statement jewelry time and that makes me happy! Be on the lookout for tons of gold this season.... this one totally does the whole oxblood thing and manages to look heirloomy at the same time. What? Heirloomy is totally a word. 

BCBG Max Azria scarve

BCBG Max Azria scarve (see more faux fur scarves)
I've been obsessing over this fur scarf for like, three weeks now and I should probably just pull the trigger and buy it. I just think there's a million ways to wear it: Fancy up a pea coat, wear it with a plain Jane sweater and boots, layer it over a cardigan with a cocktail dress. White fur is so holiday that it makes me want to listen to Aaron Neville's Christmas album while drinking hot chocolate and riding a reindeer as I decorate my home. BUT I MUST NOT. I WILL WAIT. 


Clutch (see more vintage beaded clutches)
Clutches make me more happy than they should, but that's because I'm a shallow person. Seriously though, I will say it until I'm blue in the face. Do not bring your oversized mommy bag to any event cocktail dress or more formal. Slinging your giant hobo over a chair is no bueno. Instead, grab a clutch, be happy you don't have to pack wipes for your big night out and take the chic route. This way, your clutch goes on the table or lap... you're not fishing your giant bag from underneath the table. I'm loving the vintage glam of this beaded bag, but literally any clutch that floats your boat will work. You can find cheap ones at Target, F21, wherever, so no excuses!  

OK, I just looked through what I already posted and it appears I'm on a bit of a vintage kick this winter. I just love the idea of a gorg, ladylike and glam holiday season. K? K. Moving on. 

Dorothy Perkins top

Dorothy Perkins top (see more dorothy perkins)
Have a special ocssion top on hand that you can throw on for family parties, get-together with friends or more casual stuff. Like, you want to be comfy, but not hoodie-comfy. Instead, something like this, with dark jeans and a serious pair of boots? Fuggedaboutit. Or, pair it with a pencil skirt and you have a cocktail outfit. If you're on the prowl for a top like this, go for luxe fabrics and details (think velvet add-ons, sequins and rich colors) and a killer fit so you don't need to add much else. 

Wallis dress

Wallis dress (see more purple cocktail dresses)
Grab a versatile party dress. This would work with heels and gold jewels (and that fur scarf AH!) for a fancy party, but you could also totally wear it with a cardigan and flats for something more casual. Add tights and you have something more trendy and the color is perfect for the holidays without being like, the typical red holiday dress, you know? I love. Also, side-ruching accommodates a turkey baby. Just sayin'. 


Pumps (see more polka dot high heels)
OMG How much do I love these pumps? So vintage. You should have a pair of serious shoes to wear to all your stuff. These would look killer with cocktail wear or dark, straight-cut jeans. And everything on this page. Maybe just buy everything on this page. Seriously though, go shopping for a pair of "OMG I love those shoes" heels. Even if you can only wear them for an hour, it'll be worth it. If I know I'm going to spend a lot of time on my feet, I have no qualms with bringing along a pair of flats to swap into as the night goes on. 

Also, notice the color palette we have goin' on here? Gold, black, nude, jewel tones. It's so holiday luxe and I love it. What's more, if you stick with a certain color palette, you'll always have something to wear and it'll be a no-brainer to coordinate for whatever party/dinner/awkward event with family you're going to. 

Now, I feel sufficiently soothed. Until next week. You're going to see my having chills and fever over being *thisclose*to shopshop time.   

What I Wore: Snow Day

Monday, November 12, 2012

Ola, friends! I'm back from our family vacation in San Diego. It was crazy gorgeous and I ate everything in sight and spent time by the pool and enjoying captive animals at Sea World, but my favorite part was coming home to a foot of snow at my house. No, seriously. We got home at 1 a.m. and just sat stupidly in front of our driveway. We had rented a teeny car that in no way could get over the snow and me and the kids were all wearing flip flops. I sent my husband into the house for boots and we trekked the kids in from the street. That was also when I realized I had shut the heat off when we left. Genius. It was a really fantastic homecoming.

And, because of the snow, I didn't get to wear my new shoes. First world problems, I know. So, I had to retool for the usage of boots.

 Dress: Local (My Sister's Closet)
Scarf: I wanna say H&M...
Tights: Ummm...
Socks: Abercrombie
Boots: Breckelle's
Jacket: Guess
Ring: Local craft fair. 
Earrings: F21

Out came the trusty boot socks, which kept me warm despite the fact that this is totally a summer dress. Whatevs, I walk on the wild side. PS leather jackets look good with anything. I can't stop buying them. 

I'm now in that weird time warp where I'm happy to be home and back in my routine, with the heat cranked up and my computer humming. Don't worry, this honeymoon period will only last for a day, after which I'll be back to grumbling about everything and wishing I was back on vacation.

But for now, I'm ignoring the fact that there's no food in the house and a pile of laundry and messing around on the Internet instead. Classic Jae!

Also, I wanted to give you a head's up on the Fossil contest -- see below -- and the fact that things are going to get a little Holiday-y around here. I'm trying my best to hold it off and I've done everything I can to hide my Christmas fund where I can't get to it until next week, but we can talk about holiday clothes for Thanksgiving, right? Please? Please tell me I can or I might explode.

Giveaway and Review: Fossil Vintage Revival!

Monday, November 5, 2012

This post brought to you by Fossil. All opinions are 100% mine.

Fall-time means ditching the flowy fabrics and -- as much as it pains me -- super cute espadrilles and grabbing deeper colors and richer fabrics. Um, leather anyone? So of course I would be in love with Fossil Vintage Revival Handbags and of course I'd jump at the chance to do a giveaway with them. Stay tuned and let's do this!!

First off, I got a chance to peek at the entire new collection and it's totally gorg. You can see all of the bags here. It's mucho luxe, right? I am thinking along hte lines of a chic tweed jacket and riding boots, adorable giraffe-print or croco bag.

The Vintage Revival line is all about classic silhouettes and rich materials, which is awesome when you're putting together a fall and winter outfit... so feminine and modern! I love that they're timeless and so the opposite of trendy, which means they won't be out after like, five minutes. Hello, investment piece! The details and design mean you're going to love these bags forever and they'll only get more comfy as time goes on. I'm all about investment pieces that actually get better as you use them. Are you with me? In fact, I made a couple of outfits to go with my fave bags. Wanna see?

Source: via Jae on Pinterest

I'm thinking more business-like for work or church. This bag makes me die a little... I love the two-toned as a break from the same old slouchy hobo bag, you know? Pair it up with the orange-red that is winter's big color and you are done!

Source:Jae on Pinterest

If you're more of a casual girl, pair up an awesomely-green bag with a leather jacket (if you don't have one, come borrow on of mine. I have a serious leather jacket addiction) I love this for like, Thanksgiving dinner. Too soon? Sorry.

Anyway, Fossil wants to give away a bag to one lucky reader, so here's how it's gonna go down. You're going to create an outfit on Pinterest (or Polyvore) featuring a Vintage Revival bag. Just use the link I gave you up there. You don't even have to do it all in one fancy outfit like I did; you can just pin everything separately on your Pinterest account. Anyway, do that, add the hashtag #FossilVintageRevival and then return and report with a link to your board or Polyvore outfit and that's it! I'll do a random giveaway and the winner gets one of these babies: A Vintage Revival Small Flap bag worth $128! It's pretty awesome, considering crossbody bags are THE bag of fall 2012. Look at you bein' all trendy and stuff!
Canadian and U.S. readers only puhlease!

So, let's break down the official rules
***How To Enter:
Create a pin board on Pinterest of an outfit you’d pair with your Vintage Revival handbag. Include #FossilVintageRevival in your Pinterest Pin. Leave a message on this blog post sharing your Pin. You must share your pin in the comment in order to be eligible. ***you must leave your email address when you enter so that we can contact you***

Alright, who wants a schmancy new bag? Pin, my friends! And, we can be Pinterest peeps if you click the link under either one of those outfits up there. Do it!

official rules
Visit Sponsor's Site

What I Wore: Cardi-Mom

Is it me or is the cardigan part of the official mom uniform? I own like, 900 because they're so easy to put on and look polished. I don't know why, but the addition of a good cardigan takes anything from sloppy to "Oh, well look who decided to shower today." Still, sometimes I feel like they're a bit stuffy, which is why I love a) buying cardigans with patterns and 2) Mixing them up. Makes them a little less PTA.

Cardi: Heart & Hips
Tank: JCPenney for reals it's my favorite. BOWS.
Skinnies: Local (Contagious)
Boots: Frye, duh
Earrings: Heirlooms from my super glam Nanny. 
Also, I realized after I took these pics that I'm wearing my nametag for my volunteer hospital gig. So there's that, too. I am very scatterbrained when I'm running out the door. It gets me free drinks in the cafeteria booyah. 

Oh cardigans, you'll never steer me wrong. Unless you're fit badly or really boxy. Which this one is not. Seriously, if you're in the market for some cardigans, look form them to hit your hip or lower. Too short and you could be veering into some very unflattering territory.

Have I convinced you to buy more cardigans? Hey, it's fall. Totally necessary. What's your fave way to wear 'em?

Now, I have a workout to get to and a little vay-cay to pack for so I'm downing a criminal amount of Crystal Light and hopping to it. Monday is no match for me.

And my trashiest reader is...

Friday, November 2, 2012

... Maggie, with her sexy Pac Man costume!! Maggie, be a dear and shoot me an email at nomoremomjeans at gmail dot com and we'll get you all set.

And, since all week has been just one big Freaky Friday, I'm going to sign off for the day and clean my house (aka who am I kidding. I'm going to watch wedding shows on TV while eating Halloween candy). Thanks to everyone for being such ah-mazing sports for Halloween week.


How to Put 0 Effort into a Halloween Costume

Thursday, November 1, 2012

 ...Go as a hipster.

Seriously, I dressed up for like, five minutes yesterday because I was crazy busy from the minute I got out of bed. I needed something that I could wear comfortably and look a little bit smug at the same time, which is where I decided to pretend to be a hipster.

 OMG I am so ironic. Mustaches are ALWAYS funny.

 "You bought something at a department store? Are those shoes even vegan!?"

 I only thrift shop. Except for when I buy $90 shoes... they go to CHARITY.

Oh sorry I was just sitting here reading socially conscious African literature. Have you heard of this guy Kony?

"Ooh, sorry. I only eat organic lettuce." 

Of course, you're not a hipster until you instagram the crap outta your pictures. Also, I'd like you to note the VCR player in the background. DVDs are so mainstream. 

There you go... the laziest costume ever known to man. Also, I couldn't believe that I actually owned all of the hipster ingredients, I'd just never put them all together before. I wore my husband's glasses, which also made me go cross eyed. 

Now that Halloween is over, at what point is it acceptable to listen to Christmas music? On cassette tapes, of course.


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