Awesome Ways to Style Your Maxi Skirt

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's no secret that I love me a maxi skirt. And ever so slowly, I'm amassing a large quantity of skirts that make me want to flounce through fields and do dramatic skirt swooshes, which is totally a thing. So while I was Pinteresting and looking for inspiration on how to spruce up my sale-old maxi, I found awesome inspiration from even awesomer fashion bloggers who I'll just share with you. Check out this linky love and then go -- go and wear your maxi skirts until they become threadbare!

Here are some of my faves:

Kenzie+Faith does it with a leather jacket, which is my fave maxi topper. It  takes the look out of Little House on the Prairie right into grunge territory. I even love the all-dark colors she's working with. So amazing for a date night.

Sydney kills it by pairing a pink maxi with a denim jacket and nothing else and I bow down. It's so fresh and pretty without being dowdy, which can sometimes happen with excessive layering -- I"m looking at you, hipsters.

In Honor of Design first of all, MAKES her own green maxi skirt which is just unfathomable to me. But then she pairs it with a knotted chambray shirt which is amazingly adorable and something I love to do. Makes for just a cute shape and it's casual enough to wear running errands.

Style Pantry is doing her maxi skirt with a kitschy graphic tee and I love it. I have a black and white maxi skirt that looks sooo cute with vintage-graphics and that makes me happy because when I see a graphic tee, I must buy it. I have three drawerfuls I'm not even lying.

Also check out how she does a head-to-toe mono look here. With the leopard? I'm dying. Resuscitate me, please. So cute.

Tori @ Marvelous Things Photography dresses up her maxi skirt with a blazer. Blazers and maxi skirts go together like peanut butter and bananas. But not jelly because I hate jelly. Bananas. But really, how cute and fresh does she look? Answer: Very cute and fresh.

Okay, fine, this is me. But when you wear a maxi skirt with a safe cardigan, define your waist, pretty please. Otherwise you're gonna get all slouchy and hobo-y and I don't know how I feel about that.

So... what's your fave way to wear a maxi?


Crystal said...

My husband and I have nicknamed the maxi skirt, "pajama skirt". I love wearing my pajama skirt, cause it really feels like I am wearing comfy PJs all day. But looks much better than actual PJs.

Jae said...

Haha I call them church pajamas!

Marci said...

I love the look of a maxi but I don't know what designs will necessarily look good on me. I am scared of stripes or a bold design that it will make me look larger than I already am...? Solid colour? Larger prints? Help?

Jae said...

Solid color, yes... or go for a diagonal print like the dress I wore this week. It's suuuuuper slimming. A medium-sized abstract patter is pretty flattering too.

Nora Bradshaw said...

I can't wait to BUST OUT my maxi skirts, and by "bust out," I mean buy as many as possible. I'm just waiting for the weather to cooperate a little more.

Selidji said...

Do you think maxi skirt will look good on petites women? i am 5 ft and don't know if they will look good on me. will love your opinion. thanks

Selidji said...

Do you think maxi skirt will look good on petites women? i am 5 ft and don't know if they will look good on me. will love your opinion. thanks

Jae said...

I actually think they can give you length when you're short -- creates a nice long line from tummy to toes. Just make sure it almost hits the ground. I'm 5'4" and live in em -- extra points if the pattern is long and lean instead of stripes across.


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