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Burn Fat Fast

Monday, November 1, 2010

OK, it's the day after Halloween. How did you do? Did you stay away from the candy? No. Well I'm going to give you a couple of the best fat burning workouts to burn it all off.

Before we get into the exercises, the first thing you need to do is to commit yourself to no more chocolate. (or chips, or starbursts, or fuzzy peaches etc.) They will NOT help you burn calories, and they will certainly not help you lose weight. So start right now by telling yourself you are simply not going to have any, or if it helps get them out of sight, so at least you are not tempted every time you go into the kitchen.

Alright, now for the exercises. The following are in my opinion some of the very best for burning fat. I am going to give you the best cardio workout ever to burn fat (in my opinion), but you can't skip your weights. You will burn more calories over the long run by sticking to your weight program, so make sure you get it in.

Don't worry though, these workouts are super short and super effective, so you can do it in 20 mins. How's that for time crunching!

First let's start with your weight program. I would highly suggest you doing this 3 times a week. Let's say Mon/Wed/Fri. All you need is 20 min. I know you can find 20 min.

Start with a warm up. If you are inside, you can walk up and down your stairs for a few minutes. If you are outside, just walk and get the blood flowing.

Next, find a spot with some room. You will need a pair of dumbbells, or tubing that you can do bicep curls with. These are both inexpensive. If you don't have either, you can use laundry soap (the one that's in a plastic container with a handle).

1. Push ups. You can do these on your toes, or if you are just starting out on your knees. Make sure you keep your bum down. Do 10 reps.

2. Get up and do Jumping jacks- 7 times

3. Quick Squats- 10 reps

4. Jumping Jacks-7 times

5. Bicep Curls-10 reps

6. Jumping Jacks-7 times

The trick with these exercises is not to rest in between. When you are done the last set of jacks, get a drink and do it again. When you start your third time you will do the following.

1. Push ups- 10 reps

2. Knees up. This is where you will stand tall and bring one knee up towards your chest at a time, now pretend you are running it. Do this for 8 reps, each knee up is 1 rep. Oh and you do this as fast as you can.

3. Squat with a bicep curl. As you squat, keep the weight down beside your legs, as you stand up lift the weights up towards your chest as you curl. Do this 10 times.

4. Knees Up- 8 reps

5. Tricep Dips. This can be done on a stair, coffee table or curb. Face away from it, keeping your back close to the solid object you are using. Your hands are pointing towards your back but are pretty close together. Bend your elbows to lower your body slightly and then push back up again. do 10 reps.

6. Knees Up- do 8 reps

7. Crunches- 20 reps

8. Bicycles (abs)-20 reps

Stretch for a few minutes. You just had a really great workout! And burned a ton of calories.

For the cardio part of your workout this week, you can run, walk, bike, go on a treadmill, elliptical or whatever you like to do. Again, this takes only 20 mins. from start to finish. I know I posted this before, but it's my favourite, I didn't come up with it but I love it and I know it works.

This is something you can do 3 times a week as well, lets say Tues/Thurs/Sat. You can do this because you are only working out for 20 minutes each time.

Min. Intensity
1....... 5-warm up
7 .......6
8 .......7
9....... 8
10..... 9
11...... 6
12...... 7
13...... 8
14...... 9
15...... 6
16...... 7
17...... 8
18...... 9
19..... 10-maximum
20..... 5-cool down

This is something that might take a little practice. Sometimes it's easier to start backwards. Down at minute 19, you see you are doing your max. So you would be sprinting if you were running. 9 is going to still be pretty fast. So you can see how you would increase your speed, verses your incline if you are on treadmill. Give it a try it's the best!

These 2 workouts are super fast, yet they will burn off any extra calories consumed over the weekend. Remember to commit from this point on, that you will eat clean, and no more sugar, add these workouts to your schedule and you will be great.

Committed to your fitness success,
Kelly Parker


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