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Explaining Jewelry: What/Where/When

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My daughter and I came down with the flu on Monday, so we've been hanging out in bed and watching Netflix all day while my poor husband shops for crackers and gingerale. Therefore, I've had plenty of time to do some navelgazing and think deep thoughts on important stuff like feminism and jewelry, in that order.

I was thinking about how so much of personal style comes down to the ability to edit. You know, the ability to look in the mirror objectively and be able to see where you're going right or wrong. And jewelry and accessories are probably your greatest chance to edit your look into something more than just "I put on this T-shirt because it has the smallest patch of baby barf."

Knowing where to invest your money in jewelry and when to edit your overall look can make you look like you actually know what you're doing.

I've said it before: I have some hard and fast rules when it comes to jewelry. IN GENERAL, I

  • Keep jewelry spaced out -- no big necklaces next to chunky earrings.
  • Wear it sparingly.
  • Don't compete with my clothes with jewelry.
  • Will splurge on lasting fine jewelry.
  • Will save on trendy stuff. 
Within those rules are knowing the difference between the various types of jewelry and how/when/where to wear each. Let's break it down, 80s hip hop breakdance-style. Cue the Tone Loc.

Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry refers to the real stuff, folks. Real gold, real diamonds, real gems, etc, etc. It's the kind of stuff your husband gets you for Valentine's Day if you're lucky or that you buy yourself because you're an independent woman who don't need no man to buy you jewels. Your diamond wedding ring, for example, would qualify as fine jewelry.

And yeah, you're gonna pay for it, which is why you should buy judiciously. These are my "must have" fine jewelry pieces. Of course, these are only must haves if you're in a position to actually purchase fine jewelry. Otherwise, you can feed your kids and skip to the next section.
  • A pair of diamond studs. I like round or square, but it's up to you. They will ALWAYS look good and clean and classic, even if they're teeny. 
  • A wedding ring set OR if you're not married, a right-hand ring. I have both. I have an engagement ring and three wedding bands, and then Anjolee sent me this crazy gorgeous band that I wear on my right hand. It's original but understated, which means I can wear it every day. Love. 
  • A tennis bracelet. It will ALWAYS look elegant. ALWAYS. You could be wearing body glitter and a pink cowboy hat and a shimmery romper and if you had on a pretty bracelet, I can respect that. Mine looks a lot like this, which I think is interesting and graphic without being crazy. 
That's it! I don't even include necklaces on here, because while I have fine jewelry necklaces, I don't think I'd die without them. I think necklaces are the easiest to change out and make a statement with, so I prefer to buy trendy necklaces and spend money on pretty rings instead.

 Heirloom Jewelry

I am the least sentimental person on the planet. But I do get a little tender about jewelry because I really like a visual reminder of a person. Here's where it's tricky: There are guides on the Internet that tell you what color of jewelry you're supposed to wear based on your skin tone and I think it's a load of crap. It's jewelry. Wear what you want. According to my cool skin tone, I should be wearing only silver, but if I stuck with that, I'd miss out on some of my favorite jewelry pieces passed down to me.

My Nanny (very Canadian name for Grandma) was very into jewelry and when she passed, I inherited some seriously cool pieces from her. She also left me a bunch of books that she knew I'd love, but I feel like I get to wear and use the jewelry so much more often.

The other day, I was wearing my RCAF WWII Sweetheart's locket (seen here). My Grandad gave it to my Nanny when he was stationed overseas and their very young pictures are inside. Anyway, I was at a bakery and the cashier was like "OMG I love your locket, where did you get it?" And telling her that it was my grandmother's was awesome. It's big and gold and it's one of the best pieces I own (she also gave me an AMAZING garnet bracelet).

What I'm saying is that the best way to own heirloom jewelry is to actually wear it. Unless it's incredibly fragile, I think that whoever left you the piece would want you to enjoy it, even if it doesn't match your skin tone or it's technically out of fashion.

One of the main reasons I thoughtfully buy fine jewelry is that I want to have pieces to pass down to my own kids one day. It's important that they have useable reminder, not just something sits on a shelf, you know?

Costume Jewelry

Finally, here's where it gets fun. Costume jewelry is cheap, trendy and not built to last. While I don't mind spending $$ on fine jewelry, I am the cheapest sonofagun when it comes to buying trendy pieces for a season.

And, since jewelry tastes vary, I'll show you some of my favorite places to shop for trendy costume jewels -- page through and see what you like:

Forever 21: Tons of selection and WAY cheap, but the stuff falls apart pretty quick. I hit here when I need a statement piece for like, a night or a specific outfit and I won't be wearing it every day.

Kohls: Slightly better quality than Forever 21 and they have a decent fine jewelry department too. I like buying jewelry here as gifts.

H&M: I like H&M for gold pieces. They actually do a pretty good job. I buy a lot of pretty hair pins, etc. there.

Macys: I like department stores because they have a HUGE selection and usually have some type of sale. While they will have lots of fine jewelry, searching "fashion jewelry" yields the good stuff on the cheap.

I mean, we're talking basically throwaway stuff that won't last more than a season or two. Costume jewelry is also a great way to try out a trend to decide if you'd like to spend more money on the real deal, ie: I really liked bow earrings so I bought a cheap pair from F21. When I found that I was wearing them on the reg, I bought a nice pair.

Seriously, I wouldn't spend more than like $20 on a trendy necklace or bracelet and cap it around $10 for earrings and rings.

And that, my friends, is what happens when you have the flu and nothing to do all day. I think I'm on the mend... I don't feel as sick, just weak and tired. Sooo basically look forward to an en-depth post on parting your hair or something.

For now, I'm wondering about your favorite type of jewelry. Are you a minimal girl or are you all about the stacks on stacks on stacks?

Super Awesome Jewelry Storage

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fans on my Facebook page know that I had a bit of a mishap yesterday. In a fit of feeling Betty Crocker-ish, I went in search of my crockpot to make a full chicken. When I found it, it was at the very tippy top of my cupboards. Unphased, I seized the electrical cord for said crockpot, so I could tip the actual pot down to my level before snagging it. Instead, the thing came crashing down on my FACE and now I have a sore eye. I did have a pretty gnarly swollen black eye afterward, but I think it's gone down. Now it just looks like I'm wearing dark eyeshadow. So pretty.


So, clearly, I'm not all that great at storing cookware. However, jewelry is a different story.

When you don't store your jewelry properly, it hurts a lot less when it lands on your face, but it can also ruin and tarnish a lot easier. I can guarantee half of your jewelry snafus are the result of crappy storage. The other half are the result of your two year old putting your bracelets in the toilet, so I won't judge. Anyhow, I started thinking about ways to store your precious jewels and came up with a few cutesies that I loved online.

Remember this from my friend Charity? I still think it's PERFECT and practically genius. So pretty on a dresser too, you can just leave it out as decor.

How genius are these knobs? They're just mounted to an old board for perfect necklace and bracelet storage. No more knots and yanking on chains! Not that I know what that's like or anything...

This is a rake head. Mind is blown. This is from Country Living magazine. I should do this in my house because it's log and looks pretty with old timey things. But I also love the contrast between the rake and the pretty baubles.

This is my stuff above my dresser. I just tack up my necklaces. If I don't, I totally forget what I even own and don't take full advantage of all of my jewelry. I also use the towel rack in my bathroom to hang my rings, but that's more out of laziness than for storage. Plus it makes me husband mad.

Just avoid creepy storage solutions, like this HAND coming out of a WALL. Fastest way to terrify me at night.

Go forth and organize! Anyone else have any brilliant solutions?


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