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Big Girl Color Combos

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I think that after a long winter, everyone just starts hitting autopilot when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. Even previously super cute clothes become drab daily wear when you never change it up. And I know it gets totally hard to be inspired to look good everyday when all you have is play-doh rolling on the docket.

That's why I find just switching up my color combos to something newer and fresher can take a drab outfit and breathe new life into it. I think so often we get stuck in the "red and black" rut that we can't see past the usual color combos. But switching things up and trying something new totally makes you look like you went shopping, when all you did was rifle through your closet for a while.

Big girl color combos are those that you may not immediately pair together, but they are much more sophisticated. I like to use black as an accent color more than basing my entire outfit from it, so I can claw my way out of the black box we all put ourselves in.

Combo #1: Red and Navy

I love love love red and navy together. It's crisp and clean, and has an awesome nautical vibe to it. Be careful when pairing with white, you may come across as looking very patriotic. Unless of course, that was your point, like me and my daughter were doing here:

It was the Fourth of July, okay? Don't judge me. Plus, I never ever get a chance to wear my white cargo pants.

So anyway, I feel like black is a much more sophisticated way to accent a navy and red outfit:
navy red

Items in this set:
Flutter Rosette Top, $16
Old Navy Womens The Flirt Wide-Leg Trouser Jeans, $19
Rocket Dog Capucinedb, $36
Furla 'Elizabeth' Medium Leather Handbag
Pretty In Pearls Metallic Blue Drop Earrings, $18

So pretty and clean!!

Combo #2: Gray and Orange

Did I ever tell you that I ALWAYS spell "gray" wrong? I went to Grade One with a kid named Stephen Grey, and to this day can't remember which is the right way to spell the color.

I love orange as an accent color to gray because I feel like orange gets paired with brown to often, and it always looks autumn-y. Which is fine for say, autumn, but not so good the rest of the year. It's unexpected and polished, without being too fuddy duddy.

orange gray
Items in this set:
Black/white ruched bust shirt, 20 GBP
Orange V Neck Cardigan, 10 GBP
High-waist pencil skirt, $435
Women's shoes/bags: AK Anne Klein Sweet Pea - Black, $50
Merona® Satchel - Black : Target bag purse, $20

Okay, so while this outfit looks conservative, a cool pair of patterned tights makes it current without looking prostitute-secretary. Also, I love that with gray/grey you can play with texture. Tweed shoes? Yes, please!

Combo #3 - Brown and Purple

But Jae, you say, what do I do with all of my brown clothes if I can't wear them with orange? The answer? Purple! Yay! I love purple/violet/plum clothes. They look rich while still being low maintenance, and I have yet to see a person that purple looks bad on. Purple looks fine with gray or black, but parining it with brown brings out the richer tones.

brown purple

Items in this set:
Asymmetrical Triangle Ruffle Tank, $16
Grey Heart Pocket Blazer, 30 GBP
John Lewis Women Brushed Sateen Trouser, Chocolate,, 27 GBP
Women's shoes/bags: Restricted Ashlee - Cream, $50
Monsoon Accessorize - 3 x Mixed Heart & Flower Brooch Set, 10 GBP

I love the idea of this for a nice date night. And I love pairing it with a clutch that has different variations of the same color in it. Le sigh, I want it.

Combo #4 - Yellow, black and white...with a little red thrown in for good measure.

Black and white never, never, never goes out of style. It ALWAYS looks put together and pretty, and it's obviously easy to put together. Throwing on a few colored accessories when you're wearing black and white makes it look pretty and springy without looking crazy.

black yellow

Items in this set:
White cuff sleeve v-neck top, 7 GBP
A-line Flower Skirt, $23
Michael Antonio Kerrel Open Toe Pump - Free Overnight Shipping &..., $40
Coquette: 22 posts from May 2008 Lemondrops necklace
Mossimo® Black: Four Poster Tote - Red : Target, $25

I so, so love this skirt. It's floral while still being current. The yellow shoes? I die. This would be so cute going to church, or even doing family pictures in (another topic I plan to tackle next week). It makes the black and white less ordinary.

So, look in your closet and see what colors you can pair together that you hadn't previously thought of. Your wardrobe doesn't have to stop at black, white and red.

Hey!! What's black and white and red all over?

A sunburned pilgrim! AHAHAHAHA.


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