What I Wore: Spring Farewell

Monday, April 29, 2013

I got back from my girl's weekend on Saturday and it was SO much fun. We ate, we shopped, we napped, we ate and then ate a little more and it was divine. Although I am sad to report that I have yet to find the perfect camo skinnies and am still on the hunt today. However, I did get some awesome stuff like shoes (of course) a bunch of nice, sloppy tees and a super-cute maxi skirt. YAY for breaking my shopping fast -- I can breathe again.

Of course, today my son woke up sick and so I'll probably be hanging out at home, which is sucky because it's gorgeous outside. Like, we're nearing shorts weather here and I am very happy. We can finally say goodbye to winter layers, like this outfit:

                                                 Top: InVein via Edge Custom Shop
Jacket: Downeast Basics (similar)
Jeans: Liverpool Abby in black obviously (here)
Boots: Soda (similar)
Bracelets: Nordstrom (similar... and cheaper!)
Leather cuff: Marc Jacobs (want!)

Say goodbye to boots and jeans because I think it'll be skirts and dresses for the next few months or so. 

Bye, adorable military jacket that I love so much. I shall put you in my guest bedroom closet, as I Have a severe jacket-buying addiction and have run out of room for you.

 We shall meet again, intentionally ugly combat boots. Thou hast served me well this winter.

Seriously though, the weirdest thing about Utah (OK, living around millions of Mormons is pretty weird) is that it has no spring to speak of. You go from snow to sunburn in like, three hours so you have to be ready. And by "be ready" I obviously mean "buy sandals immediately."

You might still see these boots if I can figure out how to wear them with dresses without looking like a grungey 90s rock singer. It's a work in progress, really.

Anyway Spring, it's been a slice. But it's like, 80 today and my kids are out of school in three weeks and Summer will be back in full effect. Heaven help us all.

Spring Shopping List 2013

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So I'm doing my big Spring shopping trip this weekend and I'm pretty darn excited. Like... I'm actually doing laundry right now and cataloging what I already have. Note to self: You have WAY too many button-up shirts and don't really need more kthanks. SO while I check out what I've already got goin' on, I'm making a shopping list of stuff I must have immediately so I don't go out of control. Other note to self: You will most definitely get out of control.

Here's what I'm on the hunt for!

OK, so I'm looking for a few very specific things. The first is definitely a really good-quality boyfriend tee. I wear my T-shirts until they're falling apart because it's so hard to find one that's soft, fits well and that I love. But a tee plus skinnies and wedges is pretty much my spring uniform and I need one baaaad.

I'm also on the hunt for colored bermuda shorts. Um, HOW do I not have ones already? I disappoint men. Love it with a chambray shirt too... so prep!

Also, I bought these wedges and they are roughly 400 percent brighter in real life. I am looking all over for some cute neon accent clothes to pair with them. That heart sweater with a black circle skirt and wedges? I die and must try it.

Finally, I'm also on the hunt for some camo skinnies that I can buy without selling my innards on the black market. WHY IS THIS SO HARD? One day last month I dragged my husband to like nine different stores and still didn't find any. But it's gonna happen this weekend. I love them with heels and sloppy shirt.

I also want to buy a ton of jewelry. I've gotten to that sad point where I hate 99.999999 percent of what I own. 

So basically, I'm looking for sloppy spring clothes that I can wear with cute shoes. This is more or less my shopping list every spring.

What are you looking for?

What I Wore: Shopaholic

Monday, April 22, 2013

I totally forgot that as part of my Cheap Tricks, I wrote an article for MoneyCrashers.com-- Check out Cheap Swaps and Alternatives to Expensive High-End Makeup Brands to find out where I splurge and steal when it comes to makeup. I knew I was forgetting something!

Speaking of being cheap, this week is the end of my shopping diet and I could not be happier.  It has dragged on way too long. I do the diet because not only do I tend to spend a lot in May, but it's interesting to see how often I default to shopping. Bored? Shop. Mad? Shop. Stressed? Shop. Have a spare five minutes? Shop. It's insane! Want to shop? Shop! Instead I've taken to organizing my closet to see what I have on hand. I will not say that I've been "shopping my closet" because that's obnoxious. I'm just wearing stuff I already own geeeez.

 When I went out to lunch for a friend's birthday last week, I dug out some old standards.

 Chambray: Urban Wear
Jeans: Calvin Klein
Flats and earrings: Ardene (Canada)
Watch: XOXO
Glasses: Buckle
Bag: Coach
When I don't have a supercool, brand-new piece to showcase, I fall back on color. Going all monochromatic and grabbing some bright flats saved this from being too plain Jane until I can shop again. Also, bless my mother's heart because she took pity on me and sent me down a few pairs of flats to help me get through shopping withdrawal. 
 Ugh my little brother took these pics while he was here visiting and he's so much taller than me that all these pictures make me look like a miniature pony. When really I'm more like a moderately-sized pony. Note to self: find shorter photographers.

Chambray options for those of you not currently dieting:

 So here's my question today -- what do you do when you get that itchy shopping finger? Because I just did some damage in the home organization section at Target to stop me from buying shoes. On the bright side, my desk IS more organized. On the other hand, it was like an alcoholic drinking a wine cooler. I cannot be satisfiiiiiied. Any ideas?

Freaky Friday

Friday, April 19, 2013

So, how did everyone like Cheap Tricks week? Something you want to see again or no? Because I have roughly a bazillion cheap tricks up my proverbial sleeves. And also my literal sleeves.

But now it's time for Friday and further prove that "expensive" doesn't automatically mean "good." Here are some of the most heinous pricey finds I've seen.

 This is my favorite. It's a "maxi skirt" (heavy emphasis on those quotation marks) that Amy sent over. My favorite are the "skirt" details: 
"no pockets, unlined, rear slit"

no pockets

no pockets 


 PS it's $585 I'm dead.

 Sara sent me this skirt that is a relative steal at $60. On the bright side? It's cheaper than an x-ray AND it helps remind you to take your vitamin D. 

 If Jerry Seinfeld had a less-attractive, colorblind twin sister. And had $1,260 to spend on ugly dresses.

 Oh REALLY Marc Jacobs!? We're selling sweatshirts from my childhood at $1,300 are we? Because I probably have like, 6 in storage.

 This is either a shrug or something your cat barfed onto your carpet. I can't tell. 

 For when you feel peskily small around your midsection and want to add about 10 lbs and what appear to be harlequin elephant legs for the tidy sum of $1,825.

 You guys. This is a $1,700 Cosby sweater.

Stoppit, fashion. 

For when you want to look like a slightly more masculine Michael Jackson. It's $2,390 which is probably what he spent on waffles so it's really a steal when you think about it. 

Oh fashion, you so crazy. Always proving that it takes a lot of money to look really cheap.


Cheap Tricks: Manicure Saver

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I am notoriously impatient when it comes to nail polish. I put it on and will definitely have it smudged within about 90 seconds. While I almost never wear polish on my fingernails -- I have a wicked nail biting problem -- I almost always have my toes all polished up. Problem is that when I do get a spare minute to do my nails, I end up getting up and having to get someone a cup of chocolate milk or something and I get it smudged. And I haaaaaaate smudges.

So imagine my happiness when a friend introduced me to this $5 wonder:

It's called Seche Vite and it's literally the best top coat that you'll ever use. Not only does it make your nails super shiny -- it even works on matte polish -- but it dries rock-hard in 60 to 90 seconds. My favorite part is that you can put it right over wet nail polish. HELLO, time saver! Then, it makes your nail polish last forever. I got five to seven days without chips on my hands and up to two weeks on my toenails.

Even when I have my pedi done at a salon, I rush home and slick this stuff on top. It makes my pedi last longer, which means saving money. And at home, it saves my frustration level when I don't have to use nail remover and start again after my kids drag a stuffed animal over my toes while they're driving.

For $5? Totally worth it.

P.S. I am not getting reimbursed for this post. I just love this so much that I would name a child after it.

P.P.S. Don't really do that. It's French for "dry fast."

P.P.P.S. That's the extent of my six years of mandatory French.

Cheap Tricks: Homemade Toner

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Just in case yesterday's cheapie post wasn't MINDBLOWING enough, I have more for you.

So, I have a confession to make: my skin sucks. Like, big time. It's a huge jerk and I'd punch it if the face if it wasn't, well, my face. Seriously, it's totally T-zone oily but dry around the edges and literally every product I use irritates the crap out of it. And I've tried pretty much every product possible to clear up my skin and nix oiliness without completely drying my face out. And I've never been loyal to anything because I've never found anything that was super-effective.

A couple of months ago, I was suffering through a particularly heinous stress breakout when I turned to Google for help. After doing some excellent research and by research I mean reading online forums, I came up with a recipe for a toner that has seriously transformed my skin. Yeah, I'll get the occasional zit, but this stuff zaps 'em. This stuff has also changed the appearance of my skin, getting rid of faded scars and shrinking pores, too. When I went to Moab, I didn't bring it with me and the next week my skin was back to its old tricks and I was so mad at myself.

In short, this is my favorite thing ever. And the best part is that it takes like, pennies to make.

Here's all you need:

1/3 cup RAW apple cider vinegar
1 tsp. tea tree oil
1/2 cup water
Spray bottle 

That's it!

I should note that I got both the apple cider vinegar and the tea tree oil from my local grocery store -- nothing special. Just make sure you get the raw stuff. I bought a huge bottle of filtered without thinking and it now is my floor cleaner. Unfiltered is what you want because it has all of the good fruit acids inside. Anyway, the ACV was about $1.50 and I spent $4 on the tea tree oil and both will last forever. I figure I'm mixing this stuff up for like, 25 cents a bottle. And it actually works, unlike pretty much every product that I've spent serious money on.

Now, all I do is mix all the ingredients in a spray bottle and give it a good shake. At night, I wash my face -- right now I'm just using an Olay cleanser -- and then spray my toner on a cotton round. Swipe it all over your face and you're finished! If I do have a zit, I like to saturate the cotton a little more and hold it over the blemish for 10 seconds or so. By the next morning it's way smaller and almost gone. 

Another tip? Keep some in the fridge for morning use. I find that it cuts oiliness first thing in the morning and the cold shrinks pores so my makeup looks better too.

You can totally adjust the amounts, as well. If your skin is way oily and doesn't dry out, I'd add some more ACV. If your skin is more acne prone, up the tea tree oil a bit. Play with it until you've got the combo that works for you. And yes, your husband will complain about the smell of the tea tree oil: it's really strong and herb-y. But he can deal with it, because this is your skin we're talking about! 

Give it a try and lemme know what you think!

Cheap Tricks: $1 Eye Highlighter

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

** Prayers to Boston. This has been my favorite response to it all.**

As promised, this week is all about my cheapest makeup and beauty tricks I use everyday -- three in particular. Today's is definitely the easiest and the cheapest of all three -- that's because it literally costs $1 and about two seconds out of your day.

It's this little baby, here:

This, my friends, is e.l.f.'s Essential Shimmering Facial Whip. I've been using it for years, but it has a really special application that I looooove. And that's making me look awake in the morning.

All I do is take my teeny tube of this stuff (which lasts forever, by the way) and squeeze a miniscule amount on the back of my hand.

Seriously, that is more than enough. Any more and you're going to look like a slutty fairy.

Then, I dab my finger into the little schmear and then dab my finger onto my tear ducts.

It acts as a shimmery highlighter that makes you look super awake and like you weren't up reading on your iPad until 1 am, not that I do that or anything.

Shimmery tear ducts FTW! Look at them! Look at theeeeeeemmm.

Then, as I usually have some leftover on my hand, I use it to highlight my brow bones, the tops of my cheek bones and then I rub the last little bit right above the bow of my lips. It's just enough shimmer to bring attention to your best features and make you look bright and awake.

Happy days!!

The color I use is the palest one they have -- Lilac Petal. You can nab it form the website (they have free shipping right now) but I just got this one at Target. Easy peasy, $1 and makes you feel like a million. I look positively undead without this stuff.

Alright, that's my first one. Stay tuned for tomorrow, when we will talk about my homemade skin treatment woop woop.

What I Wore: Maiden Voyage

Monday, April 15, 2013

Just so you know, my camera slipped through the couch cushions and I had to dig it out before posting. And voyaging under my couch is deep, dark and scary. So just be aware that I am dedicated to this blog to the point of surfing my hand through cookie crumbs, bobby pins and old lollipops to be here for you.

I FINALLY got to wear my red skirt and I am very happy about that. Especially because I'm on day 15 of my shopping diet (it ends next Thursday YES) and I needed a little pick-me-up. Thanks, red skirt.

 Skirt: Tailor and Stylist (here)
Top: Charlotte Russe
Cardi: H&M
Shoes: Qupid
Bracelet: Umm my brother gave it to me and it's from Botswana
Earrings: F21

At first, there were like, TOO many things I wanted to pair this skirt with. My whole closet was emptied onto my bed and I played dress up for an hour. But I finally decided to just go simple for its maiden voyage. There will be many more times. I have a plummy top I reaaaalllly want to try with this. Stay tuned for that. Meanwhile, it was just neutral colors with a pop of leopard -- my fave.

 Can you tell I've been watching a lot of Mad Men lately? Pencil skirts for everyone! 
Hooray for hips!

 I bet you were wishing this skirt had a bow on the bum WELL GOOD BECAUSE THERE IS.
Dat bow!

Also can I point out that this baby was under $25. I love me a steal! And this week, I'm going to feature my favorite cheapie beauty products and secrets each day, so keep checking. Tomorrow's secret is $1 I kid you not. Hint: it's the only way I stop from looking like a zombie everyday. Get ready for some awesome tips and gratuitous selfies all. week. long.

Don't act like your interest isn't piqued.

Awesome Ways to Style Your Maxi Skirt

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's no secret that I love me a maxi skirt. And ever so slowly, I'm amassing a large quantity of skirts that make me want to flounce through fields and do dramatic skirt swooshes, which is totally a thing. So while I was Pinteresting and looking for inspiration on how to spruce up my sale-old maxi, I found awesome inspiration from even awesomer fashion bloggers who I'll just share with you. Check out this linky love and then go -- go and wear your maxi skirts until they become threadbare!

Here are some of my faves:

Kenzie+Faith does it with a leather jacket, which is my fave maxi topper. It  takes the look out of Little House on the Prairie right into grunge territory. I even love the all-dark colors she's working with. So amazing for a date night.

Sydney kills it by pairing a pink maxi with a denim jacket and nothing else and I bow down. It's so fresh and pretty without being dowdy, which can sometimes happen with excessive layering -- I"m looking at you, hipsters.

In Honor of Design first of all, MAKES her own green maxi skirt which is just unfathomable to me. But then she pairs it with a knotted chambray shirt which is amazingly adorable and something I love to do. Makes for just a cute shape and it's casual enough to wear running errands.

Style Pantry is doing her maxi skirt with a kitschy graphic tee and I love it. I have a black and white maxi skirt that looks sooo cute with vintage-graphics and that makes me happy because when I see a graphic tee, I must buy it. I have three drawerfuls I'm not even lying.

Also check out how she does a head-to-toe mono look here. With the leopard? I'm dying. Resuscitate me, please. So cute.

Tori @ Marvelous Things Photography dresses up her maxi skirt with a blazer. Blazers and maxi skirts go together like peanut butter and bananas. But not jelly because I hate jelly. Bananas. But really, how cute and fresh does she look? Answer: Very cute and fresh.

Okay, fine, this is me. But when you wear a maxi skirt with a safe cardigan, define your waist, pretty please. Otherwise you're gonna get all slouchy and hobo-y and I don't know how I feel about that.

So... what's your fave way to wear a maxi?

What I Wore: Barbershop

Monday, April 8, 2013

It's not often that I see something I want and buy it off the cuff. I usually hum and haw, look for coupon codes, compare against other stuff and then get around to buying it. But this dress called my name and I had it bought and paid for in about five minutes flat. I loved how it looked like an old timey barbershop barber pole. And I was like "Wow, I don't yet own anything that makes me look like an old timey barber pole" and so I bought it because I have excellent decision-making skills.  If it's speaking to you and it's saying "Buy me and forget that your electric bill is due," you can here.

OK and I also bought this skirt about five minutes later. I can't wait to show you guys. It's so good. SO GOOD.

Anyway, this dress was perfect last week when I took my kids to a big old indoor playground to help burn off Spring Break energy. I brought my iPad and read (I just finished Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel) and it was lovely. My kids checked in every 10 minutes or so and I was reminded about how awesomely fantastic it is to have older kids. Four and seven is my happy place.

 Dress: Tailor and Stylist
Jacket: Old Navy
Shoes: Ardene (Canada) 

I'm not wearing a speck of jewelry. I'd like to tell you that it was because the pretty belt was jewel enough and sartorially, I didn't feel like this outfit needed extra adornment but really, it was because I was going to a flippin' indoor playground and didn't feel like it.

These are BY FAR the ugliest shoes I own. They're like a hybrid moccasin married to a flip flop making a lovechild with a Mary Jane. And yet... this is my second pair. I wear them everywhere and have learned to be OK with the fact that they're ugly.

Also, check out the adorbs belt on this sucker. It's metal and red and I die.

Anyway, it's back to business today since Spring Break is officially over. I plan to celebrate by showing my to do list who's boss and then having a nap woo!

Freaky Friday: Love Letters

Friday, April 5, 2013

Ah, you guys! My kids went to the cabin with their grandparents yesterday evening and I've been home alone since. So far, I've done exciting things like: eat ribs like a motherflippin' ladyboss, go to Wal-Mart, stay up late to watch Jimmy Fallon with my husband and work with very loud and inappropriate Robin Thicke music playing in the background. It's glorious, especially after a week of Spring Break where I felt all this pressure to be the best mom ever and take my kids to every crowded, overpriced activity we could think of. I have big plans to catch up on all the HBO I DVRed last week, watch wedding shows and do my hair. I'm giddy.

Unfortunately, I'm on my annual April shopping diet, otherwise I'd be using this mama time-off to hit up stores. It's killllllling me for real. I'm going for a girl's trip in a few weeks, so I can binge then but for now, I'm trying to stay away from online shopping. And to do that, I'm writing love letters to some of my favorite mom-related celebs and public figures that I've been thinking of lately.

Dear Gwyneth Paltrow:

So I noticed that you're back trying to make me hate you again. And you're doing an excellent job, I might add. When you released your "Spring Review" aka "Spring Humblebrag About How Rich You Are", I'll admit that I was curious. After all, if you're spending $450K on clothes this spring, I can only assume you purchased excellent pieces that can be worn in a variety of ways for seasons to come.

 And yet... I was so wrong. Instead, you showed pieces that would work on no one. Not even yourself. And yeah, I know you worked hard on that toned belly by eating baby food and doing the idiotic Tracey Anderson method for two hours every day, but I still don't want to see your stomach. I actually don't want to see anyone's stomach outside of a pool or beach. And I DARE you to wear those orange metallic shorts again. DARE.


Dear Kim Kardashian

Sweetie. Honey. Baby. Muffin. Cinnamon Buns. You have GOT to start thinking about maternity clothes for me. Look, I know you want to be cool and sexy during your pregnancy. We all do. But it's OK to show off your bump -- don't cover it up. Sure, your babydaddy is a huge douchecanoe and is probably a jerk about you shopping a A Pea in the Pod like normal people, but he doesn't own you. Seeing you stuff your belly into high-waisted pants or hiding it under huge flowy dresses makes my heart hurt.

Also, pregnancy is NOT the time to go with a strapless bra. Because now my heart and my back hurts. You're a millionaire. You can do better than this.

Check out Jessica Simpson, who is doing a MUCH better job with clothing this time around:

 Can we just make a tight shirt and cute blazer like, the uniform for maternity clothes? That would be greaaaat.


Dear That Person Who Wrote the "Dear Mom on the iPhone" Letter I Saw on Facebook:

I honestly wanted to write a whole tirade about this because it irked me so bad. But I've calmed down and now I'll just say a few things.

1) Hey, other people who aren't parents to my kids -- wanna stop judging me for it? As long as mine are fed, clothed, sheltered and safe, I'm doing my job and you don't need to worry. I've got this.

2) My kids actually don't need me drooling and clapping like a seal over everything they do. Not every trip down the slide is going to be the best ever. Sometimes, it's just a routine trip to the park and I don't need to bring a DSLR camera to document every movement.

3) Let's face it: Kids are pretty mediocre most of the time. It's just mommy blogs, Instagram and judgey article writers who make it sound like your child is just a magical fairy dust moment waiting to happen in perfect lighting. We're spawning a generation of moms who plunge into deep depression when they have children and realize that most of the time their kids smell like peanut butter and have hobo hair and do stupid things like trying to be ninjas and hurting themselves and then what will they blog about???

4) I'm checking my phone because I'm emailing a client. I work. I actually want my kids to see me working. My work is important to me. One day, I want work to be important to them too.

5) I'm taking my kids to the park and that should be super-mom enough. I consider this a triumph because they could be inside watching SpongeBob. Don't ruin that for me. 

6) "Your little boy keeps shouting, "Mom, MOM watch this!" I see you acknowledge him, barely glancing his way. He sees that too. His shoulders slump." 
Excuse me while I vomit. You know what moms need right now? More guilt. Because they don't have enough from everyone else already. So now, not only do I have to feel guilty that my kids don't eat an all-organic diet, go to private school or read at an 8th grade level, I have to feel guilty each time I look at my freakin' phone. I was actually looking for something else to feel guilty about, so thanks for that.

7) Stop watching me at the park. It's creepy.

Love forever,

Dear Josh Duhamel:

You're adorable. I read an article that said you called Fergie giving birth "a beautiful thing." And yeah, it's pretty special. But be prepared for the not-so-beautiful parts too. Because giving birth is also pretty slimy.

With warning,

Dear Amanda Bynes' Mom:

I don't know if you realize this, but your daughter is having a mental breakdown. Like, stage 5, Michael Jackson dangling a baby out of a window capital-M Meltdown. Where are you? You need to go scoop her up, bring her home and bake her shepherd's pie while watching a Downton Abbey marathon like a good mother.

This is a cry for help.  A really badly-dyed cry.


Dear Holly Madison:

You named your child Rainbow.

So I guess we're assuming she's not becoming a lawyer?

In all seriousness,

Whew... that felt good to get off my chest. It's your turn! Anyone you'd like to write a passive-aggressive note about? Because I want the dishy dirt while I watch wedding shows!

Ask Jae: Part II

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

So after I did my last "Ask Jae," I had a bunch of questions filter in via email and Facebook and I'd feel like a huge jerk if I didn't answer them. I mean, I'm a huge jerk anyway, I don't need this on top of it. Luckily most of the questions are pretty broad and helpful for everyone, so instead of just answering them via email, I'll do it here. YAY efficiency.

Elise asked: "Are leggings an appropriate resolution to a skirt that leans towards being too short?"

Hi Elise. Okay, so you can take this with a huge grain of salt, but I am not a lover of leggings. I can see why you'd want to wear them for modesty's sake, but I'm all about looks because I'm super vain. Seeing that legging peeking out throws the outfit off for me because it becomes super casual. I'm much happier with an extender slip -- you can see my What I Wore post from two Mondays ago. They're super cute and I feel like they add to a look rather than subtract. I've been very happy with mine and love that a lot of my dresses and skirts feel "new" with it.

Patricia asked: "So I was wondering if you could maybe give me some outfit ideas for the summer? I always love the layering and maxi dresses I see on here, but I'm from Tucson, AZ and sometimes I wish I could go out naked it is SO very hot here."

Kristina also asked: "What's a tall 40 year old girl to wear in the summer? I typically stick to skirts, dresses, or a light weight pair of jeans cuffed at the ankle. I think I might never wear shorts again. 2 inch inseams? Are they kidding?"

Casuual Dresses

A|Wear fitted wedding dress, $15 / Dress / H&M capped sleeve dress, $30 / A|Wear lacey dress, $18 / Dorothy Perkins cotton dress / H&M h m, $38 / Wallis print dress / Shirts dress / Knee boots / A|X Armani Exchange leather strappy sandals / Oasis leopard print shoes, $36 / TOMS shoes / Michael Antonio espadrille wedge / N.Y.L.A. espadrille wedge / Lining shoes / Charlotte Russe skimmer shoes
Well, by all means, go out naked -- the neighbors would love it. But, in the case that you just don't feel naked-ready, I can tell you that when the desert summer rolls around, I love in my bermudas and dresses. Not maxi dresses -- just knee-length cotton dresses I pick up on the cheap. I love that they're one piece, don't need layering and have a built-in ventilation system if ya know what I'm sayin'. Casual dress + cute sandals = love forever.

Check out places like Dorthy Perkins and Asos for cute, knee-length dresses to keep you cool. 

Shorts can be trickier. Short and it's scary bum cheek territory and too long and you can look a little dumpy. I look for shorts to hit juuuuust above my knee cap. Then you get a nice long leg line that is cute and not stumpifying. Pair it with a featherweight tee and you're pretty much done!

Lorraine is adorable and wonders: "I'm retired and feel most comfortable in casual clothing. In summer it's shorts, my fav Asics or flip flops and a tee.  Occasionally I need to step it up a notch.  Nice jeans, etc.  But I can't seem to find or know how to put things together that say  "She knows how to dress her body"!  Help!"

Well you are just my favorite person ever for being retired and still wanting to look cute. You're petite, so you want things that won't overwhelm your figure. When it comes to dressing over 50, classic silhouettes are best -- I love a skinny cigarette pant with a embellished top and cardigan or jacket. Add flats and you'll totally look like you know what you're doing. I think the trick is to go classic, but bring in modern colors, like coral and turquoise. Like so.


Sarah sent me a message to ask about business casual wear for her new job. "Are there any pieces i should be buying that go with everything (or most)?"  

I find that offices get more casual all the time. So before you ever go shopping. I'd head to work for a week and see what other people in the office are wearing. You might find that things are a little more casual than you expected -- or more formal. That way, you know what you need to buy. And business casual doesn't have to be a total snoozefest. While you should definitely adhere to some rules -- skirts to the knees, covered shoulders, put your boobs away -- you can still have fun with jewelry. Start with a basic formula of straight-cut pants, a bright top and then a topper, like a cardi or blazer. When it gets hot, you'll want to swap out the topper for shirts that are interesting enough on their own. You don't need button-ups and suits unless you really want to wear one. Business casual usually just translates to modest and streamlined. Also, I love dresses for BC wear. It's an easy way to get dressed in the morning and boots or wedges help tone down the formal factor.

H&M h m blazer, $23 / H&M slim pants, $38 / Black Paisley Border Top, $23 / Wet Seal heel wedge shoes / Magid handbag / Sabine jewelry

Dorothy Perkins print dress, $23 / Clarks black boots, $76 / Buckle handbag / Bracelet jewelry / MNG by Mango coral jewelry / Elastic belt

Julia wanted to know "I was wondering where good places to shop for maxi skirts are??"

I can definitely tell you a few places where I've found awesome maxi skirts! LulaRoe.com has sent me a maxi skirt before and its an entire store dedicated to just maxi skirts of crazy adorableness.  I've also done really well at like, neighborhood boutique places like Urban Trends... if you're in Utah, let me know and I can direct you ;). I also have a few skirts from Forever21, just be mindful of the length because I find them to be a little shorter than normal. Check with department stores too -- Macy's had a ton and for cheap when I was there a few weeks ago!

Heather has a serious prob: "With my job I have to wear a ton of work polos or tee shirts with a logo on the front. It's very blah and I want to spice it up...only thing is that I work in the front office of a warehouse."

When I was in high school and right after graduating, I worked as a receptionist in a front-end office of a warehouse-type place. I didn't have to wear a polo, but it definitely wasn't a dress-up place. And if I were in your situation, I'd definitely steer clear of khakis because khakis+work shirt makes you look like you're a  theme park or Best Buy employee. Instead, I'd spice things up with styling the shirt -- cute, statement jewelry or wearing bright wedges with some ankle pants. Or, you could top a polo with a well-fitted, bright blazer to differentiate yourself from the average warehouse worker. That would also work well with a graphic work tee, as long as the tee fits well. Does that help?

Finally, Lori asked: "What do you do about pale skin? Summer's coming and I am NOT ready!"

 Jergens Natural Glow Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer, Fair to Medium Skin Tone

Yeaaaaah about that. Honestly, I don't think there's anything wrong with pale skin. Okay, so a tan might make you feel better. But after my bout with stupid skin cancer last year (it was completely non life-threatening, but it did result in a sucktastic surgery and a scar that I could have done without) I am a respecter of sun. I've never been in a tanning bed in my life. If I do need to get some color, I either use the Jergens lotion that adds color gradually (because I'm a spaz and probably won't apply one-shot color well) or run and get a Mystic Tan. Other than that, I wear sunscreen every day and embrace my Canadian paleness. You can too!

Okay, I think I got them all! Remember you can send questions whenever and I'll more than likely answer them in a completely non-timely manner. But it's the thought, right?



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