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Bridge Lines to Love for a Tiny Budget

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Can I just tell you what a crazy cheap shopper I am? My closet is pretty much stuffed to the gills with clothes, but rarely do I buck and pay full price for something. I have a general scale in my mind for what I want to pay for anything and I typically stick to it, with the exception of a few special occasion purchases. $20 for a shirt, $30 for a pair of heels, $50 and under for jackets... you get the picture. So that's probably why I like to keep an eye out for budget (otherwise known as "bridge") lines from brands that I already totally love. Kohls, Target, JCPenney and Sears all have awesome bridge lines and I think they're worth checking out AKA spending. No, you're not going to get Gucci quality from a Target jacket... but when it's $30, WHO CARES?

 MNG by Mango. Found at: JCPenney
K, this is one of my fave bridge lines because I already love Mango clothes but they're hard to get, seeing as they ship from 'cross the pond. MNG has a really cool relaxed city vibe that I love and they do some seriously cute color block dresses. In the $15 to $45 range, you can find some awesome stuff. I love these pants (the comments say to order two sizes up) and this cute, everyday put-together top that would be so easy for like, a Wednesday.

Mossimo. Found at: Target
I am in the middle of nursing a serious infatuation with that red jacket and miiiight be going to look at it IRL today if time permits. Stupid early-out day at school means I have until 2:30 to do it. Anyway, I love the jackets from Mossimo. I bought a red pea coat from them years and years ago and I still wear it all winter long. Yes, they're junior sizes, so be aware of that. HOwever, they also have plus sizes so YAY. Also, keep an eye out. Target has a partnership with Neiman Marcus and will be selling bridge lines from high-end designers for the Christmas season, starting Dec. 1st. So excited. Also, this tweedy blazer with some dark-wash jeans, a pair of heels and a white tee? Die. Just. Die.

 I by Buffalo Jeans. Found at: JCPenney.
I live about 90 minutes from the nearest Buffalo, but I totally love the boho vibe they have. So I was totally excited to see that JCP would be carrying a bridge line from them. This scarf is so gorgeous for fall and would be so easy to wear to make it look like you know about fashion. Scarves are great for that. They also have some awesome graphic tees that are worth checking out.

 LC by Lauren Conrad. Found at: Kohls
I've definitely talked about LC before when we discussed celeb lines that don't suck. But I'm really loving what she has for fall: super duper feminine and usually under $50, which is a total plus. I love these heels. They're a little summery, but they're also on sale, so that cancels that out. Wear them with a pencil skirt or a pair of rolled colored skinnies. OMG with my blue ones? I should own these.

Metaphor. Found at: Sears
We all know that Sears is home to the dreaded Kardashian Kollection, which has been featured on many a Freaky Friday. But they also have this super cute Metaphor line which is perfect for like, the 25 to 40 age group. This shirt is adorbs and would be like, uber flattering because of the cut. They also had a ton of cute skirts and dresses for fall. If you can put up with seeing the K's face's on everything, go take a peek.

Seriously, your budget shouldn't stop you from putting together some seriously cute outfits. I went shopping with one of my friends a few weeks ago and she spent under $100 and ended up with a skirt, three shirts, a pair of shoes and two or three tanks. I would definitely call that a score. Bridge lines are nothing to be shy about. I'm always proudly telling people that I got my jewelry from F21 and my blazer from Target because I don't really care where I got something, just as long as it looks good.

I heard someone say once that as your household income goes up, so do your tastes and I call B.S. on that. What does money have to do with taste? I know a lot of wealthy people who are tackier than a Christmas tree in June, thanks. My "clothing budget" has substantially increased from my poor newlywed days... but that doesn't stop me from still shopping like a poor newlywed sometimes. Don't let a teeny budget get you down or fool you into thinking that you can't feel awesome about the way you look. Instead, explore your options: sometimes, you'll splurge on a pair of heels that'll last you to your grave and sometimes, you'll buy a throwaway top to last you through the winter.

And then we can squeal and swap shopping stories and be friends forever.


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