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10 Minute Workout

Monday, November 15, 2010

OK, you have all heard of the 20 minute Workout that was a big hit in the 80's right? Maybe not. If you are not in your mid to late 30's you may have no idea what I'm talking about. Well I was pretty young when it came out, but I do remember the craze that it brought.

Full piece body suits with leg warmers. It still makes me laugh. But the concept was brilliant. Do your exercise in 20 minutes. Now I don't want to ever see anyone doing a leg lift on your side or swinging your arms across your body, but what I am going to do is give you a workout that burns calories, is more effective and can be done in only 10-20 minutes!!

First, you want to do a quick warm up, depending on where you are, you can go up and down your stairs, or walk around the park or down your street. This is a really simple, yet totally effective workout, that you can actually keep repeating until you've had enough. Do it for at least 10 minutes if you can.

Once you have warmed up, you are going to complete 3 sets of exercises with a run in between each one. It looks like this:

Block 1:
10 push ups-on your knees or toes
10 squats
10 jumping jacks
Run as fast as you can for about 80 feet (about the length of a public swimming pool) and then back.

When you get back go right into your next block which is:

Block 2:
10 Mountain Climbers-go down into a push up position as if you were doing them on your toes. Bring in one knee at a time to your chest. Now hop them in and out as if you were running.
10 Star Jacks-Again, stay on your hands and toes. Take your feet and at the same time hop them both out so your legs are apart, now hop them back together again. Speed that up and do 10 of them.
10 Crunches
Run as fast as you can

Block 3:
10 twists- Go on your hands and toes keeping your bum down. Rotate and lift one arm up towards the ceiling looking up at your hand as you do that. Switch sides. Keep rotating until you have completed 10. You can also do this on your knees if you need to.
10 lunges-alternate them
10 bicycles-lie on your back and extend your legs out one at a time. Now take your hands and put them to your ears and twist to touch your elbow to the opposite knee always rotating with the legs.
Run as fast as you can.

Repeat this 2-4 times.

You will not only get a get total body workout, you will get in your cardio and burn tons of calories.

Committed to your fitness success,

Kelly Parker


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