What I Wore: Spectator Sport

Monday, April 30, 2012

Bat report: After two nights of sleeping on the sofa bed, I can confidently say that the bat either flew out of my room, or is dead in my closet. I am satisfied with either conclusion.

I'm not gonna lie, I wore this outfit because I needed something to match these new shoes. But don't worry, I didn't break my shopping fast. I just made my mom buy them instead. Oh, I'm a crafty one.

Tank: Aeropostale
Top: Charlotte Russe
Skirt: c/o modbod
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Ring: F21
Bracelet: It's a hairband. lol.
Earrings: Local fair

The shoes remind me of the first pair of heels I bought when I was 16. They were these weird leather sandal thingies with a huge clunky heel that was like, the coolest in 2001. I wore them until they fell apart, so naturally I needed a new pair... 12 years later.

What's that? You want a close up. Oookay, I guess.

 I love love love the spectator style in a heel. It's so preppy! I'd be lying if I said I didn't have other spectator pumps, but none of them were brown. And I couldn't say no to a wood heel. And my mom couldn't say no to a carefully worded argument in my favor.

I had to laugh at this. I was taking pics of my daughter, who was all dressed up for a princess tea party. I wonder where she got her mad posing skills??

Who, me? Toddlers and Tiaras, here we come!


Freaky Friday - NO REALLY

Friday, April 27, 2012

Sorry for the lack of posting around here this week. With friends and family in town, blogging has taken a backseat. Plus I'm tired all the time and I've spent the week eating Canadian snack cakes that my mom brought with her.

So I have the best Freaky Friday story to tell you guys to make up for it. It is actually freaky!

Last night I had been out with my mom and some of our old friends from Canada, and we got home just before 11pm. I kissed the kids and hopped into bed. I'd spent the day walking, so I was totally beat. I fell asleep in like, two seconds. At about midnight, both my husband and I woke up to a weird squeaking sound. It was pouring rain outside, so I thought it was just the fan in our bathroom getting hit with like, hail or something. I told my hubs that it was nothing and to go back to sleep.

Well, the squeaking kept going. Finally, my husband got out of bed and started hunting around the room. We have a little air conditioning unit that we keep in our room because even though we have central air, I'm psychotic about it being cold when I sleep. I saw him stare at the unit for a second, and then announce "There's a bird in here." See, the unit has a hole that vents to the outside, and he figured that the bird had flown into the vent and then somehow into the unit itself.

So, since there is no way to access the inside of the A/C, he went and got a screwdriver and started taking it apart while I hid under the covers. Have I ever mentioned that I'm scared of birds? Well, I just did. I'm SO scared of birds. I don't like erratic movements and they tend to dart around a lot. Plus they have beaks. Beaks are just scary.

Also, my mom let me watch "The Birds" when I was like, a fetus. I feel like I was too young.

Finally, my husband realized that the only way to get the bird out of the AC out would be to turn the unit upside-down and try to shake it out of the little vent holes on the back of the machine. Since he needed my help, I had to leave my safe blanket cocoon to hold the unit upside-down while he shook it. We're pretty technical.

So, I was sitting on the floor, hoisting the AC in the air my my husband started shaking the bird toward the vent holes.

Which is when the BAT flew out.

Now, if I'm afraid of birds, bats make me want to cut my skin off and set it on fire. They are terrifying.

SO naturally, I ran screaming out of the room. Followed closely by my husband. We slammed the door shut and had a short conference in the hallway. It went like this:

Me: What the eff was that!?
Hubs: I think it was a bat.
Me: A BAT!? (Assume fetal position, begin rocking and thumbsucking.)
Hubs: What do we do?
Me: Ummm open the windows! Yes. You will run in there, open the windows and then run out again. I will support you from behind the couch.

My husband decided he would bravely head back into the room and open the windows in the hopes that the bat would fly outside. But he needed protection first. I ran to the mudroom and came up with his leather motorcycle jacket and a broom. Because I always care about fashion like that.

Armed with the broom (WHY is a broom always the first line of defense against bats?) he ran in there like a madman, opened the windows and ran back out again. We stood in the hall for three minutes and hoped it flew out. When we went back in the room, we started searching for the bat, just in case. Then, my husband found it.

Hanging upside-down from our ceiling. Asleep.

Naturally, my husband's inclination was to hit it with the broom. While I waited a safe distance behind the couch in the living room (to be honest, if I could have left the house completely, I totally would have), he swatted at it with the broom. Which is when the bat came flying at his face.

With ninja-like reflexes, my husband managed to panic so badly that he turned to run out of the room, but instead got the broom lodged against the dresser. Which then tripped him. He went face first onto the carpet, while the bat frantically circled around his head. I was hiding behind the couch when he came crawling out with a huge welt on his leg, his leather jacket, and his Buddy Holly hipster glasses a tad askew.

We still had no idea where the bat was. When we went back into the room, we couldn't find the stupid thing. We even went the safe route of putting one of our bar stools on top of the bed. I held it while my husband climbed on top to see if the bat was hiding on top of our closets (I should note that we have a vaulted ceiling in our bedroom. Great for interior design, terrible for bat hunting.) We still couldn't spot it.

So my hubs took the broom and started stabbing at my clothes closet. By now, it was about 1 a.m. and I was tired. Our new plan was to leave the windows open (in 40 degree weather, natch) and go sleep on the couches.  I thought the bat might have flown out, but I was too scared to sleep in our room.

We each downed a Tylenol PM (I WAS HIGH STRUNG OK) and set up camp in the living room.

The best part?

I still have no idea where that bat is. I can only imagine it plans on going on a killing spree when I'm being vulnerable, like getting out of the shower or trying to sneak in an episode of Arrested Development while the kids are sleeping. The windows are still open. My house is freezing cold. I'm excessively tired. And I'm scared of my closet.

So that's my Freaky Friday for today. There is a bat somewhere in my house, plotting my death and wanting to bite my face and I can never sleep in my room again. I swear, if it's chewing on my shoes, I will write a strongly-worded letter to Batman himself.

Batman. You and I are not friends.

Regular Freaky Friday will resume next week, unless I've been turned into a vampire. In which case, I will too busy searching about vampire babies on Yahoo to post bad fashion.

"About three things I was absolutely positive. First, there was a bat in my house. Second, there was part of him — and I didn’t know how potent that part might be — that thirsted for my blood. And third, bats are dirty little rat-birds and I wish they would die."

Actively Bad

Monday, April 23, 2012

So last week I showed you a dressed-up maxi, but here's my version of a dressed-down maxi -- with a hoodie!

I wore this to dinner with my friendsies. We like to call ourselves a "Bunco group" but we kind of suck at it. How does one suck at playing a game of chance? Um, we'd actually have to play in order to be an actual group. Last time we just sat around and ate Chinese food and talked about angry soccer parents and reality TV. Unfortunately, our Bunco will never reach the drama level of "The Real Housewives of OC" which makes me cry into my pillow at night, clearly.

Since I most often end up sprawled on someone's couch eating treats, I look for uber-comfy clothes to wear. This maxi dress is like high class pajamas. To tone down the hippy factor, I added my fanciest hoodie. Oh yeah, that's a thing. A little pattern mixing with the scarf and I was ready to stuff my face with cinnamon bears for the rest of the night

 Maxi dress and hoodie: F21
Scarf: Local boutique
Ring: Charlotte Russe
Watch: Gucci
Flats: Soda (I think.)

I officially love the color of the dress that I scored super cheap. It makes it so I don't need to do much in the way of add-ons. I have a really similar one in green too. Oh maxi dress, thanks for making it socially acceptable for me to dress like a hobo. I appreciate it. I'm also glad that my hubs came home just as I was running out the door, because I didn't have a post for today. Thinking ahead guys. Always thinking ahead. Seriously, if you don't have a maxi dress, please get one. It's so much more forgiving than a pair of jeans and it's easier to wear than yoga pants. ONE PIECE, people.

Anyway, our group finally ended up playing one round really late because we had prizes to divvy up. It was our most successful game night EVER. Even though I went home prizeless because I'm actively bad at stuff like that. Other things I'm actively bad at:
-Controlling my temper.
-Avoiding foods that start with "B" and end in "-ig Mac".
-Keeping my desk clean.
-Finishing bottles of water.
-Removing old receipts and gum wrappers from my purse. 

No one take me to Vegas or a vegan restaurant please. I'll lose my money and leave hungry, in that order.

Alright, I'm off on a crazy day. My crazy mamadukes flies in tonight and there's a baby swing in the guest room. I'd better get on that. 

...also, my mom left me a comment on Friday's post as "anonymous." See if you can guess which one is her. She is shameless.


Freaky Friday

Friday, April 20, 2012

My Firefox was acting up today, so this post is coming to you from Internet Explorer. Yeah, I like to party like it's 2001. Sometimes I like to search through AOL.com and use Encarta CD-ROMs too.

OMG, speaking of which, did anyone notice that in the last Twilight movie, Edward used Yahoo to search about vampire babies?

Can we just take a moment to let that sink in.

He used YAHOO to learn about VAMPIRE BABIES.

Me and my brother talked right after he had seen it and we both focused solely on that point. Like, is Edward just learning how to use the Internet? Is his email blood-luvr69yahoo.com? Why is he searching about vampire babies like I search for song lyrics? Why would Yahoo know anything about vampire babies?

The questions are endless.

Anyway, those are the seep thoughts I'm having this Friday. Other stuff I'm pondering:
-How bad is it to eat Chick-Fil-A after getting my yoga on and achieving inner peace? Oh, did I say "inner peace?" I meant "large appetite."
- My mom is coming to town on Monday.  I need to clean my house, muck out the guest room, and hide my switchblades because she will cut you. Seriously. My mom is like, the Incredible Hulk mixed with Bon-Qui-Qui with red hair.
I'm going to get an angry phone call when she sees this.
-I have another gift card. It's totally OK to break my shopping fast if I have a gift card, right?

Other than that, let's get goin' on Freaky Friday.

These are probably the whoriest shoes I've ever posted on this site, which is saying something because I once posted stripper heels with a hamster inside and shoes that had an attached tip jar. Also, does the foot have to be so realistic? Feet are disgusting.

My cousin Stephanie sent me a horrendous jumpsuit, but when I went to look IT WAS SOLD OUT. This is just as bad. This girl is probably 98 lbs. and still is rockin' a front bum.

Colleen sent me this. I can only imagine it's a meeting of "The Sisterhood of the 'Don't You Have an Organic Container Garden?' Pants." Starring a bunch of crunchy lesbians and coming soon to a theatre near you.

I also got this scarf. I've seen T-shirt scarves on Pinterest before and they were really cute, but this is what would happen if I tried to make one myself. Also, dat facial expression! I do the same one when my dog toots and runs away.

Another Pinterest gem from Tracy. The pinner said it was a great way to use up old jeans. Yes. Disembodied legs. SO CUTE RITE? It also had another idea to use them on your deck. It would 100 percent look like zombies were attacking your next BBQ.

Ashley sent me these wonderful clunkers. The first one is called "Burlesque" and the second was like "Sonoma," or something. That has got to be the ugliest wine-themed shoe I have ever seen.

....wait a minute!

Rachel (Hi Rachel!) sent me these lovelies, which look like they need to be stomped to death by me. Seriously, I was stung by a hornet last year and I turned into like, a crazy AMazon jungle woman and then found a milk jug and smashed it to death in a violent rage while my kids watched with their mouths hanging open. These beetle shoes clearly need the same treatment. KILLIT.

Angie sent me these fantastic pants, which make me feel weird about men's room protocol.

Seriously, it baffles me that urinals exist. Like hey, stranger. I'm just gonna go ahead and expose myself out the side of my assymetrical pants here. Nothing to see.

Hey, wanna be a giant d-bag? Walk around talking into your fingers. It's the only thing worse than a Bluetooth in public. Like, I understand Bluetooth in the car. But you DO NOT need one while walking around the drugstore.

Female facial hair. So hot right now.

Alright, I'm going to go load up my mustache glasses and my finger phone and go find a loophole out of my shopping diet for the day. What if I just buy jewelry or makeup? THAT DOESN'T EVEN COUNT. 

Super Quick Crossed Messy Bun Tutorial

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hey guys! So even though I'm quite possibly the most awkward person on camera, I classed it up by filming myself doing the criss-cross messy bun from What I Wore.
Here's the breakdown.
1) Brush out your hair.
2) Gather it up in a half pony and clip on top of your head like a crazy person.
3) Pull the bottom portion (rattail!) into a messy bun. Doesn't matter what it looks like.
4) Take out the clip, gather your hair in a half pony higher than the first one so you have a layer of loose hair in between your half pony and the messy bun.
5) Separate the loose hair into two sections and cross over each other. Then, wind one side around your messy bun and pin. Repeat on the other side. If you have leftover strands, just pin 'em in. IT'S MESSY, OK?
6) Take down the top, brush it out.
7) Repeat separating into two sections, cross over and pin.
8) Mess up the bun and pin leftover strands.
9) Pull out a few sections at the front so you don't look like a naught librarian.
10) High five your sweet self in the mirror. Oh yeah.

Also, feel free to make fun of the fact that I say "super" a lot. It's super embarrassing.

Hope that helps! Lemme know if you have any q's and I'll come over to your house and show you in your mirror. Creepy? Yes.

4 Celeb Fashion Lines That Don't Make Me Want to Barf

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You guys,

So what's up with celebs wanting to be good at everything? It's like, they can't handle just being famous for singing and acting. Soon, it's perfume lines, and shoe lines, and Broadway and shuffleboard championships. Like, CALM DOWN, celebs. You have enough money.

That's why every time I hear a celeb is coming out with a new fashion line, I cringe a bit inwardly. For one, they're already rich. For two, there's a really good chance it's just their name on the line and they actually have nothing to do with it (I'm looking at you, Kardashians) and three, it could be really, really bad. No names.

But once in a while, a celeb lends her name to something that is actually wearable. It doesn't happen super often, but when it does, I find myself stalking that celeb's stuff and buying it for myself. Of course, a lot of the time, celeb stuff is also crazy expensive. I love Rachel Zoe's stuff, but I'm also not starring in a Martin Scorcese film anytime soon, so I probably can't afford any of it. But it's fun to look at, right?

If you're wondering which lines are cute, and which are totally crap, I give you: 5 Celeb Fashion Lines That Don't Make Me Want to Barf.

What can I say? I have a way with words.

1) LC by Lauren Conrad

OK, so it's safe to say I have a raging girl crush on LC, but why not? She's someone who got famous through reality TV and didn't go completely insane. And her stuff if what I would wear in real life, not like a $600 cat collar. 


 Check out this adorable maxi dress - for $36! It would look sooo cute with a biker leather jacket and some wedges. Or totally wedding appropriate with a cardigan and some strappy heels.

And the chiffon blazer? I die. I would love this with some leather jeggs and heels, or work super casual with jeans and flats. 

Thanks for not being a crazy famewhore and giving us cute clothes, LC.

PS I have a pair of her jeans and I love them. Super comfy and they fit really well.

2) Jessica Simpson.

I tend to think Jessica Simpson in really weird, and for a long time, if I saw her name on a pair of shoes I liked, I'd be all depressed because I thought that meant I had bad taste. But whether she's just slapping her name on them of she actually helped design them, these bad boys are gorgeous.
NO REALLY. They're $98 and you can find tons of her stuff on sale too, usually at Macys and other department stores. Her shoes and bags are equally cute and feminine, which I can appreciate, even if she doesn't know what tuna is. 

And no, she will never live that down.

2. Jennifer Lopez for Kohls

Remember when J. Lo had a Sweetface line for like, two seconds? I think I even had a Sweetface shirt when I was like, 19. It went down in flames because no one really wanted to dress like Jenny from the Block. But her new collection for Kohls is surprisingly refined. I'm not overly impressed with the clothes, but I actually really like the accessories. These earrings would be perfect with a plain white tee for summer.

4. Olsenboye

OK, so the Olsen twins are like, legit designers. They have three lines: Elizabeth & James, The Row, and Olsenboye. The first two are serious Fashion Week labels and super pricey, but they also have a supercute discount line at JCPenney. Granted, it's a juniors line, so the clothes are young. But the shoes and bags? I heart. I love the worn-in vibe from this one and there are a bunch of other cute things for under $50. 

Dishonorable Mention: The Kardashian Kollection

 OK, let's get one thing straight. About 70 percent of the KK is HORRIBLE. First of all, the majority of dresses are short they will legitimately put your vulva on display. And there are WAY too many leopard-print jumpsuits for my comfort. But there are a few gems.

This maxi dress is $40 and it's super cute for summer... there's a few other maxis that are pretty adorable, which I can admit in a grudging way. The shoes are so cheap tranny that they make me want to poke my eyes out. But the jewelry, the maxis, and the bags are OK. Luckily I can rest my conscience by knowing that not one Kardashian actually had a hand in anything other than taking Photoshopped pictures to promote this stuff. Ahhhh.

Ugh, this was the hardest post to write EVER. Finding celeb lines that aren't crap or cost a million dollars was a challenge. Buuuut if I've talked any of you into buying something, I consider my job done. You're welcome, celeb designers. I accept appreciation cheques whenever you want to send 'em.

What I Wore: Boogie Nights

Monday, April 16, 2012

Just so you know, my stress level is at like, 98.7 percent right now because it's tax day. For some of the world, tax time means extra money and shopping sprees. Unless you're self employed, in which case, it's a terrifying time which results in the emptying of one's bank account. I'll be happy when it's all sent off and out of my life, so that's what my day is revolving around. Well, that and my daughter's soccer practice.

I don't even know who I am anymore.


You know what makes it better? 70s-inspired maxi dresses, that's what.

Dress: Charlotte Russe
Espadrilles: Delicious
Bracelets: Um, one is a necklace my hubs got me from Kay jewelrs and the wooden beads are from Target lol I'm so high brow it's not even funny.
Earrings: Charlotte Russe

 I love love love this dress. I feel like every woman have something like this in her closet. Not a disco dress per se, but something that doesn't need any undershirts, overshirts, cardigans, belts or anything else to make it work. The best part about the print is that it means the dress is enough on its own, so I didn't need to add much. That means extra sleep-in time. Winner!

Ugh, new blogger still confounds me.  But I heart espadrilles, so it's OK. I basically wanted to ave disco dance-off all day long... any takers? 

 Also, check out mah hair. I basically just tied the bottom half into a messy bun and then criss-crossed what was left at crown into an even messier bun. It was special, because I didn't have to actually wash my hair, which is pretty overrated. What I'm saying is that I look fancy here, but I really was the laziest I could have possibly been.

Well, it's been fun... but I have to get back to taxes. Thank goodness for Emancipation Day, or I'd be scrambling at the last minute...ha! 

Also, I'm happy to report that despite a moment of weakness on Saturday, I have not bought any new clothes yet this month. Instead, I bought a peachy new bronzer. You like? That should tide me over for like, three hours at least.

Freaky Friday

Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Friday friends! I'm finally upgrading to the new Blogger, so if it looks like a five-year-old on crack wrote this post, it's probably because I gave my five-year-old some crack earlier and she got a hold of my computer. HA I kid. But seriously.


Anyway, I've gotta knock this one out because my kids are forcing me to take them to see Alvin and the Chipmunks at the cheap theatre today (oh, I just looove Spring Break).  I would probably rather stub my toe, but whatever, I get popcorn.

Here we go!

Ok, this just in... I officially hate new Blogger.  This has been the most harrowing 10 minutes of my life.

Oh, I was so worried about missing Cinco De Mayo, but luckily, I can bring the party on my feet! Ole! (Aaaand thus ends the extent of my impeccable Spanish)

My adorbs friend Manda sent be this gem from Pinterest. Either this girl is dressed as a sexy urinal for Halloween, or her husband really, REALLY enjoys the smell of urinal pucks.

Steph sent these, worried that they might not be ugly enough for me to feature them. Don't worry Jessica. You did the right thing. Easter hookers should be exposed for what they really are. 

Brings a new meaning to "egg hunt" amiright? 

Hahahaha. Ew. Things just got weird.

Heather sent this with a whole article dedicated to the crack-showing trend. Like, has mankind descended so fully that I have to make a statement on this? This is the BACK of a dress. I guess we should all just be happy it's not the front. 

OMG YES. I was just voted "Queen of the Damned" and had NO idea what to wear to the blood drinking ceremony. Pheeeeew. 

Hey, flip flop/cowboy boots-wearer! I promise the boots can stay at home while you go to the beach. I can guarantee most people know you're a redneck just by looking at your face. (Thanks Rebecca and Stacey!) 

Another reader sent this dress, which had the title "Pretty Cool Tank-Style Summer Dress" Let's break it down:
Pretty: No
Cool: Uh, maybe in Amish country.
Tank-Style: Where??
Summer: Nope.
Dress: Ding ding ding!

Oh, so tree leggings are like, a thing now? I guess they say "I love the planet and talk incessantly about my square foot garden and don't shut up about my sustainable house" in a really subtle way. 

These pants were called "Darn Yankees" I'm sorry, did I miss the part in American history when the Confederate Army fought off a band of  flamboyant ill-fitting pants wearers from Maine?

I guess they're better than these, which are called "Used to Be" pants. I can think of a few things they used to be:
1) A gay pride flag.
2) Table coverings for an ice cream social.
3) An advertisement for candy corn.
4) Anything but actual pants. 

As always, thanks to my awesome readers who keep my inbox and Facebook page packed with bad fashion for each Friday. I love you like I love cake. And I love cake a lot.  

OK, I'm off to get a headache from listening to the Chipmunks for the next two hours. And by "listening the Chipmunks" I mean playing "Draw Something" with my headphones in. Happy weekend! Muah!

Summer Shoe Eye Candy

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Since I was just complaining that I was sick of my flip flops after wearing them all weekend long, how about some alternatives? I've posted full outfits here, so I don't think you need the full lecture. How about some pretty shoes to look at instead? Deal? Deal. Click the pictures to buy and give my apologies to your husband!

2b sandals
I've been obsessing over these wedges fora few weeks now, after I saw them in a local store. I should probably just buy them, but I'm on a shopping diet, you guys! It's like the food equivalent of Mini Eggs and it would just ruin everything. But oh, May 1st THEY WILL BE MINE. I love how bright and happy they are -- adorable with shorts and summer dresses with jean jackets.

I bought these a few weeks ago on my last binge. I found them to be adorably ugly, like a pug or Steve Buscemi. Because of that, I snapped them on at a major discount, I might add. Apparently no one else shared my opinion. But whatevs, I've been wearing them with my cropped skinny jeans and shorts ever since. I'm totally into boat shoes lately and have been on the hunt for some for my kidlets. Ideas? Shhhh ugly shoes. I won't let anyone hurt you anymore.

GUESS flip flops
OK, if you're going to stick with flip flops all summer long, I think you should definitely get at least one "special" pair. I have be bejeweled white ones, but these are adorbs too. They look a little overtly girly in the pic, if you didn't notice, but a bow over your toe? I die. These would be so cute with bermudas or a white summer skirt. OOh! Or with a white maxi skirt with the bows peeking out? Love.

Not Rated pumps

  K, I'm not even American and these make me want to attend a 4th of July party STAT - preferably one not on squishy grass. But seriously. How prep are these? They'd be subtle enough to wear with a super cute red dress or pencil skirt to suggest patriotism, rather than painting your belly with a confederate flag.

TOMS flat
I know we had our difference of opinions with the TOMS post last year (seriously, it got a little heated) but you cannot deny the adorableness of these TOMS flats. They are SO. CUTE. And, while they're pretty pricey, I completely justify the money I spent on mine. They fit like a glove and are uber comfy. In fact, while traipsing all over the desert over the weekend, I was totally wishing for my TOMS.

Hey, casual BBQ goers, pay attention! When you want to look cute but not aerate your neighbor's lawn by sinking into the grass, these are perfect. A miniscule heel means you're not toppling over, and the bright color is perfect to wear with shorts, skirts, dresses, whatever. These would also be super cute on the beach -- any beach wedding goers? 

I love these shoes as a major summer shoe. Like, I;m thinking awesome concert or movie night with your hubs. These, plus a maxi in any colore would make you look like, 10 feet tall. Wear with a leather jacket for instant coolness. I would also totally pair these with a casual khaki skirt to kick it up a notch. Drool.

ASOS pumps 
I am still loving floral shoes for summer. These are so pretty I might die. Wear with a pastel cocktail dress for a formal (indoor) wedding and other than the bride, you're best dressed. These would also be great to summer-ify some wintery staples, like a pencil skirt. Also, if you're kidless, you can wear them with white. But if you have kids, you'll definitely end up with a ketchup stain. Don't say I didn't warn you!

So, do you have sufficient ideas yet? You can totally wear flip flops. I wear them all the time. But don't let that be your only go-to shoes. You'd be surprised at what else you can work in there.

What do you think? Still hate my TOMS and want to send nasty emails to my inbox. Bring it. You can hate on my Steve Buscemi shoes too. I can take it.

What I Wore: Moab Love

Monday, April 9, 2012

OK, so this is going to be the weirdest "What I Wore" ever, mostly because this is how my internal monologue worked last week.

Inner self: Jae, you really need to take pictures of a cute outfit for Monday.
Smug actual self: Relax, inner self. I've got plenty of time.
Inner self: You look cute today! Just get your child-photographer to snap a shot.
Smug actual self: Yes, but Real Housewives of Orange County is on! And Alexis is still pretending that her nose job was for "Sinus issues!" Plus, it's going to be Easter, and I shall wear something floral and lovely.
Inner self: You're a jerk.

I should have listened to inner self, because I put it off all week. When I woke up Saturday morning, my husband rolled over in bed and asked if I wanted to drive down to Moab. Moab is 3.5 hours away and it was the Easter Jeep Safari. The Mr. drives a Jeep, so it was kind of easy to tell his motives. But, we put it to the kids and to be honest, the idea of heading somewhere warm when there was snow on my lawn sounded pretty good. SO we went.

And I wore flipflops all weekend long.

And I did not dress nice for Easter. In fact, I wore day-old shorts on Easter instead.

We hiked up to Gemini Bridges, a place where there are two natural bridges spanning over a massive canyon. Here I am in my not-cool clothes, scared for my life while hanging over the canyon. PS, bringing your hyperactive three year old to a place where ten feet of rock separates you from life and death made me have a minor heart attack. NEVER AGAIN.

Not to mention the trail leading up to the spot is hollow. Here's a teeny me and Hubs demonstrating how quickly we could have tumbled to our deaths. YAY.

We also hit the sand hill, AKA kids paradise. Sand as far as the eye can see and about 150 feet in the air. It was the best workout I've ever had. This rock was a quarter of the way up. I was so tired I wanted to lay down and sleep for three days.

Here was my impeccable strategy for climbing. Crawl on my hands and knee, with my head down like a dog for 10 yards, then lay down and pray for the sweet release of death. PS those are my kids above me, laughing as they climbed up for the third time. Ugh, kids are the worst.

Also, after I slid down the hill, you could see my bum trail from roughly a mile away. You're WELCOME, people of Moab.

So basically, we swam, we ate, we hiked, we Jeep-ed, and then we got home sunburned last night. All without nice shoes. Seriously, if you're local, you should definitely check it out. We used to go when we were kid-free, but this was out first time taking the mini-mes. They slept sooooo well last night.

So, my inner self was right. I should have taken cute pictures earlier. But it was fun and I don't care.

Did anyone else do anything fun over the weekend? Do you shun me for my flip flop wearage? Of course, you could also judge me for skipping out on church on Sunday AND watching Real Housewives of Orange County, but you're going to have to choose one.


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