What I Wore: May Days

Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer vacation has officially begun around here. Luckily, my daughter came down with tonsillitis yesterday so we're off to just a super start. My kids have literally been watching TV for like, two hours while I get my bearings. I swear it will be better tomorrow... right?

I just have way too many good intentions and then procrastinate them by blogging instead of like, feeding children breakfast.

Oh well. Nutrition is overrated. Here are May's outfits!

My daughter's softball season started last month, which means I had to be dressed to sit in bleachers for hours on end. Seriously, she has three games this week. I love this BRIGHT coral top because it stands out without being obnoxious. And it's perfect for hiding the fact that this is basically a T-shirt and jeans outfit. This is a very Jae outfit in general, I feel. Skinny pants, chiffon top, slip-ons, crossbody bag = My jam. 
Top: Lily White (similar) (lighter color)
Jeans: Calvin Klein (here) I've had these forever and they just get softer and better. 
Shoes: Soda (these just recently sold out, boo) (similar) (super cute)
Bag: Coach and six months strong on this baby. I hate changing bags. (here)

I wore this on the day I took my new car into the shop because I was worried about a noise it was making. Like, I made an appointment, drove 45 mins and I get up there and the mechanic was like, "Yeah it's supposed to make that noise." And I felt like an idiot. But he was very nice and gave me a new keychain (I still had the paper dealer one) so let's call it a wash.
Top: Stylus (here)
Jacket: Calvin Klein (similar) Also I just bought this one for summer because there's something wrong with me. I justified that while I do have a white scuba style one, I do not have a white moto style. WHO DOES THIS!?
Jeans: Calvin Klein Ultimate Skinny (here)
Shoes: Nike (pretty much these)

Top: eric + lani (similar) (similar)
Skirt :Old Navy (stretch pencil for life!
Cuff: c/o Wizards of the West 
Shoes: Charlotte Russe (similar) (similar and cheap!) (love these)

This reminded me so much of my biker dad, who literally only wears motorcycle T-shirts and his riding boots and is adorable. I wore this to the ever-glamorous "picking your dog up from the spay clinic" outing. This is my life, people.
Shirt: Lucky Brand (oh, ye of little boob, short-sleeve henleys are your friend) (similar) (similar)
Jeans: Calvin Klein Ultimate Skinny (here
Boots: Frye 12R and I still love them as much as the day I got them, if not more (here)
Bracelet: Marc Jacobs (similar)

This skirt has been a friggin' unicorn. I love it and it's flattering and comfortable, but it's been really hard to find (this is as close as I can get) The brand is Ambiance and I got it at a local boutique.
Top: American Eagle (similar) (cute!) (plus)
Shoes: Qupid (similar) (love these)
Necklace: Nordstrom (similar) (yaaaas)

Whew, I just got sidetracked shopping for stuff that I found while doing this post. I am the worst.


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