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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So I know its been like, a MONTH since I posted last but I'm in the hospital and super uninspired by the fashion choices here. You can hear about my pajama pants, or my take on scrubs, but neither one sound good to me.

Anyways, just popping on to say that one of my favourite stores, EXPRESS, is having a big box sale, with everything 40% the posted price. Whee. Let me tell you, remember when we talked about not looking crappy when running errands and stuff? Their featherweight tees are THE BEST for just being casual but still looking cute. Come to think of it, I am wearing an EXPRESS shirt right now. They are super long, which I love, and actually fit over my belly with their extreme perfect fittedness. Something like this is pretty adorable for every day. And they are like $5 right now. So enjoy the sale, and know that though I am bed ridden, I am still looking out for your fashion well being. If that doesn't warm your cold little hearts, I don't know what will.


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