What to Wear: to a work function

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Whether you work or your husband works, there are always work parties to go to. I have never seen something strike more fear into the hearts of women everywhere than stressing about what to wear to their husband's work Christmas party. I think it stems from the fear that you'll be the "dumpy wife" there.

By the same token, I see a lot of women that totally go all out and overdress for theirs or their hubby's work stuff. And in my book, there is nothing worst than being overdressed. So when in doubt, err on the side of being a little casual. Do not run out and buy a prom dress for heaven's sake.

Can I also say that my husband's last work function was an office wide trip to go to a Kenny Loggins concert? I KNOW! How funny is that? It was actually pretty fun, besides the fact that the only two songs I knew that are by Kenny Loggins are Footloose and Danger Zone. How's that for a clothing dilemma? "Honey! I've got a work party this weekend." Got it. "...and we're going to a Kenny Loggins concert!" What the?? What am I supposed to wear to that? (If you MUST know, I was pregnant at the time... so I wore dark jeans, a very low necked shirt [pregnant boobs, yay!] and a leather jacket. See? I can dress for any occasion!)

Here are a few outfits that work for a work function for me. In general, I don't like jeans at work functions, unless you KNOW it will be pretty casual. Such as, dinner out a casual dining restaurant, Kenny Loggins concerts, etc. Otherwise, get a good pair of black bootcut slacks. The ones shows here are from Spiegel.

Love a blousy, festive type top. The color of this one from Spiegel is amazing. Then add some slacks, shoes are from Wild Diva, earrings from Guess and a violet clutch from Target. I love the idea of this for a cocktail-esque, dinner work party. Anywhere that you're going out to a non casual place, but still don't want to look crazy dressed up.

For something a little more casual, such as an informal meeting, dinner out or a catered event, try this.

K, so start with the same black slacks, add a BRIGHT tank with a white blazer (Spiegel) and then tie your accessories in with another color (Clutch by Murval). I love teal and pink and white in the summer, this outfit would be awesome for an outdoor event. Then shoes in a non matching color (Guess) and you are all set.

For something more formal, or an event where your husband is required to wear a suit, or even a sportscoat, I would do a skirt. Still a little on the casual side, but dress it up with your accessories.

K, so start with a crisp white shirt, the puffy sleeves make it flirty and not business-y. (Kohls) Add a pencil skirt... I LOVE THIS ONE! (F21) and then belt that sucker! Remember that a pencil skirt should hit just above your natural waist, where that teeny part is. So belt it right at your smallest point. Then add some awesome shoes so its definitively not business wear. Add a clutch (Also from Target) and you're the hot wife!

Now, for plus sizes, black pants are your friends. Also, don't be afraid of a pencil skirt. You probably have killer legs.

K so the clothes are from Avenue and the accessories are WetSeal (Which has sizes up to 24 and 3X now, as well as Forever21 just launched Faith21 for plus sizes and its freakin adorable.) Anyhow, love the color. I feel like plus size girls are all about the black because its supposed to be slimming, but it just makes you look depressed. Have fun with your accessories. Wear big earrings that bring the attention up to your loverly face.

And then.... strut.

Seriously though. There is no excuse for a) freaking out when you get invited to a work party b) showing up with baby barf on your shoulder and c) not looking like a million bucks.

What to Wear: to a playdate

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

K, so I love putting together outfits. You tell me somewhere you want to go and BAM! I've got something in my head. So here's a new series of real-life mom type situations in which you might not know what to wear exactly. I am here to help you!

Playdates. Ohhhh playdates. They are meant for your kids, but half the time you need them as much; gossip time with the other moms, talking in voices that don't sound like Mickey Mouse. But let me tell you something about those play groups and playdates. The other moms are judging you. Yeah, they are. I will never be as naive to think that I am exempt from the very same judgements that I pass the time with. Which means if you show up looking all dumpy in your man shoes and capris, you will then be the subject of judgement. I mean really, how hard is it to slip on a pair of flats and brush your hair? Don't even get me started on wearing Crocs to a playdate. I WILL JUDGE YOU. DON'T DO IT!

Not to mention, we all want to be the "hot mom" of the group, know what I mean? The one that breezes in, totally effortlessly, still looking put together, but not so fancy and done up hat she can't get down on the floor and play if she needs to.

So here is what I think you should wear to a playdate. First, lets take a peek at the alternative.

"Oh my gosh, you guys. Sorry I'm late. I stayed up all night baking cupcakes for Timmy's class, and when I dropped them off in my Suburban, the baby needed to be fed. So I gave him some organic baby food, and wouldn't you know it? He spit up all over my OTHER white shoes and white polo. Dagnabbit! Luckily I had another one in my GIANT DIAPER BAG."

*All other moms seethe quietly while sending their kids to school with a box full of twinkies, while feeding their babies spaghettios*

Ladies, don't be THAT mom.

"Hey guys, sorry I'm late. I was up all night watching NON CARTOON movies, and when I awoke, I gave the kids a granola bar and threw on something from my freakin' awesome closet. Also, I stopped on the way to buy everyone chocolate. Here it is, in my totally adorable but non obnoxious bag! Anyone want to come over to my house for daiquiris and celebrity gossip later?"
K, now which one would you rather have at your play date? I mean, really.
(Shirt - Gap, Jeans -Seven for All Mankind, Shoes - Piperlime, Bag - Melie Bianco [Have you seen her stuff ever? LOVE LOVE. Great big bags, all good for non-lame diaper bags, and they are way affordable. Less pricey than those dang $400 Petunia Picklebottoms or whatever they're called.] Watch - Roxy)
So next time you're headed out the door to a playdate, take a minute and decide how you want to be perceived by the other parents. As a tightly wound, June Cleaver-esque mom who doesn't have a personality outside of her children? Or as a cool, individual mom, who knows she doesn't have to sacrifice everything to be a good mom?
Yeah... I don't want to be the lame one either.

My wallet may be empty but my closet is full...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sooo I went shopping this weekend. Every few months I break down and do a big fat shop where I go a little out of control. I contend that it is good for the soul. And seriously, can we say Memorial Day Sale?

Anyways, I got some amazing deals so I thought I'd share them on here. I guess its my equivalent of coming home with all of my shopping bags and saying "OMG, you HAVE to see what I got."

Easily my best find of the weekend. Large Guess bag, originally $90, on sale for $35. WOO! I was looking for a large, multipurpose bag that could double as a diaper bag, but would still be awesome for just going out. I was using a Guess satchel as my every day bag, bug the shape was bothering me. Anyways, I LOVE THIS to an inordinate degree, and even my husband agreed that it was a good one. And he hates me spending money, so that's a big deal.

This Banana Republic shirt. I love Banana Republic for really classic business-casual wear, and this shirt will look awesome with some long dark jeans and a point heel. Because of the awesome neckline, it'll only need earrings to accesorize. I love things that make outfits effortless.

I have a bad habit of finding something I like, and then buying it in like 4 different colors. I love this Old Navy shirt. The way it fits is awesome, it has an interesting braided neckline so it isn't boring. Its perfect for everyday, grocery shopping, carpooling days.

How killer are these shoes? Originally $60, I scored them for $20. I love snakeskin on shoes, its much more understated than say, a leopard print, and it works like a neutral. Plus, a wedge is so EASY. Can't wait to try these with a summer skirt or skinny jeans.

Love these flat disc earrings. I cut my hair shorter, (I have a rule: if I find myself putting my hair in a pony like, 4 out of 5 days, my hair gets cut.) and I love wearing awesome earring with short hair. These are fun enough to wear casually, but get dressed up easily too.

So that was my shopping trip. Well, I also bought some stuff for my husband and kids, but you don't really need to see all that. And a pretzel. Can't go shopping without a pretzel, unless of course there is a Cinnabon in the vicinity.

So how about you? Score any good finds lately?

And in a wonderful bit of karma...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

...Google Adsense thinks that my glowing review of Crocs means that I should have Crocs advertising on my page.


Weighing In: Crocs

This post goes out to Carly.

The only ONLY ONLY time you are allowed to wear Crocs is if you need to for work, like my dear friend Morgan, who is a Doula. Then I am all about their hypoallergenic properties. All of my docs and nurses wore them while I was hanging out in the hospital, and I was grateful that they left their germy keds at home. Except for my perinatologist who whore some fly wingtips and I thought he was kind of awesome for it. Also your children may wear them on the beach if necessary.

But as casual footwear? Boo! You can do better than that! I don't even like them as garden shoes. Like really, was there that big a problem with gardening footwear in general? For the love of pete. And as for their "slip on" ease, BUY SOME FLATS! Flip flops even!

And don't you dare buy charms to put in the holes. I swear, just give me the money you want to spend on Croc charms and I will find a better use for it. Like putting it in Chrysler stock.

Here is me weighing in on the different styles of Crocs.

Original. No.

Furry. No.

Sandals. No.

Dressed up. No. Remember kids, a pig in a tuxedo is still a pig.

Heels! No. Remember the Batboy post last year?

And in a trick played on me by the universe, CROC GLADIATOR SANDALS. NOOOOOOOOOOOO. Why? WHY would someone do this to me? No. No.

Hope that clears things up for you.

Weighing In: Gladiator Sandals

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

K so a reader e-mailed me about gladiator sandals, so here I am, weighing in on them.

Ah, gladiator sandals. You were so popular last year and I figured that would be the last I saw from you. But alas, like an old boyfriend, you keep popping up; being friends with my friends on facebook, trying to get me to notice you when I was really just fine without you. You place yourself on the feet of many a famous person, so I will see you in US Weekly and think, really, Nicole Richie? Oooookay.

Seriously though. I thought I was okay with gladiator sandals. I didn't love them and I don't really think they're for me, but whatever floats your boat. However, then I was looking up different styles for this blog, and realized I really don't like them at all. I think the real, authentic gladiator sandal is pretty unflattering. The only time I really approve of it is with very skinny legs and very short shorts. If you're not willing to work it with those, then I would say I don't love them.

Here's why. The cut of the gladiator sandal makes your foot look huge. And manly. I don't like huge manly feet, unless of course, they are on a huge man. I have yet to see it make a foot look feminine. And I feel like your feet is one of those places on your body that you generally want to look as feminine as possible. Along with your hands, and perhaps your chin. Also, I feel that mom-types will wear them with capris. I don't love that either. I only tolerate them with skirts or dresses, or with shorts. Just because they are some serious foot wear and by wearing them, you are making a statement. Don't crowd them!
I am just not one to love a trend just because it is trendy.

HOWEVER!!! If you love gladiator sandals and they make you feel hottie hot hot, then by all means go ahead. This is one bit of fashion I won't judge you for. The sweats, yes, I will judge you for the sweats. But the gladiator sandals I'll just shrug and say "Okie dokie then."

Here are some variations of the gladiator sandals; some that I hate, and some that I can deal with.

Like these. I think its the color I like. Its a little more fresh than the dusty brown leather. And I love the criss crossing on the foot.

Hate these. Its the long leather strap up the middle, its what makes your foot look long and manly.

Like these in heel form. I like how they suggest gladiator sandals, rather than being like straight up, Spartan gladiator sandals, you know. The color and embellishments are reminiscent without jamming the concept down your throat.
These, however, are terrifying. And I am imagining leg squidge. Are you?

Like these. Probably because I own them. But they are shorter than the traditional gladiator sandal, thanks to the cut off with the strap across the toes. BUt to be brutally honest, I bought these because I was shopping in heels and they hurt and I needed some flats RIGHT THEN, and thought aw, what the heck.
Hate these. Like really hate them. WHY? Why with the leather cuffing? It will make your legs look stumpy. Avoid!!
So whether you love em or hate em, know that gladiator sandals don't have to be GLADIATOR sandals, you know? It doesn't have to be literal. Give em a shot. If you love them great (but don't spend that much on them; they are a trend and I'm fairly sure you won't see them around next year. Of course, that's what I thought last year but whatevs) If you hate them, that's great too.

What the Heck Do I Wear?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

So I'm back! I was off on vacation to my homeland of Toronto, Canada. It was awesome. I decided not to be on computers while I was there. Guess what? Computers are such a timesuck!

But here I am again, aren't you glad?

Anyways, I thought I'd write a little bit about How to Shop. Now that you hopefully have your denim wardrobe on hand, it's time to add to your wardrobe. I fully believe in having a very well rounded closet, so that you're never faced with a "What the heck do I wear?" situation. You should always be able to pull from your own closet because you've already built up enough that you are prepared for the situation.

The NUMBER ONE biggest mistake I see women making when they are clothes shopping is shopping without a plan. No, I don't mean you always have to know what you're buying and where you're getting it from, I mean shopping without direction. Think about it; stores have LOTS of cute clothes. That's what they're there for. But that doesn't mean you just go grab whatever cute thing you like and buy it. Why? Because you'll go home, realize you have nothing to wear it with, and hang it in your closet with the TAGS STILL ON for your husband to discover and use it as a case for you to never go shopping again. And you want to shop right? RIGHT?

When you head into a store and see something you love, STOP. First think; what would I wear this with? Think about the things you already own. Picture the outfit down to the accessories and shoes. If you can do that with things you already have in the closet, go ahead and try on and buy it if you like it.

If you CAN'T plan an outfit around the new item with things you already own, you now have to decide. Am I willing to commit to this item enough that I am now going to BUY the things that I need to wear it with? Or is it not worth it. This thought process has helped me put many an item back on the shelf and invest my money on something that will get alot of use instead. Because clothes are for WEARING! Except for my pair of Michael Kors shoes, which I spent too much money on and live in daily fear of ruining. So those are for looking at.

A good base to start around is your denim wardrobe. Got it? Good. Now add to that using the outfits we went over in the past few weeks... stuff for dressing up, stuff for running errands, stuff for hanging around. PURPOSE your clothes. Pick up and item and THINK, k, now where would I wear this?

Another note is about fit. ESPECIALLY with jeans or denim, the fit will be different for each pair. Even if you are tried and true size four, no TWO size fours will be the same when it comes to denim- Denim is not an exact science, and the composition will result in a different fit. So heed this advice and when trying on jeans, grab TWO pairs of the size you want and ONE pair of the next size up. This will eliminate you a) having to ask the dressing room attendant for the next size up or b) just not getting the jeans because you are too embarrassed. However, it DOES allow you to smugly as for the next size SMALLER, if you should need it. Because that's fun.

Think of your clothes or wardrobe as a collection. You need to add different pieces to that collection to make it complete. A collection made up entirely of Mickey Mouse Pez Dispensers is lame. So is a clothes collection made entirely of t-shirts. Make it diverse. So that next time you have a Girl's Night, or have to go to a parent teacher interview, or need to make an appearance at a wedding, the outfit you need is already in your closet (more on these to come!)


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