The Beauty of Online Shopping

Monday, October 20, 2008

So I got a comment on my last post about online shopping, and I thought NEAT! I shall write a post about it.

I am a die-hard online shopper. I really think its because I am a die-hard in real life shopper, but sometimes I just can't get out for whatever reason, and browsing along online is the next best thing. And I am the queen of adding to my cart and not buying things. But I think it's just like real shopping... you grab stuff that you think you'll love, and then five minutes after wandering around the store, you're like "I really don't love this!" And hang it back discreetly on some other rack. At least with online shopping, you don't have to worry about getting in trouble when you put it back where it doesn't belong.

Anyhow, through all my years of online shopping, I've picked up some tips and tricks and stuff to help me along. I HATE HATE HATE sending stuff back, so if I buy something, it's at my house for good. I still have a pair of pants I ordered like, two years ago that never fit and I just gave them to the DI, tags still on. Terrible. So when I order stuff, it's there for good.

First, sizing. I would recommend that for now, if you're a newbie, you try online shopping at stores that you frequent in real life. For instance, lets take Old Navy. I shop at Old Navy allllll the time at the brick and mortar store. So I am super familiar with their sizing. When I order online, I have no guesses on whether or not something looks good.

When you go to a brick and mortar store that you LOVE, take note of your sizing information. I actually keep a little note of all the stores and what size I am in each one. Then you can look online for awesome sales. I like online sales, because whereas the actual brick and mortar store is clearancing out their excess and leftover inventory for that location, the online store is clearancing out a ton of warehouses, and you can get sweet deals.

Also, internet shopping is NOT THE TIME to try new fads and trends. One time, like five years ago when those Kangol hats were in, I convinced myself that I would look awesome in one and ordered one online. It looked teerrrrrrrrible. You don't even know how bad. It was too big for my face or something... whatever. What I'm saying is, internet shopping is not for "trying" stuff out. But things in styles you know you look good in and love, and there is no guess work. I sold the hat on eBay.

Last, there is one department where you can go crazy online shopping, and that's with shoes. Because shoes always look good. Unless it's a pair of boots that you don't know if they'll fit over your calves, buy as many pairs of pumps as humanly possible online. I would say 2/3rds of my collection are online purchases. A word to the wise though, if you are ordering pumps, order a half size up. Just trust me and your tootsies will thank me.

So, that's the rundown. No go! Go my lovelies! Buy things!!!

Shopping Tips

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sometimes I hear people say tings like "I hate shopping!" This. Is. Unacceptable. I'm not saying everyone has to be like me, the die-hard shopper that lives, eats and sleeps it, but it should be a pretty enjoyable experience. After all, you're out there BUYING thins for YOURSELF. How do you not enjoy that? I'm sorry, we probably can't be friends.

I have some ideas that can make shopping a little easier on both the feet and the pocketbook. One day, you shall be a shopping lover, and I will you see you twirling your shopping bags in circles and throwing your hat up in the air Mary Tyler Moore style in the mall. We'll get there, I promise. This is on my mind especially because I am FINALLY going to buy some of those cute academy sweaters today. I can't believe I have put it off this long. Must have one! K, so here we go.

-SHOES! Put some thought into the shoes you wear shopping. I know you're automatically thinking comfort, but please! before you pull out your perfectly white Keds, remember the purpose of trying on these clothes is to make sure they look good. You will not be happy if you go to try on a cute skirt with clunky old running shoes. *shudder* My advice is to shop in flats. They look good with pretty much any type of clothing, and will give you a better idea of how the clothes will look and not leave you frustrated. Trying on jeans? Remember that there are different length inseams. I get longer jeans to wear with my heels and shorter jeans to wear wit flats. When trying on long jeans for heels, do a little tippy toe test (stand on your toes about three inches in the air) and make sure they'll fall correctly....and that your butt looks good. Go ahead, give it a little peek.

- Wear something presentable. Remember that there will be other people shopping, and you'll feel all frumpy and unrepresentable if you head out in sweats and mom jeans.

- Do not bring children if you are serious about shopping for yourself. Don't get me wrong, I nip into stores with my two year old all the time, but I don't do real shopping with her. You'll get too frustrated and then tell me you hate shopping. And that will make me cry.

- STAY OUT OF CHILDREN'S STORES. If you are going shopping for yourself, stay away from the dang Gymboree stuff. I know there might be a sale, but you'll go in, drop a small fortune on weirdly coordinated apple clothing, and then feel guilty when you walk into an adult store because all of your money is gone. This is for you.

- Set a spending limit. It'll stop that awful buyer's remorse I used to get all the time (now I have no remorse. HA! Yes, I'll be here all week. Tip your waitress.) If you only want to spend $20 on a top, weed them out accordingly. Trust me, there are many tops in the proverbial sea. That $35 one does not need to belong to you if it does not belong in the budget. Good deals are to be found!!

- Eat something!! If you're in a mall, grab a pretzel and something with a little bit of protein so you're not all rainy-day-susan. Alot of time we're just rushing around and forget about it. Grab a smoothie and you can sip and shop. You'll have a better time, trust me.

K, that should be it for now. I use shopping as my 'me' time. At least once a month, I pass the duties off to my husband, kiss him and the baby goodbye, and head out on my own for a few hours. Not only is it because I love shopping, but I also love ADULT time, when the old Jae shakes off the dust and comes out to play, umbrella stroller not included. Remember when YOU were an adult? That was fun, wasn't it? Doing big people things! So try it, for yourself, just once, and tell me I totally haven't changed your opinion on the big 'S'. (That's shopping, not smoothie, although I could use a Mango-a-go-go today...)

Sweater Weather!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

YAY! So fall is officially here, and it's all crispy and and cool-y and I am deliriously happy right now. I am having a good month girls, I love October! Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving on this coming Sunday, so I have alot to get done, as I always host a Canadian Thanksgiving at our house wit all of our friends that have Canadian ties. I'll tell you, it is really easy to find people with Canadian ties when you look. Maple leaf forever!

And what will I be wearing to Canadian Thanksgiving? Why, a sweater of course! I heart sweaters to ridiculous degree and I buy them up in huge quantities. You know Black Friday, when the world braves shopping at 3am for the best deals? While everyone else is snatching up Wii's and DVD's, I'm like, ooh! Cheap sweaters!

Anyhow, I set out to check for new trends that I love in sweaters this year and I had a little sweater-gasm and started writing down a SHOPPING LIST of sweaters and which stores they were at so that this weekend I could go partake. Nevermind that I'm pregnant. I WILL BUY THEM! And since I love them all, I'll be posting lots of pics. Ahhh heaven.

K, so doesn't this just look like the perfect fall sweater? I love the neckline and collar, and the big buttons are perrrrrfect. I want this. Forever 21.

This is the newest thing I have seen for the season, these awesome little drape-front cardigans. Perfect to throw over anything, and all of a sudden look put together. This one was at Bluefly for like $60, but I saw them at Charlotte Russe for $19. Just saying.

K, remember dusters??? I have a red one that I can't bear to throw out even though it is horribly dated and screams "2001!" Well, YAY, because dusters are back but new-school. See how they are shorter? Gone are the stumpifying calf-length ones, choose ones that go no lower than mid thigh. Papaya.

Every woman should have a classic, cable knit sweater. Love how they've pinned this one with a brooch, and I am seeing shawl collars everywhere.

Or do a simpler silhouette, love the scoop neck here, super super flattering. Remember that sweaters shouldn't be bulky. Streamlined is best. Metro Style.

Everyone knows my obsession with argyle, and luckily everyone has it now. So smart! Love layering that is built in, again, not bulky and you look like you actually know something about fashion. Forever 21

I LOVE THESE SWEATERS! They are these cute "academy" type ones, they are freaking adorable. Can't you see this, which a white, collared button up under, some skinnier jeans and flats? LOVE. I am definitely buying one this weekend because I can't even contain my excitement.

Sweaters are an awesome way to update or transition your wardrobe. Anyone up for a shopping trip?

Clutches! (Okay, and handbags in general)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

K, so I wrote an entire blog dedicated to my hatred of diaper bags (You can read it here) Point is, I really, really hate them. Mom bags in general are pretty bad. But especially diaper bags. ANYWAYS, there are so many cute bags out there I don't know why you would have an ugly one. Especially with the reappearance of the satchel bag, which is perfect for the multi-function lover, you have NO EXCUSE to be carrying a bag with a teddy bear on it. K?

Let's familiarize ourselves with the different types of bags. Then, later when you're searching for yourself, you can look around using the style you like the best and which will suit your needs the most. All the bags I post will be from which allows me to have more handbags than I would ever need, in a million years. I'm not even kidding. I have an entire cupboard in our mudroom dedicated to handbags. My husband is disgusted.


Satchel's are my personal favourite because they look very streamlined and a little more professional than your average bag. I like to at least maintain some semblance of being organized, even when I'm not. They are a medium-sized bag, usually with multiple pockets and goodness for better organization. I loved these when my daughter was still young enough to need all manner of snacks, drinks, and tiny board books. I really prefer satchels in grown-up textures, since they are grown up bag. Croc, python, etc. But as for colours, anything works, I especially love deep jewel tones, plums etc.


The tote is the biggest of all the handbags, which makes it super functional and awesome. The best part about a huge bag is that it probably makes you look smaller in comparison (I hate seeing bigger girls with tiny little purses, it looks ridiculous). I recently started carrying a tote when my daughter starting wanting to bring colouring books everywhere. Also, I travel alot and they fit everything on the plane so I am not struggling with 8 bags. Love.


Also commonly known as an evening bag as well, it'll be the smallest of your typical handbags. That means that unlike the satchel, which is carried over the arm, or the tote, which is carried in the hand, it's carried (duh) over the shoulder. If you're choosing this, look for a drop (the word that describes the length of the handles) that is comfortable on you. Move around. Lean forward. Nothing is more ANNOYING than straps that are always sliding off your shoulders.


The Hobo is by far the most relaxed of all the bags, and I carried one before I needed to be more organized. They are floppy and soft, and typically only have one or two compartments. This would be ideal if you didn't have as much gear (read: older kids) and just needed to chuck in a few things. Also great for those who demand comfort. They are going to be very slouchy and unstructured, usually in a 'u' type shape. Love it in a serious colour because its a fun bag.


My very favourite of all bags because it goes with them all. My secret is to get an adorable clutch. Make sure it has a) pockets and organizers for your cards etc, to replace your mom-wallet and b) a wrist strap. Then, pop it into your giant bag when you're lugging it around with your kids. Later, when you have a date or are just running out on your own, you can just pull your clutch out and have all of your important stuff, and not look totally frumpalicious when you don't have to.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

K, so I have been meaning to write about accessories for a little while now, but it's just kind of weird territory because I feel like accessories are pretty personal as far as people's tastes go. I don't expect someone to have the same tastes as me, but I'll just kind of let you know what I'm into now. If you love it, great. If you don't, that's cool too.

The best part about accessories is that there are more "right" ways to do them than wrong. So really, you shouldn't be too afraid. I am telling you, before I got married I NEVER wore any type of jewelry. Through high school, I was mostly a tomboy, and owned a pair of DONKEY MITTENS. That's right. Mittens that looked like donkey puppets. And of course, I thought that was pretty much the height of fashion. When I met and was dating my future husband, he introduced me to very sparkly things and I became addicted. In fact, I got my ears pierced on my 21st birthday.

I know you're all GASPING in astonishment. For as girly as I am now, it took a long time to get there. Now I love messing around with adding things to an outfit. Here are my tried and true rules for jewelry and accessorizing.

-Pick out your jewelry after you've been fully dressed. I know the feeling when you really want to wear a piece, and load it on and it's just too much. Don't plan it, play by ear.

-Don't spend much on accessories. The point of accessories is to change an outfit. So spend more on a classic outfit, and change it up by adding a necklace or a scarf or something to make it trendier. I hardly ever spend more than $15 on one.

-Don't over do it. My personal rule is to place jewelry away from each other. For instance, I'll never do earrings and a necklace together, it's too much for me. But I'll do earrings and a bold bracelet, or a necklace and a few rings.

K, I'll show you some pieces that are out right now that I am loving. Some stuff I am in love with now: Bold cocktail rings, layered necklaces, chain link bracelets, etc. And I usually wear silver, I just don't have a good skin tone for gold. So, sorry gold lovers.

I would totally buy this bracelet because it's versatile. And I love it's not super chunky and heavy like the cuffs we've been seeing as of late.

Earrings. Now, my personal rule is to choose and earring shape opposite to your face shape to balance it out. For instance, if you have a longer more oblong face shape, don't choose long drop-type earrings, pick a rounder shape. My face is round and slightly heart shaped, so I choose longer earrings. I am SO over chandaleir earrings, after everybody and their mother snapped them up. But I love the ones above and these ones:

I love stuff that has a bit of interest to it. The charms on these earrings are awesome, and will have nice movement in the ear.

Necklaces are probably what I buy most often when I'm out shopping. I just love that you can wear a white tee and some jeans, and then pick the right necklace and BAM it's something special all of a sudden. This was my latest purchase:

It's totally layered and weighs like ten pounds, but when I don't feel like dressing up, I wear something normal and put this on. Love. Plus my daughter loves playing with it.

If you're not feeling the charms but like the idea of layering, go with something a little more simple.

I love the idea of this with a black tank, little blazer combo. It's a little rock and roll-ish, which would be awesome if you're feeling like your outfit is just a little too sweet.

And again, I love interesting details like this little pocket watch. I'd wear this with a deep v-neck. Remember, the point of accessories is to add interest to an outfit. If it doesn't do that, don't wear it.

Rings - I don't wear them a ton because I usually just wear my wedding set, but if I do wear a ring, I like it to be big. And I love to juxtapose something really cutesy with something not. Like this adorable bow ring with a harder edged outfit.

And finally, my favourite accessory of all, the clutch. I will have to take some time and write a whole post on clutches. I'll also have to do sunglasses, but they both need a whole day to themselves. But can I just say PLEASE look into a clutch? As a mom, nothing makes me happier when i can go out with just myself and not lug around a whole diaper bag full of gear? Instead I grab my sleek little clutch and instantly look awesome. I love this one:

It even has pockets for everything, and a tiny little mirror. And I promise you, you will feel insta-glam. BUY ONE. You know what? Next week we'll focus on them and by next weekend you'll all have your little clutches and be thanking me ceaselessly.

So yeah, have fun with accessories. Don't spend alot, but choose pieces with alot of impact. If you pick up a piece, ask "K, will someone even notice if I have this on?" If the answer is NO, put the thing down. Life is too short.

Oh, and stay away from stuff like this. You have way too much self respect.

Brrrrr: Winter Shoes

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

K, so as fall as upon us IN EVERY FRICKIN' PLACE BUT UTAH which for reasons unbeknownst to me insists on being a scorching 85 degrees day after day, even after it is CLEARLY October and I should be pulling out fall sweaters and wearing my cool new jacket and I CAN'T because it's too hot.

But in NORMAL places, the weather as started to cool off. Fall is my favourite, favourite, favourite season, followed by a close second of winter. Sorry, I'm Canadian, it's in my blood. I'd rather be cold any day. Heat makes me very cranky (Gee, let's move to the desert! Neato idea!) and so I get very excited when the seasons start to change. Fall clothing is by far my favourite, as shown by my overstuffed closet, arranged by sleeve length. Yes, I do that. Long sleeved stuff takes up 3/4 of my closet. I just feel like summer clothes look generally pretty sloppy, all the capris and flowiness, and I love the structure of a fall wardrobe.

But, with the colder weather comes a new set of mom-problems. My most oft-asked question (asked most recently by Beth) is "What shoes do I wear in the winter?" You all know I wax poetic upon the merits of a flat or a 4" pump, but these are not viable options for when there is snow on the ground. I know, one day I was stupidly wearing flats to a doctor's appointment which I was LATE for and I wasn't paying attention and didn't realize my lovely husband had not shoveled the front porch, and I stepped right into three feet of snow with no socks on, and I was in a FOUL mood for the rest of the day. I learned my lesson.

So, not I am converted. I literally ONLY wear boots during the cold months. I am not even joking. I live on a mountain for goodness sakes. So, here are my picks for winter boots that aren't moonboots, nor do they feature Dora the Explorer.

K, right off the bat, I am going to endorse the riding boot. The prob with the boots you probably own now is that they have heels. Heels + Ice = Sore bums. The riding boot is the new-school knee high that is actually really friendly to the regular person. Buy some. My inspiration was actually Isla Fisher who plays Denise in Hot Rod. K, HOT ROD IS MY FAVOURITE MOVIE. DEAL WITH IT. Anyways, the whole movie she looks pretty adorable, but especially so in the wHiskey scene. Check it out:

Cuteness to the enth degree, right? And I was like heeeeeey, boots don';t have to be all formal like? Here she is wearing them with jeans and a tee and they still look awesome. I actually looked up the exact pair she's wearing, because I abuse my Google, and came up with these:

They are by Frye Harness and they are ADORABLE but pricey at $198. But still, I covet. I think I might ask for some for Christmas.

Now that is pretty much the real deal riding boot. But there are tons of styles and options for a flat boot that you can wear PULLED OVER jeans. Check out these Maddens:

Love how sleek these are. I would pair them with a dark wash denim, and a flowy shirt topped with a structured jacket. Voila, instantly put together, and no snow in your shoes.

I also love these slouchy ones from Wet Seal. You could get away with being more casual with these, I would totally wear these shopping with jeans and a comfy sweater. I actually might buy them, they're cheap.

And finally, I own these.

I know they're *technically* Uggs and they are supposed to be well, ugly, but these are super adorable on, and I wore them with EVERYTHING last winter. And I loved the lace ups AND they were wide enough to literally fit over ALL of my jeans. They were my favourite to run errands in because they kept my feet warm but weren't nasty ski boots.

If you're thinking these boots would look funny with your puffy ski jacket, you're right. Go back to the winter jacket post from a few weeks ago. These need to be paired with shorter, more structured jackets in neutral colours. Because these are knee-highs, you want the space from your hop bone to your knee to be visible and not covered by your jacket, otherwise you'll look stumpy. Remember the jacket I bought from Charlotte Russe? That and those Madden boots would be faaaantastic. See what I mean?

I'm good.


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