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Jae Raids the Drugstore! Best (and Worst!) Beauty Buys

Thursday, May 21, 2015

So my vanity drawer is overflowing with stuff I've bought in the last little while, so that definitely means it's time for beauty reviews: The good, the bad, and the "why did I ever spend money on that?"

Let's just go for it because we're headed out for the weekend and I have mucho stuff to do!

This was a sleeper hit for me. Usually an eyeliner is an eyeliner, but this gel-based one is super soft so I've been using it for tightlining (where you line the waterline of your eye). And seriously, once it's on it doesn't budge until you use soap, so it's a major winner. I'll be rebuying this when it's done -- I feel like it'll be genius in the summer when we're in and out of water all day. 

I've used Glycolix stuff in the past and have always been happy, so I started looking for a daily treatment option. This cleanser is supafantastic because it has all the glycolic acid goodness, but it's not irritating like the pads are (seriously I love them but they burn like the dickens). I've used this every night for like, two months and am super happy. Really great if you have the dreaded combo skin like me where you break out if anything is too moisturizing but turn in to the motherfudging (sorry I've been mainlining Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix) Sahara when it's not hydrating enough.

Si by Giorgio Armani ($28) 

YOU GUYS. I know for a fact that someone here recommended this fragrance back around Christmas, but I can't remember who. But if it was you, you're a beautiful angel from heaven because this stuff is so good. If you're into vanilla scents (which I very much am) this is such an excellent balance between vanilla and a little bit of musk so it's not too sweet. My husband got me the rollerball (I throw them in my purse and take them everywhere) and I've worn it on the daily ever since.

Cils D'enfer Maxi Lash So Volume! ($30)

In my neverending quest to try every mascara ever made (and seriously don't try and tell me about lash extensions. One of my friends just had a reaction to hers and it was so bad it literally caused her eyelashes to pop out of her skin. It's not my bag.) I tried this super FRAWNCH mascara and it was only OK. It's more lengthening than it is volumizing and my eyelashes are pretty long already so it leaned on the spidery side. For $30 I'd expect more. Something has yet to topple Dior Iconic Overcurl and L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes as my top faves.

Revlon Parfumerie in Spun Sugar ($3.29)

I picked this up on a grocery store run while my husband drove me around looking for cheese bagels. My usual store was out and that is not acceptable. I really like cheese bagels, you guys. Anyway, this stuff swears that it smells like sugar but I don't really smell anything. I love the color though, and it was almost opaque after one coat. I've also had it on my toes for two weeks and I think it'll probably last through the Armageddon, so that's nice.

Benefit High Brow Glow ($22)

Aaaaand massive disappointment of the month goes to: This stupid $22 shimmer stick I bought the last time I was at Sephora! I was looking for something to help define my brows because they are crazy and unwieldy. And somehow I got talked into this (seriously are the women who work at Sephora hypnotists? Because this is not what I wanted AT ALL) and when I got home realized that I'd spent way too much on something that wasn't as good as the next product for like, a third of the price.

It's OK. Just... OK. I don't see why it would ever need to be $22 though.

e.l.f. Shimmer Palette ($8)

Look guys, I'm not even trying to be dramatic, I just want to be buried with this palette when I die. Seriously, I use it every day without fail. I love that the shimmer comes in different shades, so you can add some without looking like you're ready for Elsa cosplay. I use the pink on the Cupid's bow above my lips and on my cheekbones, and then use the champagne one for my brow bones and inner eyes NO THANKS TO YOU, $22 BENEFIT PENCIL. A little goes a looooooong way. Like, for my cheeks I literally just tap the shimmer lightly and then brush my fingers across my cheekbones and all of a sudden, it's like you're a dewy ballerina-type. Such a fan.

Palladio Herbal Gel Crayon in In the Buff ($6)

So THIS is what I wanted when I went into Sephora looking for brow help. I actually wanted a matte color that was a shade lighter than my own skin that I could use on the tops of my brows to define them. I didn't want shimmer, jerks. And I love that this fat little pencil does exactly what I ask. I'll be buying it again. I clean up my brows, fill 'em in, and then use a swipe of this on top (and blend) to make them look even more defined. Thanks, you adorable little $6 crayon, you.

Anastasia Clear Brow Gel ($22)

If you know what "on fleek" means and you want your brows to go to there, this is the gold standard, folks. And yes, I was on a mission to tame my brows this month. Deal.

Anyway, I use  this after I've filled in my brows with my trusty pencil. I know that might make some brow people weep, but I use it after on purpose because I feel like it helps to smooth out any harshness and kind of airbrush my pencil work. Some people use  brow powder but my crazy brows need boundaries.

This is light, totally unnoticeable (I've had brow gel flake on me before and it's not pretty) and it stays put. That's really all you can ask. It's spendy, but it makes a big enough difference that I can justify the cost.

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Plumper ($12)

No bueno, you guys, This said it was a "custom color" that conforms to your lips' natural coloring, so I was like, oh great, so it's like my beloved Dior Lip Glow (which I use nonstop), but with plumping. Awesome.

No. No that was not true. In Victoria's Secret land, apparently your "custom color" is like, a garish hot pink that causes you to catch your reflection in your car's rearview mirror and say "WHAT THE HECK" out loud and then frantically wipe it on your sleeves, which may or may not be a real thing that happened. Maybe others have had better luck with their custom color, but my custom color was a jerk and the plumping effect was uber-minimal (I still love this the best for plumping lip colors in Peachy Flush).

Just, yeah. Yikes.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Anti-Aging ($24)

I've used this stuff for two years and swear by it, but this time I bought the "anti-aging" kind because, you know, I'm 30. And it's baaaasically worthless. Like, it's fine as a primer, but as far as I can tell the only difference is that this one has a little shimmer in it? Is that what's supposed to stop you from aging? Does Urban Decay think we're all idiots?

Just buy the regular stuff.

Batiste Dry Shampoo - Cherry ($8) 

I try out dry shampoo like I do mascara and I'm really picky about scent. I swear, some smell like the inside of an apartment building lobby where I grew up. Like, kind of like someone smoked in there once and the smell never went away, but by golly, they tried.

I don't think this smells particularly like cherries, but it does smell fresh and it does its job. On a related note, I tried a "tinted" dry shampoo and it made my hair banana yellow. White is fine. Even if you're brunette, you can use white dry shampoo. Just spray it, work it in like real shampoo, and then throw your hair into a loose bun while you hop in the shower or do your makeup and it'll absorb. You can also put it in before bed and sleep in a loose bun and it'll do the same.

And that, my friends, was a tangent.

Pacifica Hand Cream in Tuscan Blood Orange ($8) 

I love Pacifica scents -- they're impactful without being cloying and that might have been the most annoying sentence I've ever typed. But seriously. Their vanilla is another one of my favorite perfumes and I loooove their Indian Coconut stuff. I grabbed this Blood Orange and it's no exception. Seriously Pacifica, you win at scents forever and you're so reasonably priced.

This hand cream goes in my purse and is super light but doesn't skimp on the moisturizing part. Plus, the little tube is adorable and I'm forever handing it out to my friends to use.

Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil ($4.50) 

I feel like calling this stuff Marvelous Oil was setting it up for failure. Because, I mean, it's pretty good, but it would have to cause my head to sprout mermaid-like gold-plated tresses overnight for it to be Marvelous.

It's a hair oil made with brazilnuts and I guess that's good? I don't know, I can't tell a difference between this and my usual agran oil -- both just get combed through my ends when they're looking rough and that's about it.

Maybelline Color Elixir in Caramel Infused $8.99

So I took Urban Decay's new High Color Lip Gloss (in Failbait) for a test drive. I was immediately obsessed with the color, but I haaaaated the formula. After about 10 minutes of wear, it became unbearably sticky. So, after much drugstore-searching, I found that Maybelline's Color Elixir in Caramel Infused was an almost-perfect match, and the formula is creamy (ugh I hate that word) instead of sticky. This has been my new go-to color for the last two weeks. The only caveat is that the applicator sucks but I can deal.

So, while I'm super disappointed in Urban Decay, it's kind of like meeting your cute husband through his douchey best friend. Like, he's a jerk and you hate the way he laughs but you're still grateful.

Aaaaand that concludes my world record of longest post ever, during which I looked at the clock and realized the bus was rumbling up the street and had to physically push my kids out the door. So, you know, mom stuff.

It's been a slice!

Jae Raids the Drugstore: Best and Worst Beauty Buys

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Ooh, the holidays weren't not kind to my bank account when it came to purchasing beauty products. I blame it on the fact that I was in stores so often. I tend to shop for myself whilst shopping for others. Like, I budget for it.

I was in Nordstrom buying a gift for my mom, and I bought the same thing for myself and the guy was like "Do you want these gift wrapped?" and I said "Sure... Oh wait just one because the other is for myself. That's how it goes, right? One for you, one for me?" It was my Cara tassel necklace, FYI, which is totally on sale now.

ANYWAY, here's some heroes and losers for beauty products over the last month or so. Some were life changing and the others got a resounding "ehhhhhh" from me.

Redken 05 Wind Blown (About $14)

This stuff wins the prize for "thing I bought that I love forever and will never stop using until I die" in December. It was a pain to find, since I couldn't find it in any salons, so I had to order it. It seems spendy until you see what it does:

K, so the left is my hair after it has been blow-dried and styled like always. Fine, but the right is after I blasted it with Wind Blown, which is a dry finishing spray with minimum hold. It's more of a volumizer and it just makes your hair look shampoo commercial pretty. I've also tried it with wavy hair and it's pretty fantastic. I just lift up my hair and spray it into little pockets here and there. Seriously. Love this stuff. Ignore the spotty mirror and just bask in the big-hairedness.


Urban Decay Naked Lip Gloss in Sesso ($20) 


This came in my "On the Run" palette and while I've mostly been wearing the Dior Lip Glow for days, this stuff is fantastic for a classic gloss: Not sticky, gorgeous rose color and just a smidgen of shine. It's been my "going out" gloss. And it looks pretty flawless with the eyeshadow colors in the palette.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes ($20)


You know I have my old favorites when it comes to mascara (Diorshow Iconic Overcurl for department store and L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes for drugstore) but I'm still always trying new ones. And this one is definitely one of the most "buildable" mascaras I've ever tried. You know how sometimes, you go to put on the second coat and all hell breaks loose with clumping and sticking? This stuff layers up to three times and still looks perfect. I think it's because it takes some extra time to dry, so you're not layering over crusted mascara – it's still just a little tacky and comes out uber dramatic.

Doll10 H2Glo Highlighter in Champagne ($8)


This has been my sneaky secret weapon for the past few months: A really neutral-toned highlighter for the corners of my eyes, brow bones, cheekbones and the bow of my lips. It makes my face look totally awake, which I need after a month of late nights and partying and eating really crappy food. I still often use the ELF Highlighter, but I love how straightforward and simple it is to use the compact here. It comes with me everywhere.

Pacifica Island Vanilla Moisturizing Hand Wipes ($7)


I grabbed these on Black Friday at Ulta. Pacifica routinely has the most amazing scents (I have the Indian Coconut Nectar Body Butter and it's out of this world) and I was like "YES! Why shouldn't I have non-baby wipes in my purse??" and suddenly I'm a grown up. Seriously, I've been buying Burt's Bees Baby Wipes for spills and messes around town for eons, but these smell amazing AND leave your hands feeling crazy soft. Yes, they're pricey when you can get a pack of wipes for $2, but it's the little things, people. It also doesn't hurt that the package is pretty. 

Burt's Bees Almond Milk Hand Creme ($9)


Speaking of Burt's Bees, I get super dry, cracked skin during the winter and this is the only stuff that can even touch it. Honestly, I put on other hand cream and it actually feels like I'm drying my skin out. This stuff is crazy thick and smells really clean (my husband always comments on how good it smells). I actually keep a jar in my car because for some reason, driving around in the cold is havoc on my hands.

Urban Decay Naked 24/7 Velvet Eyeliner in Stag ($20)


Holy Hannah, this stuff is smooth. It glides on like you would not believe. I use it for tightlining and it looks super natural because it stays really close to the eyelid. I've also done a cat eye with it and it smudges beautifully and then just like, hangs around for the rest of the day. Also, the Stag color I got is a really, really dark brown, but I also have the black. I find myself using the brown a lot just because it goes with the golds and pinks in the Naked palettes really well. I keep the black for smokey eyes.

City Color Be Matte Lipstick ($7) 

(here, although I don't know why you would ever want to buy this)

This had the consistency of like, those truffles covered in cocoa powder that you get at Christmas, mixed with oil. So it managed to be super drying and unpleasantly greasy at the same time, which is kind of a feat of engineering. I hated it like Kim Kardashian hates subtlety. Ugh. Worst.

Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Agran Oil Hairspray ($8)


Honestly, I felt like this was as effective as throwing candy sprinkles at my head and hoping it created volume.

ELF HD Blush in Superstar ($3) 


This, however, I like. For $3 you get a pretty darn pigmented cream blush, so let me warn you: It's potent like woah. As in, I *might* use a dot the size of a grain of couscous, because a little goes a long way. On the bright side, I'll be using the same bottle until I'm 80. It's a great option if you're not into powder blushes – I tend to use cream in the winter because my skin is drier and it needs the extra oomph of a more dimensional blush. I sound like a commercial, don't I?

ELF Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzer ($3)


So, you guys know I'm hyper loyal to Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer  for contouring cheeks, forehead and chin, but for really precise contouring, I think a cream-base like this one works better. I literally only use it down the sides of my nose, but for $3 it's worth it. Powder works for larger areas because it's buffed out. Cream can be a bit severe, so I use it before I put on foundation and it kind of blends out.

I never use the blush, so I have no idea if it's good or not.

Alright, that's it for my latest and greatest. Have you used anything that you need to talk about in a safe setting? The comments section is ideal. What have you loved and hated for the last few months? Have you tried anything here?

Talking Scents

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

For a while, I was obsessed with the idea of having a "signature scent." You know, like a person smells a perfume and is like "OMG that is SO Jae." In high school, I doused myself in Exclamation Blush in order to accomplish this (that makes me sound very old because I'm pretty sure Exclamation doesn't exist anymore. It was up there with Baby Soft, which my BFF wore).

I became SO SURE that it was my signature that when I broke up with my high school boyfriend and he asked for his jacket back (and sent his friend over to get it because you know, mature high school relationships), I secretly sprayed a little on it so he would get it and be like "Oh, this smells like Jae and I still am madly in love with her." Even though I broke up with him.

But that's beside the point.

As I've gotten older, I've amassed more fragrance and become less enamored with the idea of having a signature. Instead, I've learned to go for specific notes that appeal to me. Less of a signature product, more of a general idea that I gravitate toward.

I do like how scents can kind of be like dressing up. I tend to spritz based on my mood or style for that day than grabbing one signature scent again and again. Whether I need to take care of business or turn it up for date night, there's totally a scent for that.

In general, I have pretty tomboyish tastes when it comes to fragrance. I always say I like it teeter on the edge of being masculine. No florals here. But I'm always up for new recommendations, so let's share, shall we? I'll tell you what I'm wearing nowadays (and when I wear it) and you can share your fave scent.

And we'll all have signature scents together.

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb
Best for: Everyday Wear

If I was to have a "signature," this would be it. Despite it's uber girly, floral name, I detect more vanilla in this perfume than anything. It's a super warm, subtle scent that I love. I have the roller balls and I pop one in my purse so I can apply it throughout the day.

My husband has commented to me that his receptionist at work must wear this because she smells like me and I find it oddly flattering that he can tell.

GAP So Pink
Best for: Casual Stuff

I'm not sure if they're still selling this in stores or not. I think I bought it last year. But I love it for casual days because it just smells clean: A little cirtusy and really bright and not cloying at all. It's just low key, kind of like yours truly when she doesn't have to plan for picture day.

Calvin Klein Euphoria and Forbidden Euphoria
Best For: Vamp and Vamp Light

These are definitely the strongest scents I own. I've been wearing CK Euphoria for a few years and it's still my date night go to: It's really spicy and musky. If it's a little too spicy for you, Forbidden is basically the same scent, but with more vanilla to temper that heat which I really like. It's like, Forbidden is for a movie date night, and Euphoria is for a fancy schmancy dinner. 

Yes I sound insane, but you know what I mean. Both are just super sexy, but in two different levels.

Victoria's Secret Bombshell
Best for: Taking Care of Business 

The fact that this perfume is called "Bombshell" makes me laugh a little, because I find it to be the most masculine scent I own. It's really just down-to-earth, very clean and just the tiniest bit floral. The website says "exotic?" But it really reminds me of a light cologne more than anything. I wear it when I want to feel super in charge, like during out-of-control work calls or going bathing suit shopping.

So if your definition of "bombshell" is actually "ladyboss," then yes, this is very bombshell-y indeed.

I also have Tease from Victoria's Secret and like it, but the bulb-y thingy broke and now I don't reach for it as much because that's too much work now.  But I like it: It's pretty girly and amber-y.

Bath and Body Works Wild Madagascar Vanilla
Best for: All Day (and Bargain Hunters!) 

I grabbed this as an impulse buy to get a discount a couple of months ago, and I can't believe it's become a staple for me. I don't usually like Bath and Body Works scents because they're really super strong, but this one is soft and very sweet: A little goes a long way. There was even a post about on HuffPost, which I thought was funny and gave me a little pat on the back for having good taste. I'll buy this again and totally want the rest of the line. I'm pretty impressed that this cheapie perfume smells higher end than it really is. Shhhh don't tell. Also, I don't know if it matters, but my kids LOVE this perfume. They always comment on it when I wear it. So there's that.

Do you see a pattern here? I don't have a signature fragrance, but I do choose scent based on the same three notes over again: I like vanilla undertones, a bit of spice and a warm or musky component. If I choose florals, they're usually light and combined with citrus to be less sweet.

Now it's your turn: I love getting fragrance for Christmas, so I'm looking for some of your faves. What are you wearing, what do you hate (like Beyonce's Heat omg it smelled like motor oil cat placenta), what are you asking for?

Beauty Review: Younique Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A lot of my friends have permanent eyelash extensions. And they all look amazing, but I've never been able to commit to them for a bunch of reasons. First is that I just don't have the time: Fills take a few hours every couple of weeks and seriously, there's no way I could do that. Another issue is that I know that they can be damaging and I'm hyper-vain about my eyelashes. I love them. I would never do anything to jeopardize the deep and lasting relationship we have.

Also, the idea of sitting in a chair for a couple of hours, talking to a stranger who is poking at my eyes is actually horrifying to me. Social anxiety FTW!

So when reader Janica offered to send me some of Younique's 3D Fiber Lashes, I was super excited to try 'em on. I'd seen them around before, read some reviews, but never pulled the trigger.

But, I can officially tell you that I'm kind of a convert now.

It's a two-step product. After putting on your usual mascara (I wear this) you put on a sealant, then the fibers (which are made from green tea) and then the sealant again. All in all, it's about a one-minute process and I did get some killer results. Here are some before and afters (and some obscenely close shots of my face because you know, THAT'S what you want to see at 9am on a Wednesday):

 The first shot is without anything. The second, with mascara only and the third, with the fiber lashes. RIGHT!? Right.

Moral of the story: I heart these forever and I'm not just saying that because someone gifted them to me.

When I read reviews, most were positive, but a couple had some issues. After a couple of days of trial and error, I have some tips for people trying fiber lashes.

1) Don't wait forever for your mascara to dry before you put them on. The instructions say it should be dry, but I had better results when it was just *barely* dried. Like, a minute after putting it on.

2) DO NOT try and put on more than one coat of fibers at a time. The first time I put them on, I did the blinky thing I do when putting on regular mascara and I think it deposited too many fibers and they were prone to clumping flake-age. The next time, I did one sweep and that was it. And it was perfect.

I think both clumping and flaking was a concern with online reviews, but I'm pretty convinced people are putting them on too thick when they flake off. Think thin, people!

3) If you want another layer of fibers, you still need to put on the sealant, wait for it to dry AND THEN add another (singular) coat of fibers. These pics are just one coat though, so I really think one is plenty.

4) My only complaint with these bad boys is the fact that if you were, by chance, a day napper (uh, not that I am or anything) that waking up with these after falling asleep in front of Say Yes to the Dress at 3pm, they might be a little sticky.

But that's like, just a theory and stuff.

5) If you're an eyelash curler (like, someone who curls your eyelashes and not an actual eyelash curler because what are you doing on the Internet, beauty tool?) do so carefully. I found that any creases or missed spots were magnified after I put the fibers on.

Anyway, I can't remember the last time I had so much fun with a product. I'm a mascara junkie anyhow, so it was fun to play around with something that made such a huge difference.

Seriously check these babies out.

 Here they are in natural, non-crappy bathroom lighting and with a hat that I bought that I'm not very sure about just yet.

Anyway, if I were rating these, I'd probably give them like, an 8.5. I found them to be extremely effective, but there is a learning curve to using them.

If you're interested in giving them a shot, you can buy the Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes here

Yay for Minnie Mouse eyelashes and fun products! 

Jae Raids the Drugstore: Best (and Worst) Beauty Buys

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's that time again: Time when my latest beauty buy purchases have taken over my vanity and are begging for me to review them. They're a little clingy. I and I have some doozies for you, including some seriously life-changing stuff here.

It takes very little to change my life, apparently. As always, click pics for links to buy. YAY!

First up:
 L'oreal Infalliable Le Rouge in Unending Kiss

OMG makeup companies are torturing me with their long names. BUT! Know how I'm always looking for that magical lipstick that will convert me from being a hardcore gloss-wearer? This might just be the one. I love the creamy texture (ew) and the color is just pink enough without be bubble-gummy. I'm very happy with this random grocery store my-family-is-waiting-in-the-car purchase.

Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar Body Butter

This stuff basically smells like sweet baby angels on vacation and I'm a total convert. I tend to want lotion at my desk because my hands feel dry when I first sit down to work in the morning and this has been my go-to. Word on the street that the other Pacifica scents are just as good. I will make it my personal mission to investigate them all because I'm selfless and stuff. 

                Rimmel Moisture Renew in As You Want Victoria (!?)

OK, so Rimmel sent me some of their new Moisture Renew lipstick to try out. And I will say the color was gorgeous and the color saturation was out of this world on my lips. HOWEVER, the formula was really, really slippery. Like, one false move and you look like a kid getting ahold of lipstick for the first time. And, since I'm generally suspicious of lipstick anyway, it made this a miss for me. If the same color came in a matte formula, I'd be all over it.

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl

I am a diehard Diorshow fan, so when a reader suggested I try this (and after my nightmare of a "try every Maybelline mascara to disastrous results bender" I was on board. And I'm super glad I did. While I don't think this makes your lashes as fat as the original stuff, I also don't have to use an eyelash curler when I use this. That is a game-changer, people! The curved brush lifts the lashes up and away and I have 30 precious seconds given back to me every morning.

                     ELF Makeup Mist and Set

I did a big ELF order because I was out of my fave undereye concealer (The HD Lifting) and ended up buying like $30 of stuff because that's how they getcha. Anyway, I took a chance on this stuff. I can't really tell if it sets my makeup any better than like, my face skin, but I do like how it refreshes half day-old makeup in the late afternoon. It's not a must-have, but it'll stick around and I'll use it for reviving old makeup.

 Glycolix Treatment Pads

Speaking of life-changers, I love this stuff. If you have sensitive skin, just walk away. Right now. This is not for you. But if you have skin that can take it like a man, these might be your new fave. They're basically straight glycolic acid. Actually, 20 percent. And do they burn like a motherfletcher? YES. But have my pores gotten smaller and has my aggressive forehead wrinkle become more passive? YES. Plus, it's easy. A swipe before you go to bed. One jar lasts two months. Which reminds me -- I need to reorder.

 City Color Be Matte Blush in Fresh Melon

I got this blush in my ipsy bag and I was like "Holy bright Batman!" Like, I actually said that. To myself. But guess what? I LOVE THIS BLUSH. A little goes a long way.This one compact will last forever and it's just right for a natural flush. And I love the matte when I'm tired of everything being so glittery all the time.

Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo & Conditioner (I use both)

You guys. YOU. GUYS. Of all of the products I've wasted my money on this month, this stuff has been the best by far. So, you know when you're not actually blonde but you dye your hair lighter and it looks good for the first couple of weeks and then goes brassy? This stuff cuts all of the yellow out of your hair. So for me, who HATES brass and loves a beige tone to her fake blonde hair, it's everything. The caveat? It can dry out your hair a bit. I only use it twice a week and it's plenty to keep brass away. Also, if you have highlights, it makes them really stand out. Love love love so much. I had to buy it at Sally's and it was around $8 -- way better than paying to have my color redone again.

ELF Angled Foundation Brush

Here's another thing I ordered with my last ELF haul. I was super pleasantly surprised to find out how much I love their Studio line of brushes -- the powder brush has replaced my old kabuki for foundation. I've been using this little guy for bronzer, since the angle is perfect for faking cheekbones and what not. And it's three bucks so win forever.

Nair Spa Clay Wax Strips

So I've waxed my own eyebrows since I was like, 16 (and I used to wax my brothers' eyebrows too which was fun because it helped me work through a lot of brother-related aggression). I love prepped wax strips because I can literally just cut them into the shape I want and don't have to mess with application. And I've used Nair strips before... but they were blue? And were meant to be less hurty? And they weren't. My kids would rush into the bathroom to see me wax my brows because they thought it was funny that I would shriek and say bad words. But these clay-based ones actually hurt less! And my kids were disappointed, but they need to learn to deal.

I'm not gonna lie, sometimes it grosses me out that I buy so many beauty products. It's a sickness. I lip gloss here, a mascara there and my vanity is buried in random eyeshadow palettes that I will never use. Ah well. There are worse thing to be addicted to right?

Mostly crack.

Jae Raids the Drugstore: Best (and Worst) Beauty Buys

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Yay it's time for another beauty review post! Also, I have to tell you guys that I was at the mall on Monday, because -- you know -- Disney Store, and my family and I were in the food court gorging on Chick-Fil-A when a very, very, very badly dressed woman showed up and had someone taking pictures of her. I assume it was a fashion blogger of some sort because she was arranging and showing off what seemed to be really short bellbottoms and that fabric vest thing I had when I was 12. They even asked some poor guy to get out of the way for the pictures and I was DYING.

See also: Why I will never take outfit pics in public.

See also, also: Why I hate fashion bloggers.

I thought you'd enjoy that scenario. Because we're friends.

Anyway, on to the reviews! Here's what I've bought lately!

Ughhhh this stuff is the worrrrrst. First of all, it's spelled volume, you can't just throw an accent in there and change the spelling. I bought this because I love things that say volume on them, or volum',as it were, and I thought this would be a good buy. IT SAYS MEGA. Instead, I got a brush that has the rigidity of cooked spaghetti and smeared EVERYWHERE. Like seriously. Sucks so bad. I even tried another brush to see if it made a difference and the formula was still crappy.

I knew I was going to ask my husband for a Naked palette for Christmas, but I didn't want to do it until Naked 3 came out so I could compare all three. In the end, I went with the first palette. The second was too light for me and the third just didn't seem to have enough must-have colors. I mean, I'll still probably buy it, but this was a better place to start.

The colors are CRAZY amazing and soooo soft. Like, I want to say buttery, if it didn't make me actually crave butter. I've worn these every day since Christmas and the looks are always a little different. The highlighter shade is ah-mazing. Also, these colors don't crease, which is fantastic. I have the biggest eye creases ever. It's like the Grand Canyon up in there.

Also, if you have the chance to get the primer with this, do it. The color payoff it SO much better with the base and it lasts for forever. My husband was wise and got me two tubes of the stuff, so I"m set.

Yes, it's pricey. But for someone who goes through eyeshadow palettes like Miley Cyrus goes through flesh-colored bodysuits, it's worth the money.

This stuff is magical, people. MAGICAL. It's a highlighter with a little bit of sparkle -- like, slightly chunkier than you'd get in a regular highlighter. I've been wearing it with the lightest Naked shade and just in the corner of my eyes and it's just enough to pop without looking like a stripper. And you know I'm all about not looking like a stripper.

I'm not even gonna lie, I threw this in my last ELF order because I had to get to $25 for free shipping. So I was pretty surprised when it became my hands down favorite product in the bunch. It's just a little tinted color, which is great with like, a smokey eye. I got a few more to stash around my bag and my husband's Jeep. And come on, it's like $3. I got some at Target, so you don't have to order to get more.

YOU GUYS. Baby Lips, my fave lip balm of all time, has come out with a medicated version. I was so excited that when I found it I ran home and announced it to my friends on Facebook because sharing is caring.

I bought the coral color and I have no idea of the medicated stuff does anything, but it's kind of minty and enjoyable and I wear it nonstop all day. It's glossy and not sticky at all, with just a little color. I have like, six of these now. They're my

OK, so this didn't suck as hard as the Mega Plush, but it's still pretty sucky. Maybe I should stop buying things that say volum' on them. WHEN WILL I LEARN. Anyway, this brush felt slightly less like it needed Viagra, but it's still not great. I found it to be clumpy and flaky after a few hours. Live and learn, folks.

I'm suuuuuper picky about face washes and I usually use Clean and Clear, but it wasn't taking my makeup off very well -- especially after I switched to using the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer. So I swapped it out for this stuff, which is gel based and banishes every trace of makeup at night. And! It doesn't make my skin feel tight which is a crappy feeling. So it gets a thumbs up from me and my poor eyelids, which were scrubbed within an inch of their lives.

Haha eyelids don't have thumbs that's silly.

Nope, I didn't learn. After hating the first two volum' mascaras, I BOUGHT ANOTHER. WTH? But! I was pleasantly surprised by this one, so there. It gives tones of volum(e) and doesn't clump up, which I like. I also bought it in waterproof and it sticks around all day, so that was a major plus as well. Is it as good as by beloved Diorshow? Heck no. In fact, I'm running to the department store in a few minutes to replenish my stock. BUT! It's a solid backup and one from Maybelline that I didn't want to kill with fire. Win.

OK, that's all the products I could see littering my vanity at this time. What about you? Have any hits or misses to share?

Beauty Product Roundup

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This should be my usual "drugstore beauty" post, but I didn't buy all of this round's products from the drugstore and I am nothing if not completely honest about my terrible spending habits. I've been picking up stuff here and there -- a couple of these came from my ipsy bag others came from shopping idly at the drugstore near my parent's house in Canada. Oh, drugstore of my youth.

Anyway, here's the latest and greatest! As always, click the pic to follow through to the product.

First up, Too-Faced Tan without the Twinkle Bronzer.

OK, so remember when we talked about how to contour your face with makeup and I was like, "Find a gray-based bronzer without shimmer" and everyone was like "But bronzer is BRONZE." Well, this is what I meant. I LOVE this bronzer because it's perfect for contouring. It's grayer and matte, which means it looks more like shadows on your face, which equals more natural contouring. I still have some shimmery bronze laying around, but this is my go-do for the daily.

Also it smells like vanilla and this delights me. 

Victoria's Secret Rockin' Body Luminous Perfecting Body Cream
 photo 41SKzRezY5L_SY300__zps4f1f3520.jpg

Let me first point out that I bought this in-store the other day and it didn't have that RIDICULOUS packaging. I was standing in line waiting to buy the softest hoodie of ALL TIME (yes I buy hoodies from VS don't judge me) and grabbed a tube of this stuff on a whim. It's like a shimmy gloss that makes your legs look super pretty in skirts. You can use it wherever you want your skin to look better, like your collarbone or your arms when wearing cap sleeves or whatever. Not a must have, but definitely fun to have in your arsenal.


NYC Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm
 photo apple_zpsf24587ea.jpg

Confession time: I actually bought this for my daughter when we were in Canada. I was stocking up on my favorite Canadian beauty products and she wanted something and this was cheap and sheer so she wouldn't look like a crazy clown. Then I tried it and stole it from her. It smells good and it's super sheer and non-sticky, so I like it for layering over lipsticks for quick touchups. Plus there's an apple in it sooo.... yeah.

Big Sexy Hair Blow Dry Volumizing Gel

I worship at the altar of Big Sexy Hair products because my goal in life is to have big hair. So I can keep it full of secrets (anyone?) This stuff is great because you know when you use gel before blowdrying and sometimes there's like, a crunchy patch left afterward? Yeah, doesn't happen with this. And while it hasn't quite gotten me to Dolly Parton status, I'm happy with it.

Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels

I posted a pic on Instagram of me trying these out at like 11:30 at night. It was preeeeeetty attractive. They're these little patches that you wear under your eyes for like 15 minutes. They're super cold and while I'm usually a huge eye-roller when it comes to stuff like this, I did feel like my eyes are waaaay less puffy when I use these. My friend asked if it helped with dark circles and I just know I didn't wake up looking like a zombie as per usual. Also, these + Downton Abbey + my bathtub make for a good night.

Buxom Full Bodied Lip Gloss

I bought one of these... and then bought another... and then another came in my ipsy bag... so yeah, I'm a fan. I find that the color is truer with these glosses than others --- not as diluted or sheer. Plus it's a little minty and makes your lips tingle which supposedly makes them bigger. Whatever, I'll take it. Buxom is by Bare Escentuals, so if you're a fan already, I recommend these babies all day. Not sticky at all and lasts forever so I feel like they're definitely worth the price.

Pixi Large Lash Mascara
You know I couldn't do this list without a mascara. I love them so hard. And natural girls, this is definitely for you -- this is the softest mascara I've ever tried. While I usually love a super-dramatic look, I use this stuff when I want a more natural look. It doesn't go on as gloppy and my eyelashes are still supersoft after it's dried. Love!

So there's the best of the best as of late.Have any beauty finds you want to share with me so I can drive my husband insane with my takeover of the bathroom counter?


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