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Mama Fit Monday: 3 Things to Guarantee Weight Loss

Monday, August 9, 2010

Losing weight can be a real struggle for some people. For many they've battled with it their whole life, others notice more of a challenge after they have had children and for some, they just need to get focused.

There are 3 things you can do that will ensure your success.

1. Change your Eating Habits

So many times I will see people work their butts off at boot camp 4 days a week, and wonder why they are not seeing any changes on the scale. I always ask for a report of what they have been eating and 9 times out of 10, they are completely sabotaging all their hard work with their food choices.

You cannot expect to see great changes by consuming burgers, fries, pizza and ice cream to name a few. Just because you are exercising regularly doesn't mean you can eat what you want.

2. Change your mind set.

If you think of yourself a certain way, you will be that. So stop thinking that you don't deserve to feel and look good--cuz you do. I'm not saying that you have to look like an underweight super model but if you know you will feel more confident 20 lbs lighter then know that you deserve it. Don't get comfortable with thinking things like "I've had 2 children, I won't look like I did before", cuz it simply isn't true.

3. Stop the Insanity of Excuses.

This one I think is the most important. After I taught Saturday's boot camp, I weighed in a bunch of people. They were not keen on it, but I insisted as it keeps peoples goals real and focused. As every single person stepped on the scale, this is what I heard:

"Oh this was not a good week, I was on vacation"
"This is not a good week, I am PMSing"
"Kelly, I was not good this week, I was really busy at work"
"I had people over for a BBQ a couple of times and there were lots of treats and wine"

and so on and so on. I actually stopped them right then and said I didn't want to hear anymore excuses, because that was what every single one was--an Excuse.

I told them that I know it's summer and we all go away, are busy, entertain and so on, but I also know that you will only see results if you take action. Take action to get you to your goals.

If that means cutting or eliminating alcohol consumption, just do it. What's more important to you. Feeling and looking good, or your glass of wine.

If it means skipping your favourite high fat ice cream, just do it. Have yogurt or sherbet instead.

If it means bringing a vegetable or fruit tray with you to a BBQ to ensure you have healthy choices, just do it. Your desire to reach your goal has to be stronger than your desire for your temptations.

Make a decision and do everything in your power to stick with it. These 3 things will help you guarantee the success of your health and fitness goals. I promise.

Committed to your fitness success,
Kelly Parker


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