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Beauty Review: Urban Decay Naked and Naked3

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

 YAY two posts in a row! I win at life!

Since I've had a couple of months with both my Naked palettes, I thought I'd do a quick write-up of whether or not they're worth your money.

My husband bought me both palettes: I got Naked for Christmas and then Naked3 for Mother's Day. Now, those of you who can count may have noticed that Naked 2 is missing here. I'm going to be totally honest with you: After comparing them all, I didn't really see a need for Naked 2. It's super gold and 1) I have very pink skin and 2) Naked has the most perfect golds ever. So, being the rebel that I am, I skipped 2 and went straight for 3.

In short, I'm incredibly happy with both. To say that I've stopped using all other eyeshadow would be the understatement of the century. I use these every day instead. EVERY. DAY. They go on super smooth, blend well, and the colors are saturated and pretty. Of course, they aren't perfect. While I love how super appropriate the colors are (seriously, you could wear these to a wedding and a funeral in the same day), I DO wish there were some plum-my tones, just because that's my favorite.

The colors for Naked, left to right are: Virgin, Sin, Naked (duh), Sidecar, Buck (my fave), Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted (ugh so pretty), Hustle, Creep (blackest black) and Gunmetal

The colors I use most are Virgin (perfect highlighter), Buck, Toasted and Hustle. I actually don't use the grays a lot. They're super dark and I tend to use Blackheart from Naked3 for a smokey eye.


Naked3 has Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick, Nooner (love), Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside and Blackheart (just shut up it's too good). 

The colors I use most are Strange, Nooner, Factory and Blackheart, which is a red sparkle-infused gray that makes the most incredible smokey eye I've ever seen. Like, you don't even know. 


Both palettes have their pros and cons. I love the variety that Naked offers, but Naked3 would be easier for beginners because every color goes with literally every other color in the palette and there's no way to screw them up.

If you were to pick one (because they're friggin expensive) I would say that Naked is the must-have out of the two. I'm glad I got Naked3, but a lot of the colors are very similar (because the whole palette has a rose gold theme) and I don't see a ton of difference  between like, Burnout and Limit when they're actually on my face. When I use up Naked3, I'd probably just go buy singles of Nooner, Factory and Blackheart and call it a day. I would, however, just re-buy the entire Naked palette because every color is very distinct. 

One more thing: I use the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer every time I use these palettes. The colors are more vibrant over top and it seriously lasts forever. I've almost completely stopped wearing eyeliner because these colors are enough, especially when combined with the lasting power of the primer. There are a few different choices for the primer (it comes in different colors and formulas) but my fave is definitely Eden, which is super matte and pretty brightening too. An eensy, weensy amount goes a long way and it works amazingly for other brands of eyeshadow. You can find it here.

Anyway, since the Naked palettes are a bit of an investment at $50 a pop, I think it's worth it to see them in person first. Are they awesome? Yes. Should you feel pressured to buy all three? Probably not. 

Does anyone else have these babies? I want to hear from someone who has Naked2 on how they feel about it's goldiness. 

Yes. Goldiness.

Jae Tests the Trend: Colored Skinnies

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Let me explain my thought process for buying my red skinnies.
1) "I really want some red pants. They are super cool."
2) "Am I too old for this?"
3) "Let me Google some pictures of people wearing red pants. Crap, they're all young celebrities."
4) "I should take a consensus on my Facebook page."
5) "OMG, they are all saying yes... maybe not so ridiculous?"
6) "I should just go look. To the store!"
7) "ZZZZZZZOMG these are amazing how did I ever live without them."

Seriously, these skinnies own my soul. Still, they're red for a reason. It's the closest color to a neutral that I could get. Their shape is perfect and they have an ideal length. If these were seafoam green and flared, I'd look like a psychopath.

Testing this trend made me think about looking trendy and fashionable in general. Probably the thing I hear the most when shopping with friends or recommending clothes to people is "I couldn't pull that off." It's also probably the phrase that annoys me the most. To me, it represents close-mindedness. Because most often, when I hear that phrase, it means you're not even going to try. And not trying is what lands you in yoga pants day after day.

Trends are tricky territory, especially after you've had a couple of kids and you're not ACTUALLY going to be 21 forever. It can be hard to decipher which trends are right for you and which ones should be left to the young, hip and childless set.

Still, there's no reason you shouldn't at least give it a shot. The trick to deciphering trends is to know your tastes and your body shape. I can usually look at a trend in the magazine and know right of the bat if it's something that will flatter me. For instance, trench coats - yes! Capes - no. I need definition around the waist, not at the shoulders.

That being said, there's not a lot in the world of trends that I won't try at least once. Usually it's just a matter of five minutes in a fitting room to decide whether or not a trend is for me. Whether it's peacock feathers, granny boots, dolman sleeves, jeggings or wide leg trousers, they've all had their moments for better or for worse.

I think what you really need to remember is that not everything is going to work on your body. But since you're probably alone in the fitting room, THAT'S OK. You don't have to have the body of a model to try something new. If you hate it, you only need to hand it back to whoever is working the fitting room and leave the store. That's it. No commitment whatsoever. You can handle that, right?

So if you see something in a magazine, on another woman or on a mannequin that you'd love to try, you literally have nothing to lose to give it a shot. If it looks great, hello confidence booster! If not, whatevs... on to the next.

Once you find things that work for your body type and that you love, look for ways to make them more "you." That's the true difference between someone who knows fashion and someone who is just a big fat trend whore. Anyone can buy expensive clothes that are "in," but you don't want to look like you just purchased a mannequin. Instead, find ways to work a new piece into outfits that you typically wear and all of a sudden, you're totally pulling it off. Take my red jeans for example. If I paired them with a graphic tee or something, the look wouldn't be me because that's not how I usually dress. Instead, I reached for a plain tee and my trusty leather jacket, which is practically my signature piece. Now I'm wearing a trend... the trend isn't wearing me.

Now, with that in mind, it doesn't mean you have to give every single trend a shot. I know there are some trends that I know likely won't look great on me and that I never even consider. Not that I can't "pull it off" (whatever the heck that means) I just know they won't be flattering. Like booties, for instance. I prefer a more streamlined look to the leg and I don't like the way they break up the calf. I have never been intrigued by them. But if I see a trend and like the way it looks, why wouldn't I give it a shot?

I just want you to know that perfect body, flawed body, pear-shape, apple-shape, you CAN participate in trends as long as you find ways to make them work for you. That could mean you reach for a graphic scarf instead of a flashy tee or participate in the feather trend by wearing earrings. You can totally embrace more color with a neon belt or printed shoes. Whatever the case, you don't need a complete wardrobe overhaul to look fashionable. Just a couple of key pieces each season and a super open mind.

Or me as a shopping partner. I'm super pushy and kind of mean won't take no for an answer.

How I, Jae, Conquered My Fear of the Jegging

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So, remember the jegging fiasco of 2010? If you don't, here's a quick refresher.. Jae went to store. Jae tried on jeggings. Jae's bod looked ridiculous. Jae felt bad about herself. Jae drowned her sorrows in Chunky Monkey. Basically.

HOWEVER, after I wrote that post, I still was a little sad I couldn't find any that I liked. Because I really did want some to wear with my boots. So, I braved the stores again. This time, I brought my mom so she could watch children while I tried on jeggings in peace. There was less pressure this way. Anyway, long story short, I found some that I hummed and hawed over until I finally bucked up and bought them.

They sat in my closet for about two weeks before I got up the nerve to wear them. Finally, after trying them on with roughly every piece of my wardrobe, I wore them out in public. And guess what? I'm a little addicted now. I love my jeggings oh so very much. I still contend that they aren't for everyone. And I am very careful about HOW I wear them. But they can work! Even for disproportionate people like yours truly.

In fact, Facebook fans will know that I wore them on my four hours of flying yesterday. And since I promised pictures for judgmental judgment, here we go.

Here's the breakdown:
Tunic - H&M
Tie cardigan- Bluenotes
Jeggings (omg) - Forever 21
Boots - Soda via Head Over Heels
Cuff watch - Gucci
Pendant - Local

Also... this picture is taken in my childhood room. Except when I lived there I had cow wallpaper. And a keyboard. I don't understand either.

OK, so I feel like I got away with the fashion equivalent of murder here. I looked put together for my flight AND I got to wear comfy boots that I didn't have to jam into my suitcase. My suitcase which was 60 lbs already.

So, learn from my mistakes ladies. Here's what I learned in my great jeggings search.
1) Jeggings look stupid the first time you put them on. I know that know. If you have a generous backside like moi, try them on with boots. Otherwise, tears will fall.
2) Go up a size. This is advice I gave back when we were discussing skinny jeans at the very start of this blog. Don't squidge yourself into jeggings, even if they are stretchy. For heaven's sake, they're made of spandex. They're tight no matter what size you get. Save yourself the depression and go up.
3) Buy a practice pair. I loved a pair that I tried on at the Gap, but they were pricey. So I bought the $14 F21 versions. Now I know I love them, I'll spend more coin on the next pair.
4) Look for DARK washes that have traditional jean styling. Seriously, pocketless jeggings make me look like I have a diaper bum. It's not pretty. Pockets give some visual interest so it's not just a wide expanse of booty.
5) Get the safest jegging equation down: longer shirt + boots = happiness. As you get more comfortable with your jeggings, you might try flats with them, or a shorter jacket. Just do so with caution.

Still, I can understand general hesitation when it comes to jegging. I will not put them on as a MUST HAVE in your jean wardrobe. It's a bonus, like trouser jeans. If you can pull them off, awesome. If not... you can make disapproving throat noises when I walk by. No biggie.

PS: This post has been approved by Conan O'Brien.

Jae Tests the Trend: The Maxi Dress

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

SO last week my sister in law Facebooked me to see if I would come shopping with her for a maxi dress after seeing last week's post about spring trends. So we set off on Thursday to find a maxi dress with the following criteria: 1) Must fit over her lovely lady lumps. 2) Actually, that was it. Of course, while perusing the racks I found a few things for myself. It would be sacrilege otherwise. Anyway, I've heard people say things like "I'm short, I can't wear maxi dresses" or, "I'm a jeans a tee kind of girl." This Test the Trend is proof that maxi dresses are easy to wear, totally comfy, and a good change from the same old. (PS, people who don't try new things because it isn't 'them' totally grind on me, by the way. Uh, obviously if you never try anything different, it won't be you. It doesn't exempt you, it just makes you seem like an old stick in the mud.)

Anyhow, there are some right ways to do a maxi dress, okay ways, and oh so very wrong ways to do it.


K, this is SO WRONG. We were in our friendly neighborhood Forever 21 and kept grabbing things that we THOUGHT were maxi dresses, but were really maxi pantsuits and horrendously scary. Here I am sacrificing myself YET AGAIN for you people, to show you just how crotch-tastic this thing is. So bad. And it had like, a triple leather belt for maximum drama. I felt very "Dallas" in this outfit. Also, we were laughing and making fun of it while taking my picture and got the stink-eye from the dressing room worker. K, JUST BECAUSE YOU WORK THERE DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO DEFEND THE CRAPPY STUFF THEY SELL OMG. Obviously, this was left hanging neatly in the dressing room, which was more than it deserved. Also, my sister in law sent me this picture saved as CROTCHMONGER.jpg, which was fitting. It gave me an EPIC front-bum.

So this is a "meh" way of doing the maxi dress. It's oooookay I guess. I love the color, but this is a little plain jane. It also can come off as a little jumperish, regardless of how cute the dress is. I won't judge you for this per se, but I will believe you can do better. Also, the sun streaming through the windows makes me look like I've died but come back to make pottery with my old girlfriend. Wait, that's Ghost. I had to take these pics on self timer, okay? My husband vehemently opposes being any part of this blog.

Much better. Remember how we talked about maxi dresses being pregnancy-inducing? And not in the I-wanna-be-pregnant way? A cinchy belt totally helps. Now, when it comes to wearing a shirt under something, or wearing a cardi over it, I always pick wearing something over it. It doesn't mess with the aesthetic so much and gives some dimension to the outfit. Now my 5'4" frame looks tall and statuesque, even tho "maxi dresses aren't for short people". Pshhh I say. Pshhh.

I was going to post this picture so you could again see the cinchy belt doing its job and making my waist looking tiny.... but I just wanted to show off my baby. Cute right? Clearly he is not concerned about making his waist look smaller.

Anyways, really, really DO try maxi dress this season. I think you'll find that its just as easy, if not easier than jeans and a t-shirt, and easy even for people who are fashion-challenged. IT'S ONE PIECE. If you don't think you can handle putting one piece on in the morning, then you probably shouldn't be operating a computer.

Except, still do, because I like having readers. Mmmkay. I'm sorry I called you challenged.


Jae Tests the Trend: The Boyfriend Blazer

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

(My inspiration - TopShop)

If you're like me, you sit in your bubble bath nightly with a glass of lemon water and peruse through your fashion magazines. Oh, what's that? You're not like me and don't do that ever? Well, you should try it. It's great.

While I look through my mags, which are in order of faves Glamour, Elle, Redbook, Jane, InStyle and occasionally Cosmo when my stomach isn't turning over their gross articles, (But never Vogue; the advertisements molest my eyes.) I see trends and think "Hey, I like that! I wonder if I could pull it off." Pulling it off is a delicate balance of confidence, body type and personal style, and so more often than not I will go shopping with the notion of a trend I want to try, to see if I actually can pull it off.

Last Friday, after looking at pictures of the new "boyfriend" style blazer; one that is longer, more oversized, tailored and casual than your usual blazer, I decided to go shopping for one. I brought along the Blackberry so I could snap pictures of the good, the bad and the ugly of my trying on clothes. (Can I point out that it makes a snapping noise when I take a picture, and I couldn't figure out how to turn it off, so EVERYONE in the dressing room could hear me? So embarrassing. They probably thought I was taking nakey pics to send to my skeezy teenage boyfriend)

This is me, providing a valuable service to you. I learned what works on a boyfriend blazer, and what so, so does not. And you get to see pictures of me looking bad in a blazer in the dressing room at Nordstrom. YOU'RE WELCOME.

This was the first one I tried on. While I didn't MIND it, I didn't love it. The first problem was that it didn't have a button, which left it hanging open all of the time and meant no locking and loading effect for a better body shape. The other thing I wasn't so sure about was the ruched sleeves. They were meant to be pushed up to the elbows but I have raptor-like arms and they just ended up looking too short. I did love the color and the fabric was awesome and very mensweary. I was very undecided - hence the "undecided" face.

The second was so, so very bad. The first thing I realized is that boyfriend blazers are cut VERY generously. While they are supposed to be more loose, I was positively swimming in this one, and it was a small. The next thing I learned was that too long is bad when when you are only 5'4". I look like I'm wearing my daddy's jacket. The last thing I learned, as references by the picture, is that rolled up sleeves make me look like Jerry Seinfeld. "What's up with BLAZERS?" Very sad.

Finally! I found a good fit. What works about this blazer over the other two? Mostly the length. It stops at the hip, so it's not cutting my body in half unnaturally across my thighs. The sleeves are a much better fit, even for someone as short armed as me. AND it featured a button, which tightens up the midsection and makes me happy. If you must know, I bought this one and left the other two hanging out in the dressing room. THUMBS UP!

PS if you're wondering why you can't see my legs in the pics, it's because I was wearing my Fryes and they totally don't go with boyfriend blazers. There's another tip for you.

So, what I learned about my experience and what you can take away from this is:
1) Watch your length. A long boyfriend blazer is great on a leggy model, not so great on a vertically challenged mother of two.
2) Make sure the sleeves fit properly. If you love the blazer anyhow and still want it, you can have them tailored to fit better.
3) Wear flats when trying on blazers. Dirty boots look out of place.

One last lesson though is to not be afraid to try on several different styles of the same trend. If I had only tried on the first blazer, I would have left empty handed (HEAVEN FORBID). That is what dressing rooms are for, ladies. You might look like Seinfeld in one outfit, but get over it, move on and don't be discouraged. Because now my perseverance in the dressing room has paid off and I have a hot new blazer.

If there's another trend you want me to test out, drop me an e-mail. I HAVE NO SHAME!


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