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Fall Trends Under $50

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

As always, I watch NYFW with the same trepidation as I do an episode of Dateline NBC. Like, I'm interested, but it's going to get pretty messy along the way. Deciphering trends from whatever whackadoo Muppet stuff designers send down the runway (and people pretend to like) is definitely a challenge. Especially if you feel pressured by the "It's called fashion, look it up" mentality.

This fall, I picked out some of the trends I really liked and then tried to match them with some options under $50 because we don't all live in NYC and consider a $2,400 pair of heels "reasonable." Observe.

1. Gingham

I love clothes that have a little masculine edge (see also: the 800 camp shirts I own) so I was happy to see gingham have a moment this year. Make it less summer-y by choosing more structured fit -- less summer dresses and more pencil skirts, if you please. It's also adorable as an accessory, so hello scarves!

2. Slouch

Yaaaas, I love me a little slouch. The trick is to balance it out with a little tightness. Try an oversized sweater with sleek jeans and boots, or layer a boyfriend cardi over a pencil skirt and heels. Makes sense for fall, right? Like comfy and whatever? Love. 

3. Longer Hems

We've seen the whole "midi" length before, but this year's incarnation isn't as drastic as last year's (presumably because longer hems make everyone look short). Instead, aim for the spot just below your knee and go sleek -- a tighter skirt or an a-line with a structured blazer. And heels. Always heels. Don't fool yourself into thinking you look vintage with a midi skirt and flats. You'll just end up looking short.

4. Winter Pastel 

Weird, right? Usually fall is all about jewel tones, but icy colors are kind of having a moment right now. Which is awesome for us pink, cool-toned girls, since we look good in those colors anyway. Just avoid overly girly silhouettes or you'll end up looking like a giant ice baby. Want extra points? Team winter pastels with gold and go for icy rather than Easter. 

5. Chunky Knit

I know, I know: Knits for fall are about as new as florals for spring. But still, who doesn't love a cozy sweater when the temp gets cold (Sorry, Arizona). Look for a thinner knit, but a slouchier shape, if that makes any sense at all. And, if the thought of knits on your body make you itchy, a hat or scarf will do just fine.
So, what do we think? Any trend you want to try or is there one you hate? Also, does everyone else feel the same about Dateline too? Seriously I get sucked in every time. Who!? Who committed the grisly crime in Colorado in 1983? I must know this now. 

Fashion Week Trends for Normal People (Spring 2014)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I will fully admit that I have only a passing interest in Fashion Week. Because most of the time, it's one giant pat on the back for fashion and one giant eye roll from yours truly. I kid you not, I was paging through FW pics last week and saw no fewer than four men wearing backwards jackets. And I was like, where have I seen that before?

Date Night! Steve Carell, marry me. Tina Fey, be my Sister Wife.

Anyway, while I'm pretty much over hearing about FW on EVERY blog EVER, I do think it's worth it to take a look at some of the trends. Because you'll start seeing these in stores and then you're going to be like "What am I supposed to do with this?" and I want you to then be like "Oh yeah, Jae already told me."

We're friends.

Anyway, here's some of the stuff I picked up on while looking at pictures of men wearing backwards suit jackets.

1. Lavender


Rare London cream lace dress, $38 / AĆ©ropostale slim fit denim jacket / Hue navy blue tight / Strap boots, $48 / Wet Seal imitation purse / GUESS necklace

Step off, cobalt. There's a new color in town. Lavender is kind of a big deal. And while it's traditionally a spring-y color (duh Spring Fashion Week) you can still pull it off in fall. I'm kind of obsessed with lavender with navy, so I love transitioning the color with some tights and a jean jacket. You could totally wear this to like, to an adorable baby shower or whatnot. PS how mad is Fashion Week that I totally mom-ify all of the trends with normal people activities? Answer: very mad.

2. Slits

OK, so the majority of slits for FW were like, up to the navel on leggy models, but that doesn't mean it's completely off-limits to mere mortals like you and me. A maxi skirt with a just-above-knee high slit totally works. Just remember that if you're showing some skin, the rest of your outfit should be covered up, lest I think you're a boozy boylover. Also, it's a fun way to show off super cute boots, but still be semi-warm (OMG today is downright chilly and I LOVE IT).

3. Draping

Oh, look who just made the lavender thing come full circle. Yes, it was me! Draping give regular shirts some interest, which means you can totally dress down without a hundred layers. And, in the spirit of telling you guys everything, I will admit I bought this draped dress while prepping this post. A style blog for a shopaholic is a bad combo. Anyway, draping, wraps and whatnot are hyper-flattering and super easy to wear, especially if you want to camouflage some extra weight. This on your next girls' lunch? Perf.

4.Graphic Prints

Let's be honest, when are graphic prints NOT a trend a FW? But yes, they are back again. Baroque was in like, a season or two ago, but this type of pattern is a little more zoomed-in and Aztec-y, because that's totally a fashion term. I love the jewel tone of this skirt and worn with a moto jacket (also very big for fall) it's like, hot date night material.

5. Non-Average White Button-Ups

Or is it button-down I NEVER KNOW. Anyway, I love this because roughly 70 percent of my wardrobe is made up of button-ups. My body was made for them -- my lifestyle is not. So I love to see a button-up that is toned-down enough for casual wear. This tuxedo style makes me say squee. Yes, squee. And how cute with colored skinnies and patterned flats? Totally appropriate for casual wear and you could also get away with it in a casual office setting too, so score!

So there's my deciphering skills at work. It's fun reporting on FW when I'm sipping on Crystal Light and wearing workout clothes like a boss (I promise I'm actually wearing them to work out). As always, let's just take a moment to remember that it's *only* fashion. Update your wardrobe on the stuff you love, pass on the stuff that's not for you and let's all move along.


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