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Monday, September 14, 2015

Aww yeah I'm staring down the barrel of 70-degree temps and I am lovin' every minute of it. I'm gonna wear the CRAP out of my leather jackets because it's supposed to go back up to 80 next week. Utah ugh.

How do we feel about lace-up flats? I'm not a huge fan of lace up heels (maybe it's because I haven't found the right pair but they always seem trashy to me. I could maybe get on board with these) but lace up flats might be OK, right? I feel like these would look super cute with a cropped jean and loose-knit sweater for fall.

Now is the time to buy swimwear, my friends. I've gone on a rampage and had to calm myself when alllllll the swimsuits I've been ogling are on for 75 percent off. My swimsuit collection is getting out of control but how can you not buy them when they're like, $13?

I'm on a shopping diet right now and it's horrible. I only have to make it until the first weekend in October. The first few days I found myself browsing online and feeling nervous and sweaty and then it became so unbearable that I scrounged up an old half-used gift card so I could order something (IT DOESN'T COUNT). Whenever I do a shopping diet it makes me painfully aware of how much I actually shop and it's mildly horrifying.

How glad am I that plaid is super in this fall? I bought this shirt (before the diet started I went on a binge because that's what you do before a diet starts) and it fulfills me. Plaid button-ups have been my jam since I was like, 14 and really into bowling shirts and cargo pants for some reason (not to be confused with my short-sleeve turtleneck phase) (or my too-small overalls phase) (or my sassy phrase T-shirt phase please someone just burn all old pictures of me).

Jae's Law: Whenever I get ready for work and shower and do my hair and slap some makeup on, my video call for that day will inevitably be canceled. If, however, I decide to tempt fate and bank on an audio call, sure enough, I'll see a video call coming through and I'm left feigning technological difficulties while I race around the house and throw on a cardigan and mascara. Also, it means I look nothing like my superprofessionalglamorshot and I can feel clients' confusion when a bespectacled, bebunned person pops on their screens.

I'm getting a haircut this week. My ends are fried. I'm thinking a lob (long bob)? I'm really feeling this one. Or maybe I'm just feeling Chrissy Teigen. Thoughts?

So can we declare the summer of the romper over? I understand that people think they're comfortable but a) they give everyone wedgies and b) we still have not resolved the fact that in order to pee, you have to get naked. Which, whatever, if you want to do that in your own home that's fine just make sure your blinds are closed. But in a McDonald's bathroom?

We are having a lively discussion about ironic mom jeans WHICH ARE A THING THIS FALL on my Facebook page. Feel free to weigh in unless your opinion is that mom jeans are chic and timeless, in which case you can leave forever and never come back. 
Okay, I think that fulfills my needs to word vomit fashion-related topics for the month.

What I Wore: August Rush

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Can we talk about how much I love my children, but how much I love that my house is so quiet around 8:30 am every morning now? They started back to school and I'm just left here working and having full conversations with my dog.

We packed a ton of stuff into August, because it's usually the time I start feeling guilty about not doing enough summer activities before school starts. We've hit up museums, waterparks, boating, and we just got back from Yellowstone (which was beautiful but far too much physical activity for an actual vacation).

Now that things are calming down, I'm just waiting for the weather to change so I can start wearing actual outfits again. I can only do so much with a T-shirt and jeans. It's too hot for layering. Utah, feel free to get it together anytime.

Top: H&M (similar) (similar
Skirt: Local boutique - you can buy online though! (here) (considering this one next!)
Boots: Frye Isa (here) Seriously the detail on these makes me die (cheaper option)
Necklace: Nordstrom (similar) (this one is literally $4)
Bracelets: Marc Jacbos, Ardene (Canada)

This is the first time I got to wear my new Frye boots that my lovely husband bought for my birthday. Seriously you guys, one pair of Fryes is like a gateway pair. Then you can't stop buying them forever because other boots feel terrible. My advice is to not start at all. I got them in July, but it's been too warm to really wear anything but flip flops. I cheated the system and wore them to a Shania Twain concert (because obviously) and then with a skirt the next day. I am a devious genius. I cannot wait to start wearing them with any sort of regularity. I just went fall pants shopping (I KNOW IT'S TOO EARLY) and got some black skinnies that these will look suh cyut with.

Top: Calvin Klein (print is gone, same fit)
Pants: Calvin Klein (similar)
Shoes: Dollhouse (similar) (sparkly!
Necklace: F21 (similar) (waaaaant

I'm reasonably sure I wore this to go see Shaun the Sheep with my kids, which BY THE WAY is friggin' adorable. My husband was so embarrassed because I have a loud theater laugh and there were only like, three other people there. But man there is just something about sheep and British stop motion movies amiright? 

Top: H&M (one of the five that I now own of this exact shirt. Please send help and also money to buy more shirts.)
Skirt: Old Navy and very old and the only thing I've ever bought from there that didn't end up horribly disfigured after laundering (similar) (plus)
Shoes: Soda and also very old (similar) (yes please)

I'll never get tired of semi-nautical style and I just really wanted a chance to wear these shoes again because they're so fun but look exceedingly patriotic when worn with the wrong clothes. Luckily, I have a neverending supply of these H&M tops and the light blue offset the red, white, and blue a little. So, you know, it's necessary to keep buying them. 

T-shirt: Decree (here) It's $9 and probably the perfect-est white tee I've ever owned. 
Jeans: Calvin Klein (here but no zippers :( 
Boots: Dexflex @ Payless (similar) (wedge)
Necklace: Nordstrom 
Bracelet: My son picked it out for my birthday. He has excellent taste for a 6-year-old. 

OK,OK so this was yesterday and technically September, but you'll probably notice that consistency is not my strongest point. I wore this out to lunch with my husband for his birthday. He is super private about his personal life at work, but we ran into basically his entire office while out to lunch, so I sneaked over and told his boss that it was his birthday. I got an accusatory text an hour later, when 20 people were in his office singing "Happy Birthday." Suckaaaaaaa.

Also, I bought these boots on a whim like, four months ago and this is the first time I've ever worn them. I think I only paid like $15 for them, which is about what you should spend on novelty stuff like leopard-print booties. They only really look good with jeans and a T-shirt. Everything else just comes off as vampy. So basically what I'm saying is bootie buyer beware. 

Remember that you can always see outfits over on Instagram (@nomoremomjeans) and I have some product reviews on the docket too. I'm trying to think up a couple of good fall-related posts but it's only September 2nd and I might be getting ahead of myself. Seriously, these 94-degree days are killing me inside.


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