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What to Wear: In the Summer

Thursday, June 18, 2009

So sorry for the lacking in posting lately. Last Tuesday I came down with something horrible that had me crying in bed and praying for the sweet relief of death. When I went to the doc to have it checked out, he told me a I had a virus (SWINE FLUUUUU) and sinusitus. Now, sinusitus sounds completely made up, but I assure you it is not. It is the worst possible sickness. Ever. Your sinuses get infected and you just sit around feeling like you have a balloon for a head. And it lasts foreeeeeever. Here it is a week and a half later and I still have it, after a round of antibiotics. I think I'm on the tail end, but I literally stayed in bed for six days straight.

ANYWAYS, I got a couple comments about what to wear in the summer. I feel like for moms, the summer is so tricky because everyone is all "Hey, didn't you know that capris are great?" and I'm like errrr. Boo. My actual reaction to capris is a sigh and a shoulder shrug. I understand why you want to wear them, I do. I just think they make EVERYONE look three inches shorter than they are. I'm 5'4", I can't afford three inches. Not to mention everyone wears too-long capris with some awful flipflops, which makes ANYONE look like they have serious cankles. I used to work with a girl that would wear that exact outfit like, every day and to this day, if I hear the word cankle, I immediately think of her. I'M SORRY but it's her own fault for making her legs look like that.

In the end, the capris come down to a length problem for me. Too many women don't pay attention to the length and end up stumpifying themselves. Your capris should not hit you mid-shin. If you MUST wear them, I don't want them to hit any lower than the little hollow under the knee cap. If you can't do that, then put the capris down, and walk away.

However, we have better options. HOORAY FOR BERMUDA SHORTS! I love them to an inordinate degree. Its how a respectable mom gets away with waring shorts and 1) doesn't look trashy in cutoffs and 2) doesn't look like she's completely given up on herself with capris. Here are some styles I love.

K, so this is a casual version of the bermuda short. (Kohls) They are a little looser and have tie details, which lends them to an easier look with this awesome embroidered top from F21. I LOOOOVE an espadrille and these ones from Spiegel will look so pretty laced up a nice, tan leg. GET A TAN. Bag is by Melie Bianco, and its shape is casual and slouchy.

K, but you can also dress up the bermuda shorts. I mean, you're not going to wear this to a cocktail party, but dinner with your significant other, yes indeed. Shorts are from Kohls and are completely unadorned, flat front and cut slim. Then you can do a looser, more blouse-y top with an awesome handbag from Melia Bianco and some awesome wedges from Ann Taylor Loft. Wedges + shorts = happiness.

However, shorts are not your only option for coolness in the summer. Consider the skirt. I know its like really? can I pull off wearing a skirt for everyday? The answer is YES. Just choose more casual fabrics and dress it down with t-shirts, and you can totally do a skirt. I've even been known to travel in skirts, just because they are easy and low maintenance. Choose one that is knee length or shorter, and a-line so you don't veer into more formal pencil territory. Check it out:

How cute would this be for shopping on a Saturday, hitting a Farmer's Market or going to brunch? The shirt is F21, the skirt is Vera Wang, shoes are AmiClubWear( (for $9!) and the bag is ShopSuey. I feel like this is such a new take on the "running around" outfit. Why not?

Remember that the summer is easy, casual and comfortable. I purposely did without accessories on these outfits because in the summer, I get hot and don't want a ton of stuff touching me.

Choose outfits that don't need layering. If you try on a shirt and think it needs a cami underneath, put it back or save it for the fall or winter. And choose light fabrics with a little stretch to them so you can move and do all your fun summery things; you should never have to suffer to look good, UNLESS it's because you bought a new pair of four inch heels. Then it is totally okay to suffer, because they make your legs look hot.

So try a bermuda short or a casual skirt and get unstuck from Capri-land!

What to Wear: to a playdate

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

K, so I love putting together outfits. You tell me somewhere you want to go and BAM! I've got something in my head. So here's a new series of real-life mom type situations in which you might not know what to wear exactly. I am here to help you!

Playdates. Ohhhh playdates. They are meant for your kids, but half the time you need them as much; gossip time with the other moms, talking in voices that don't sound like Mickey Mouse. But let me tell you something about those play groups and playdates. The other moms are judging you. Yeah, they are. I will never be as naive to think that I am exempt from the very same judgements that I pass the time with. Which means if you show up looking all dumpy in your man shoes and capris, you will then be the subject of judgement. I mean really, how hard is it to slip on a pair of flats and brush your hair? Don't even get me started on wearing Crocs to a playdate. I WILL JUDGE YOU. DON'T DO IT!

Not to mention, we all want to be the "hot mom" of the group, know what I mean? The one that breezes in, totally effortlessly, still looking put together, but not so fancy and done up hat she can't get down on the floor and play if she needs to.

So here is what I think you should wear to a playdate. First, lets take a peek at the alternative.

"Oh my gosh, you guys. Sorry I'm late. I stayed up all night baking cupcakes for Timmy's class, and when I dropped them off in my Suburban, the baby needed to be fed. So I gave him some organic baby food, and wouldn't you know it? He spit up all over my OTHER white shoes and white polo. Dagnabbit! Luckily I had another one in my GIANT DIAPER BAG."

*All other moms seethe quietly while sending their kids to school with a box full of twinkies, while feeding their babies spaghettios*

Ladies, don't be THAT mom.

"Hey guys, sorry I'm late. I was up all night watching NON CARTOON movies, and when I awoke, I gave the kids a granola bar and threw on something from my freakin' awesome closet. Also, I stopped on the way to buy everyone chocolate. Here it is, in my totally adorable but non obnoxious bag! Anyone want to come over to my house for daiquiris and celebrity gossip later?"
K, now which one would you rather have at your play date? I mean, really.
(Shirt - Gap, Jeans -Seven for All Mankind, Shoes - Piperlime, Bag - Melie Bianco [Have you seen her stuff ever? LOVE LOVE. Great big bags, all good for non-lame diaper bags, and they are way affordable. Less pricey than those dang $400 Petunia Picklebottoms or whatever they're called.] Watch - Roxy)
So next time you're headed out the door to a playdate, take a minute and decide how you want to be perceived by the other parents. As a tightly wound, June Cleaver-esque mom who doesn't have a personality outside of her children? Or as a cool, individual mom, who knows she doesn't have to sacrifice everything to be a good mom?
Yeah... I don't want to be the lame one either.

My Top Ten! Not That it Would Ever Happen...

Monday, March 9, 2009

So have I ever told you how much I enjoy Tim Gunn's Guide to Style? Of all the television fashion people who have their own shows, he is BY FAR my favourite. And not just because he says awesome catch phrases like "Hmm.. this has me concerned. Make it work!" And not just because he used to be like, president of a university and quit to become a designer, but because he ACTUALLY makes sense. I always trust a guy to tell me what looks good on girls. Not just any guy, mind you, but in general, they can tell you if its good or bad. Girls will overanalyze the cut, colour and style, where a guy is like "Meh, I'm really not feeling it." I appreciate that.

So on Guide to Style, Timmy always has a list of basics that ALL women should have in their closet. In fact, when people ask me what are some things they should buy, I always direct them to his list, because it is far more inclusive than anything I could come up with. He is a genius, and I kind of love him.

Anyhow, that being said, if you were to put me at GUN POINT and say "Choose ten things from your closet that you can keep and I'm setting fire to everything else!" I would first cry and beg, then cry some more, then offer to give up my own life first, then cry a little more, go through the 7 steps of mourning, and choose these items. Not saying you must have these in your closet, but it is a really good starting point. No mommyness here!!

1) My favourite pair of jeans. These jeans are perfect, I have yet to find something I don't like about them. I firmly believe that everyone should have a jean "wardrobe"; that is, jeans for just about every occasion in different lengths, styles, washes and fits. I love jeans. But when you find your perfect jean, make a note of it, and buy a few pairs in different washes. I love these Emma cut ones from Abercrombie. They are a perfect dark wash, skinny enough to be trendy but not scary and tapered, and they KILL with a pair of heels. LOVE.


2) A really crisp white button up. I like mine to look mens-weary but with feminine details. The one I own is cut classically, but has like rhinestone buttons to make it firmly a woman's shirt. My most major hint is pick one that looks a little on the long side. Button up shirts ALWAYS end up looking short on people. Choose a long one that you can tuck into jeans or a skirt, and it looks neat and professional instead of sloppy and mommish.


3) A pencil skirt. JUST GET ONE. Pencil skirts make ALL women's bodies look so good, no matter what your size. They do such a good bum huggage thing. I have this grey one and wear it SO MUCH. With my white button up shirt, a pair of really cute pointy heels, and voila. An outfit.


4) A casual but special top. I have long expounded upon how I hate women who shlub around all the time. Even if your only agenda for the day is grocery shopping, make yourself feel better by picking up a few shirts that are comfy and easy to wear, but still cute. Throw it on with a pair of jeans and flats. It took two seconds, but I will guarantee you'll feel better about yourself. Stay away from your husband's oversized Hanes. Please.

(BodyCentral, Forever21)

5) A really basic but well cut tee. Sometimes I think there is nothing hotter than a plain v-necked tee with a cute pair of jeans and heels. It is so easy to do but it looks so good. You know how much I love Express, they are the best place to buy basic stuff at. When buying a plain t-shirt, pay attention to the way it fits. It should be comfy but not baggy. It should be long enough so you're not tugging on it all the time; in fact, one that has a little extra length is great if you're looking to wear one that is camouflaging to the middle area. TRY THEM ON.


6) Pointy toed heels. If you don't own a pair, STOP crying about how they look uncomfortable and you have hammer toes or whatever excuse you're coming up with. Find a pair that are comfy and get them. They make your legs look leaner and literally go with everything. My current faves in my closet are a really basic Guess pair. Make sure you have at least one black pair and then branch out into other colours. Wear them to dress up jeans, slacks, skirts, whatever. I have a friend who totally WOULD NOT wear these, until I forced her to try on mine. The first words out of her mouth? "OMG, look how hot these make my legs look." I didn't say I told you so... but I thought it.


7) A date night top. Can I tell you how many times I hear women complaining that their hubbies aren't romantic or passionate enough? Um, hate to break it to you, but if I came home to see you covered in baby spit and wearing sweats, I probably wouldn't be jumping your bones either. So get an awesome date night shirt, so when you do go out somewhere, your husband or significant other is pleasantly surprised... not only that you showered, but you look like you did when you were dating. I love the sweetness of the lace one, and I love the hardness of the beaded one. I would wear it with a leather jacket and look all hot and biker-chic. Find a shirt that is special, that you feel incredibly attractive in. Your date night might actually last longer than the movie and dinner. WINKITY WINK!!! Thank me later.


8) A little black dress. If you've been reading my blog since the beginning and STILL don't own an LBD, then SHAME ON YOU! You should have one. Please for the love of pete get one. They are so perfect for SO many occasions. Try alot on, and choose one that flatters your body the best. Check out's little black dress shop for some awesome ideas. I go over there and drool, literally drool. I love really classic ones, mine is cut just like this one, but without the sheer sleeves. I got it from H&M but they didn't have it on their site. BOO.


9) A seriously cute jacket. I love jackets. Ask my husband. When we built our house, he built me not only my own closet in our room, but my own TWO closets down in the mudroom, because he knows of my love for jackets. Trench coats, pea coats, bombers, leather jackets, blazers. I collect them. Why? Because even if what I am wearing is less than fantastic, the addition of a really awesome jacket perks the whole thing up. Its why I hate summer. No jackets. Sadness. You can find awesome ones all over, look for special details and great tailoring. I just bought the leather biker styled jacket of my dreams. I left it in Canada last time was there and harassed my mom to bring it to me. When she arrived a few weeks ago, I hugged her and asked "DID YOU BRING MY JACKET?" She was flattered.

(Victoria's Secret (LOVE!!!) Abercrombie )

10) A clutch. Every woman should have a clutch. It drives me CRAZY when I see a woman all dressed up and looking good, and then have a huge bag slung over her shoulder. Don't get me wrong, big bags have their place. But not when you're dressed up. Even if you're wearing say, your date night top and favourite jeans with a pointy toed shoe, I want you to be carrying a clutch. It is so much sleeker than your every day bag and a little more special. And when out with your husband, you're not bringing diapers anyway. Its freeing to only need a lip gloss!! Pick one in a fun colour, a clutch literally does not have to match anything.

(ShopSuey Boutique)

So there are my top ten if I HAD to choose. Really though, if someone threatened me with paring down my closet to ten items I would slap them silly. That's crazy talk.

Sweater Weather!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

YAY! So fall is officially here, and it's all crispy and and cool-y and I am deliriously happy right now. I am having a good month girls, I love October! Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving on this coming Sunday, so I have alot to get done, as I always host a Canadian Thanksgiving at our house wit all of our friends that have Canadian ties. I'll tell you, it is really easy to find people with Canadian ties when you look. Maple leaf forever!

And what will I be wearing to Canadian Thanksgiving? Why, a sweater of course! I heart sweaters to ridiculous degree and I buy them up in huge quantities. You know Black Friday, when the world braves shopping at 3am for the best deals? While everyone else is snatching up Wii's and DVD's, I'm like, ooh! Cheap sweaters!

Anyhow, I set out to check for new trends that I love in sweaters this year and I had a little sweater-gasm and started writing down a SHOPPING LIST of sweaters and which stores they were at so that this weekend I could go partake. Nevermind that I'm pregnant. I WILL BUY THEM! And since I love them all, I'll be posting lots of pics. Ahhh heaven.

K, so doesn't this just look like the perfect fall sweater? I love the neckline and collar, and the big buttons are perrrrrfect. I want this. Forever 21.

This is the newest thing I have seen for the season, these awesome little drape-front cardigans. Perfect to throw over anything, and all of a sudden look put together. This one was at Bluefly for like $60, but I saw them at Charlotte Russe for $19. Just saying.

K, remember dusters??? I have a red one that I can't bear to throw out even though it is horribly dated and screams "2001!" Well, YAY, because dusters are back but new-school. See how they are shorter? Gone are the stumpifying calf-length ones, choose ones that go no lower than mid thigh. Papaya.

Every woman should have a classic, cable knit sweater. Love how they've pinned this one with a brooch, and I am seeing shawl collars everywhere.

Or do a simpler silhouette, love the scoop neck here, super super flattering. Remember that sweaters shouldn't be bulky. Streamlined is best. Metro Style.

Everyone knows my obsession with argyle, and luckily everyone has it now. So smart! Love layering that is built in, again, not bulky and you look like you actually know something about fashion. Forever 21

I LOVE THESE SWEATERS! They are these cute "academy" type ones, they are freaking adorable. Can't you see this, which a white, collared button up under, some skinnier jeans and flats? LOVE. I am definitely buying one this weekend because I can't even contain my excitement.

Sweaters are an awesome way to update or transition your wardrobe. Anyone up for a shopping trip?

Apologies, Apologies: Kickin' it Casual

Thursday, September 25, 2008

So you might have noticed the insane lack of post-age around here. This week has been crazy busy and I don't get enough sleep as it is. But my daughter has given me the sweet, sweet gift of her sleeping in late, so I have a spare second to write. But I am sorry for not getting around sooner!

K, so today I want to talk about everyday. I know I post some things on here like the LBD and you're like k, that's great Jae, it really is, but I'm not going to get all dolled up to go to the post office. I'll just wear a t-shirt.

. I know you're not going to wear your cocktail dress to the grocery store, but please, STEP AWAY FROM THE T-SHIRT. I have this vendetta against the tee. Yes, I can understand it's value on say, a Saturday while raking leaves, or even to wear to bed! But too many moms (and women for that matter) totally adopt it as their uniform, and end up looking uninteresting and dowdy.

Now, when I say "t-shirt", I am thinking of this:

BOOOOO. So boring.

So why do you wear a t-shirt? Because it's easy! You don't have to think about it! It matches your mom jeans!

And to that I say shame on you. For one, if you still have mom jeans by now, you should leave this blog immediately. And another thing, their are tons of tops out there that are easy, match NICE jeans and you don't have to think about.

Next time you go shopping, I want you to examine the top you are looking at. THink "why am I buying this? Is there something special about this top that makes me want to buy it? IS it different than the tops I already own?" If the answer is no to these, put it back down and step away. Don't buy a shirt just because you need something to cover up your ta-tas. Buy it because you LOVE it and it makes you feel awesome.

K, so here are some JUST AS EASY alternatives to the nasty old t-shirt. They are just as easy to throw on, but you'll feel a whole lot less shlumpy (All from Venus or Body Central, which is my go-to place for interesting tops)

Check the embellishment, plus the empire seam on this baby.

So ridiculously flattering. Wear it with some worn-in jeans and some comfy flats. You look put together without looking like you've tried too hard.

Love the keyhole on this top. It's super subtle, but still different enough for people to go "OMG< class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_9">you're like "Oh, I have this awesome friend named Jae..."

We're into fall, and I'll focus on sweaters later, but don't you love this one? Love that shawl neckline that wraps.

EVERY mom should own a faux layered sweater. You chuck it on, and instantly look like you mean business. I would do this with dark jeans and a pointier shoe. It is SO put together, and you didn't even do the work.

Vampy, vampy! I loooove this top. The rivets up the side give it some interest, while the ruching hides any flaws (not that you have any) and it is just hotness.

So please, retire your Hanes and try something new. In the words of my daughter's favourite show, Yo Gabba Gabba "Try it! You might like it!"

Answer to a Question

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So the question arose today (from Mel... thanks Mel!) Of what to wear this fall.

Can I just preface this by saying I LOVE FALL! I am not a summer person, I'm from Canada for pete's sake. You know? The Great White North? I live for snowy days and warm blankets. Good thing I moved to the desert eh?

Anyhow, I love going into my closet and yanking out all my lovely sweaters, and wearing my jeans! And boots! Ugh, now I am just wishing for fall. Luckily, in the fashion world, fall is already upon us, and there is an abundance of sweet stuff out there. I am going to say, if you are going to reinvent your mommy wardrobe, NOW is the time. Tons of good designer previews and you can totally experiment with layers and jackets and all the fun stuff. Then, next summer you shall emerge as a beautiful butterfly, fully knowing what looks good on you.

So, for Mel, here are some awesome things for fall.

The first thing I love about fall clothes are the textures! I love a good menswear gone feminine outfit, and fall lends itself to these awesome fabrics and patterns without looking too stiff.

Argyle sweater - New York and Company

Plaid sweater - Juicy

Oh boo, this is fuzzy. But houndstooth!! I love houndstooth! Here is a picture of me wearing it, whilst biting my arm (I have what my family affectionately calls manatee arms, which will be the first to go in the event of starvation and subsequent cannibalism. They love me.)


Plaid dress. MUST HAVE IT. Why? Why oh fashion gods did you release this when I am pregnant? Cruel. Nordstrom

I am leaving my husband and marrying this Anthropologie sweater like, now. Don't you just want to crawl into it?

Then, on the flip side, I love really vivid, saturated jewel toned colors this season too. Especially if you have darker skin and hair, these will look amazing. When I say saturated, I mean nothing light or worn in anyway. Pristine, pure forms of a color. Think "plum" and "turquoise", even "jade".

Perfect color here. Nordstrom.

Also Nordstrom. Imagine this under my lover/sweater and you get the heavier texture with the newer color and you've pretty much hit a home run.

What shoes to wear? Welllllll you could wear black, but so does everyone else. Jewel tones look SO MUCH richer when worn with a) brown or b) a contrasting jewel tone. For the plum, these boots are gorgeous (Sorry, I love boots for fall because by this time I am itching to dust em off.) With the turquoise, those wine shoes are fantastic. It may seem totally counter intuitive to do a bright color up top with one on the foot, but you have to trust me on this one. Like I am ----- this close to running out and buying it. PLUS! Wine color shoes with that plaid grey dress? Love.

K, I am like having a fall fashion-gasm here, so I'll wrap it up. My eyes are peeled for more awesome fall stuff. I could have a whole post dedicated to fall jackets!!!! Is that sad?


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