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Summer Style: Hats

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

So I'm a big hat person. I live in them all summer long because a) they obviously keep the sun off my face and b) the idea of blowdrying my hair in the heat is akin to the idea of baking cookies on Jae's scale of "Crap I Don't Need to Do to be Happy."

Therefore, much of the summer is spent with a hat jammed on my head. Here's the thing though: I used to think I was definitely NOT a hat person. Excepting a weird phase when I was 12 when I wore a yellow bucket hat everywhere, I went much of my life thinking that hats were for other people. I have large features, and so hats (especially growing up in Canada, where that meant toques) looked weird on me.

Now I love hats and I want you to love them too. So much of feeling confident in one is in choosing the right type of hat for your features and face shape. Once you've nailed that, you're good to go.

A rule of thumb: For me, pulling off hats also amounts to hair and makeup. I usually leave my hair loose and wavy  or in a low, messy bun (again, no blowdrying in the summer) and put a little more effort into my eye makeup when I'm going to be wearing a hat. It makes it look "on purpose" rather than "I just shoved this on my head and ran out the door."

The second rule of thumb is to choose a hat with a brim in proportion to your features. That's why I look sucky in toques (knit hats, for you Yankees). Large features = larger brim. Small features = smaller brim. Yay!

Alright, face shapes:

Heart-Shaped Face

Hey, let's be friends, because I have a heart-shaped face too. That means you have wider cheekbones and a prominent chin, which can make your cheeks look even wider. Luckily, we can rock a classic ball cap like it's our job, which makes me happy. I lean toward vintage caps that add a little height to my face.

Oval Face

If you have an oval face and your forehead, cheeks and chin are all pretty proportionate, you're in luck because you can wear just about anything. Just be conscious of anything with height, since it can make your head look longer. Instead, go for a shorter brim and forehead -- military hats and even rounded straw hats will look best. Just keep the top of the hat (the distance between your forehead and the top) pretty short. 

Round Face

Look at you, you little baby angel. If you have a round face, rounded hats will make you look -- you guessed it -- round. Since you have full cheeks and a rounder chin, you'll want something that balances out those rounder features. A brim that slants over one side of your face can help create some angles. You look uber cute in a straw fedora and I am jealous because I do not. You can also choose a hat with a higher, square top to add length to your face.

Square Face

If your face is pretty angular with a strong chin, you want a little femininity in your hat. Don't get me wrong, you look like a total boss in a vintage ball cap. But some softness can help counteract a strong chin. If you do a ball cap, pick one that's a bit girly and you're good to go, otherwise floppy hats are your friend. 

Also, ignore other guides because one time, I looked up what type of hat I should be wearing, and a website for a fashion magazine which shall remain unnamed said this: 

Oh yeah, just let me go get my hat on and I'll start robbing people with my Merry Men.

Anyway, are you a hat-wearer or are you like "Um, no thanks." 

Explaining Jewelry: What/Where/When

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My daughter and I came down with the flu on Monday, so we've been hanging out in bed and watching Netflix all day while my poor husband shops for crackers and gingerale. Therefore, I've had plenty of time to do some navelgazing and think deep thoughts on important stuff like feminism and jewelry, in that order.

I was thinking about how so much of personal style comes down to the ability to edit. You know, the ability to look in the mirror objectively and be able to see where you're going right or wrong. And jewelry and accessories are probably your greatest chance to edit your look into something more than just "I put on this T-shirt because it has the smallest patch of baby barf."

Knowing where to invest your money in jewelry and when to edit your overall look can make you look like you actually know what you're doing.

I've said it before: I have some hard and fast rules when it comes to jewelry. IN GENERAL, I

  • Keep jewelry spaced out -- no big necklaces next to chunky earrings.
  • Wear it sparingly.
  • Don't compete with my clothes with jewelry.
  • Will splurge on lasting fine jewelry.
  • Will save on trendy stuff. 
Within those rules are knowing the difference between the various types of jewelry and how/when/where to wear each. Let's break it down, 80s hip hop breakdance-style. Cue the Tone Loc.

Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry refers to the real stuff, folks. Real gold, real diamonds, real gems, etc, etc. It's the kind of stuff your husband gets you for Valentine's Day if you're lucky or that you buy yourself because you're an independent woman who don't need no man to buy you jewels. Your diamond wedding ring, for example, would qualify as fine jewelry.

And yeah, you're gonna pay for it, which is why you should buy judiciously. These are my "must have" fine jewelry pieces. Of course, these are only must haves if you're in a position to actually purchase fine jewelry. Otherwise, you can feed your kids and skip to the next section.
  • A pair of diamond studs. I like round or square, but it's up to you. They will ALWAYS look good and clean and classic, even if they're teeny. 
  • A wedding ring set OR if you're not married, a right-hand ring. I have both. I have an engagement ring and three wedding bands, and then Anjolee sent me this crazy gorgeous band that I wear on my right hand. It's original but understated, which means I can wear it every day. Love. 
  • A tennis bracelet. It will ALWAYS look elegant. ALWAYS. You could be wearing body glitter and a pink cowboy hat and a shimmery romper and if you had on a pretty bracelet, I can respect that. Mine looks a lot like this, which I think is interesting and graphic without being crazy. 
That's it! I don't even include necklaces on here, because while I have fine jewelry necklaces, I don't think I'd die without them. I think necklaces are the easiest to change out and make a statement with, so I prefer to buy trendy necklaces and spend money on pretty rings instead.

 Heirloom Jewelry

I am the least sentimental person on the planet. But I do get a little tender about jewelry because I really like a visual reminder of a person. Here's where it's tricky: There are guides on the Internet that tell you what color of jewelry you're supposed to wear based on your skin tone and I think it's a load of crap. It's jewelry. Wear what you want. According to my cool skin tone, I should be wearing only silver, but if I stuck with that, I'd miss out on some of my favorite jewelry pieces passed down to me.

My Nanny (very Canadian name for Grandma) was very into jewelry and when she passed, I inherited some seriously cool pieces from her. She also left me a bunch of books that she knew I'd love, but I feel like I get to wear and use the jewelry so much more often.

The other day, I was wearing my RCAF WWII Sweetheart's locket (seen here). My Grandad gave it to my Nanny when he was stationed overseas and their very young pictures are inside. Anyway, I was at a bakery and the cashier was like "OMG I love your locket, where did you get it?" And telling her that it was my grandmother's was awesome. It's big and gold and it's one of the best pieces I own (she also gave me an AMAZING garnet bracelet).

What I'm saying is that the best way to own heirloom jewelry is to actually wear it. Unless it's incredibly fragile, I think that whoever left you the piece would want you to enjoy it, even if it doesn't match your skin tone or it's technically out of fashion.

One of the main reasons I thoughtfully buy fine jewelry is that I want to have pieces to pass down to my own kids one day. It's important that they have useable reminder, not just something sits on a shelf, you know?

Costume Jewelry

Finally, here's where it gets fun. Costume jewelry is cheap, trendy and not built to last. While I don't mind spending $$ on fine jewelry, I am the cheapest sonofagun when it comes to buying trendy pieces for a season.

And, since jewelry tastes vary, I'll show you some of my favorite places to shop for trendy costume jewels -- page through and see what you like:

Forever 21: Tons of selection and WAY cheap, but the stuff falls apart pretty quick. I hit here when I need a statement piece for like, a night or a specific outfit and I won't be wearing it every day.

Kohls: Slightly better quality than Forever 21 and they have a decent fine jewelry department too. I like buying jewelry here as gifts.

H&M: I like H&M for gold pieces. They actually do a pretty good job. I buy a lot of pretty hair pins, etc. there.

Macys: I like department stores because they have a HUGE selection and usually have some type of sale. While they will have lots of fine jewelry, searching "fashion jewelry" yields the good stuff on the cheap.

I mean, we're talking basically throwaway stuff that won't last more than a season or two. Costume jewelry is also a great way to try out a trend to decide if you'd like to spend more money on the real deal, ie: I really liked bow earrings so I bought a cheap pair from F21. When I found that I was wearing them on the reg, I bought a nice pair.

Seriously, I wouldn't spend more than like $20 on a trendy necklace or bracelet and cap it around $10 for earrings and rings.

And that, my friends, is what happens when you have the flu and nothing to do all day. I think I'm on the mend... I don't feel as sick, just weak and tired. Sooo basically look forward to an en-depth post on parting your hair or something.

For now, I'm wondering about your favorite type of jewelry. Are you a minimal girl or are you all about the stacks on stacks on stacks?

The 10 Commandments of Scarves

Thursday, November 21, 2013

So my cute cousin Sarah was asking me about scarves the other day and I realized that I had done a 10 Commandments of Belting but that I had left scarves out in the cold. And, since they're totally my favorite way to accessorize, they deserve a little love. So, beginners unite! Let's talk scarves.

1) Thou shalt tie thy scarf in different ways. For whilst a basic tie is nice, thou shalt be more adventurous. Thou shalt also watch this video for ideas.

2) Thou shalt contrast thy number of layers to the size of thy scarf. If thou art wearing lots of layers, thou shalt wear a simpler scarf -- otherwise, thou might lookest like a hipster. If thy outfit is simple, thou can wear a larger scarf.


3) Thou shall tuck the ends of thy scarf if thou is wearing a neck with a deep V. It lookest like an ascot and is delightful unto me.

4) Thou shalt belt a voluminous scarf, lest thou be mistaken as with child.

5) Thou shalt make a boring outfit exciting by using a patterned scarf. I wouldst say "Jazz up" but thou knowest I hate the term. Still, thou shall not be afraid of prints.

6) Thou shalt never drape thy scarf over thy shoulders, for thou art not an eccentric old artist lady.

7) Thou shalt stop being confused about how to wear a scarf when thou shall buy an infinity scarf. Lo, it is one continuous loop and thou needest only slip it over your head. Thou can do that.

8) Thou shalt wear thick scarves during the winter and thin scarves during the summer. Thou shalt look for wool-based scarves right now, because winter shall arrive soon.

9) Thou shalt layer necklaces over scarves, if thou art adventurous.

10) Thou shalt never overthink scarves. Scarves shall be fun accessories and should not be intimidating. If thou art intimidated by an article of clothing, thou shalt be checked by thy doctor for social anxiety.

Thou may also ask scarf-related questions in the comments section.

Accessorizing in the Summer

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

First off, Happy Pioneer Day to my Utahns! I'm a transplant and have absolutely no pioneer heritage whatsoever, but I appreciate the day off and the fireworks, so WOO! Of course, I played a couple of hours of volleyball and worked out last night for the first time since my trip and I am FEELING it today. So I will be watching fireworks with Advil and an orthopedic pillow.

Utah is funny because each little town has their own celebration -- even my tiny town of 2,000. That means there's always some festival going on, usually with vendors, tons of food and entertainment. But the heat -- OH THE HEAT -- makes a lot of these unbearable. This year, I've gone to four of the various city festivals in my area and I have one more planned, so I've had to learn to dress accordingly.

The thing about summer dressing is that you want as little as possible, right? So I find that a lot of times, it's like a top, shorts and flip flops and I'm done. Accessorizing in the summer sucks because everything is just an extra layer and makes you hotter, like the time a couple weeks ago I decided to wear a cute summer scarf and it ended up drenched. I know you wanted to know that.

So here are some ideas to accessorize this summer without wanting to jump into a vat of ice cubes. Even though that sounds really nice right now.

Get a Pedi

For reals, people! It's so easy to look cute and it doesn't make you feel one degree hotter. Except for that time I had a pedi and I got a chemical burn. But if you do it yourself, it's fine. Lately, I've been painting my toes and then doing a couple layers of chunky glitter near the top like this. It's cute, simple and sticks around forever. Plus, you can do your pedi when you catch up on DVRed episodes of Real Housewives of OC, not that I do that or anything.

Wear Honkin' Huge Earrings

I love necklaces, but let's face it -- sweat city when you're in the sun, amiright? I have the world's most sensitive nose and I hate the smell of like, sweaty metal. Ooh, that sounds like a rock band! Anyway, I default to big, light earrings in the summer. I find that those made of wire and hammered materials weigh the least, like so:

Go for a Hat

I'm definitely a hat girl -- it's the tomboy in me. I tend to wear military or ball-style hats, but basically any topper works. Especially if you can rock a floppy straw hat because that makes me jealous. Just don't wear a trucker hat with your bikini because you';re not Tara Reid (thank goodness). Anyway, hats keep the sun off of your face, especially if you once had skin cancer on your nose and swore to your doctor you'd never get another nose sunburn ever again. Aaaand they're cute. Win!

Wear Your Hair Up

This is a no-brainer, but you don't have to wear a ton of accessories if your hair is your accessory. Wear your hair up and then try using a cute headband or ribbon to accessorize. I love doing a big, fat top bun and then wearing glammy sunglasses or doing a side braid with messy pieces. Bonus points: You can get away with not washing your hair. Check out my Pinterest hair and makeup board for more ideas.

Air Out

OK, so I love wedges but they can get all slidey and gross when it's hot. So go for a flat, strappy sandal that keep your feet totally cool, but look for ones with bright colors or interesting details. These ones are also cheap, so yay!

Choose One

If you're feeling totally naked without all of your accessories, just go with one super impactful one. That way you're not like, jangling your 10 bracelets around swimming lessons. That's annoying. La Mer wrap watches have a ton of visual impact while still being just one piece. Slap it on and you're put together.

Wear a Scarf Literally Anywhere but Your Neck

Sure, everyone is like "Ooh, wear a summer scarf, they're so light!" But those people have never wrangled kids in 105-degree weather and can bite me. I love me a summer scarf, you know I do. But not when it's this hot out. So when I'm wishing for my H&M teal leopard print scarf, I tie it on my purse instead. That way it's part of the outfit without actually touching me and honestly, as a mom all I want is like five minutes where someone isn't TOUCHING ME.

Get Nekkid

No, don't strip off your clothes and head outside, no matter how hot it is. Unless you live in a nudist colony. But why would you be reading a style blog then? I have deep thoughts. If it's really sweaty out, skip the accessories altogether. Go for like, a brightly colored summer dress or ditch your usual solid tee for a graphic one instead. Done!

What's your fave way to wear accessories when it's hot? Or do you just not leave your house? I can deal with that too.

I Wear My Sunglasses at Night...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hey friends... This is a re-post. I was sunglasses shopping and realized that this would be a good reminder. Seriously, the Utah sun is so bright that I actually get angry at it sometimes. Like SUN! DO you not know that I need to see to drive? Stop being so OBNOXIOUS.

PS, I still go through sunglasses like the cast of Jersey Shore goes through Valtrex (ooh, ouch.) I'm on my second pair this summer. Every time I think I want to buy another pricey pair -- they are always on Groupon!! -- I'm like Jae, you know how you are. You will sit on them at one point in time. So I'm currently rocking a $11 pair of Relics. Oh yeah, be jealous.


I probably should have written about sunglasses like, two months ago at the beginning of summer, but two months ago had just started that which would be the most accident prone two months in history during which I would singlehandedly destroy four pairs of sunglasses in a row. Like, it's getting comical.

First, I busted the arm off of my Guess sunglasses.
Then my sun snapped my Gucci (!!!!) ones in HALF.
Then, the screw came out of my Marc Jacobs and I've never gotten around to fixing it.
I bought a cheapo pair from Nordstrom and promptly sat on them in my car.
So I tried using my husband's and snapped the lens out.

You guys, I am on my SIXTH pair this summer. Which is why I'm never buying seriously expensive sunglasses again. If you're like me, spend $20 max.

As I was trying on my fifth pair of sunglasses before heading to the pool yesterday, I pondered over my face shape. I have a seriously heart-shaped face: honking huge cheekbones and a tiny, pointy chin. Because of this, I'm obsessed with aviator glasses. They draw the eye upward without giving too hard an edge. This, in turn, caused me to think about all the other face shapes and what that means for glasses shopping. Instead of trying on every pair of glasses in the store, it's easier to single out the pairs that'll work best and make quick work of the shades you'll use for the next two weeks until you sit on them in your car.

Wait, am I the only one who does that?

Heart-Shaped Faces (Think Jennifer Aniston):

For girls like me, aviators are your friend. They help to balance out the face by not being so wide, but still having enough volume. I also found out that when my eyebrows show under my glasses, I look like my dad. While my dad is a very suave dude, I don't want his eyebrows .So I look for a pair big enough to hit just above. These are pretty much perfect and will match any outfit ever. Plus, aviators are just classic.

Round Faces (Think Drew Barrymore):

If your cheekbones, chin and forehead are all generally the same width, you have a round face. THAT DOESN'T MEAN FAT, calm down. Since you have a round face, rounded sunglasses will just emphasize that roundness. Look for more rectangular frames, which will help balance out your forehead and the tops of your cheekbones for a more contoured look. Slimmer sunglasses also help to streamline the face, but I tend to avoid really overly sporty glasses since they look weird with anything but workout clothes.

Square Faces (Think Jessica Simpson):

A square face is the exact opposite of a round face. Instead of soft lines, you have a squarer jaw that basically lines up with your forehead. Because your face already has pretty rigid lines, oblong sunglasses are best for you. The roundness helps to soften those lines and there's so many freakin' cute options out there!

Oval Faces (Think Anne Hathaway):

Oval girls are lucky, since you can basically wear any style sunglasses ever. An oval face has slim cheekbones that line up with a moderate chin and forehead. The only problem is the oval faces can sometimes look longer. Because of this, purposely avoid thin sunglasses which accentuate your face length. Instead, medium to large sizes are best. Just don't go comically large, because I'll make fun of you and that's awkward for us both.

When in doubt, look for really classic shapes. Ray Ban Wayfarer looks good on pretty much any face shape.

So, is it clear as mud? You can always go to the store and try on every single pair, but last time I did that I got the stinkeye. So there you go. Deal with it, TJ Maxx employees!

The 10 Commandments of Belting

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hey friends! Did everyone have an awesome Canada Day/4th of July? We went fishing and by fishing I mean my husband and kids played around with worms while I read a book down in the nose of the boat. It was very outdoorsy.

Anyway, I think it's time to talk about belting. It's one of the questions I get the most and sometimes, knowing how to belt clothes is hard to define. When do you go over? When do you go under? Where do you belt? Bahhh so many questions.

But never fear. While I do think it takse a bit of instinct, I can give you some basic commandments to follow when you're faced with belting. Remember these, and you too can belt like a total pro.

1) Thou shalt use a belt for definition. This is the most important of all of the commandments. Belts are used to make a shapeless outfit look sleek and hour-glassy. Anytime you have an outfit that makes people think "Is she pregnant?" and behold, thou is not, belt that sucker! Er... suckerest?

2) However, though shalt not belt things with an elasticized hem. Bubble shirts shall never be belted, as thou shalt look like a mushroom. Instead, save belts for shirts with volume around the middle.

3) Thou shalt try the sloppy tuck with a thick belt. Tucking a sloppy shirt too snugly into your belt will make thee look like thou hast just returned from band camp. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

... but there is.

4) However, thou mayest try a full tuck into a skinny belt as long as the shirt and pants are slim-cut and don't puff out like a pirate shirt around the middle.

5) Thou shalt try belting over multiple thin layers. Belting over thin layers shall give thee shape and connect all of the layers together in an outfit instead of just some sloppy stuff thou hast thrown together by accident. If the uppermost layer is hefty, like a blazer or cardigan, thou mayest belt only the layers underneath.

6) Thou shalt belt at thy natural waist. That's the spot between your hips and and your ribs. It's tiny and makes thee look like Marilyn Monroe. If though beltest too low, thou will look hippy. Too high, and thou wilt look as though thou is with child.

7) Thou should not always use the holes provided on thy belt. Belts can be tied and tucked in different ways.

8) Thou shalt own different belts in different sizes and colors. Then, thou shalt wear a belt that is comparable to the thickness and numbers of layers you're wearing. Therefore, thin belts are best with thinner layers, and thick belts are better over more substantial layers. However, thou should not be scared to experiment.

9) Thou shalt wear belts as an anchor or focal point of an outfit. Belts and shoes must not always match, but can only coordinate if there are no other matching pieces in the outfit. Otherwise, I dost not care.

10) Though shalt give thy belt some wiggle room. Thou must not cinch thy belt too tight, else thou will end up sweaty and uncomfortable all. day. long. Thou might also then need to take thy belt off in the car, and then thy husband will wonder why there are always belts stuck under the seats.

This is not from mine own personal experience.

Geez, all that Bible language hast made me tired.

Seriously though, does that help? Do you have any belt related questions? Hit me! Just not with a belt. That's abuse.

Jae's Guide to Accessorizing

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The bulk of emails that I get are usually about how to accessorize an outfit. And while I usually answer those emails on a case-by-case basis, I can definitely give out some basics on accessorizing an outfit in general. Let's remember to not go too crazy with this, mmkay? When it comes to accessories, there aren't a lot of hard and fast rules. At the risk of sounding insane, I think it's kind of instinctual. Like, I lack all maternal instinct but I Have well-sharpened accessories insticnts. If you know what looks good, you know what looks good and can do whatever. Otherwise you can check out this guide on some cheats on how to make it look like you know what you're doing. It's all about faking it.

What? Who said that?

ANYWAY. Below you'll find some OK examples and the better versions of each for your visual enjoyment. Look at the small version for the ho-hum version and the big ones to see how I Jae-ified it. That's totally a word. What did we ever do before Polyvore!?

Below the knee dress, £25
GUESS metallic pumps, $50
Principles by Ben de Lisi silver clutch handbag, £28
Carolee jewelry, $50
Gold plating jewelry, $23

Accessories should enhance NOT overshadow your clothing. If you have clothes that have a cool feature (like the shoulder detail on this dress) you could lose the interest if you clutter it up with chunk jewelry right on top as well. Instead of a necklace, earrings are a better fit. They'll bring the attention upward and then it's like Oh, hey look at my cool shoulder detail I'm so fashionable. I also like to put space between my accessories. I rarely wear both earrings and a necklace at the same time because I like my accessories to kind of hold their own. These earrings are major and would be ruined when worn with a chunky necklace too. Also... these shoes own my soul (SOLE!) I kill myself.


Daytrip oversized cardigan, $44
Jersey top, £27
Hollister Co. light wash jeans, $35
Banana Republic ballet flat shoes, $46
Red Herring python handbag, £32
Wet Seal seed bead necklace, $8.50
Facets jewelry, $13
Cluster necklace, $14

Accessories should totally add interest to an outfit. If it's not going to make an impact, leave it in the jewelry box. I mean, I'm totally a jeans and a T-shirt girl during the week, but when those jeans are worn with studded flats and the tee has a chunky necklace it suddenly becomes an outfit. And if you're not into super flashy patterns, just use them in your shoes and bag. It's a super sneaky way to look more fashion-conscious without actually changing your basics. Hello? How easy is a red shirt and blue jeans. ANYONE CAN DO THIS. But OMG you guys, I still see moms in acid wash elastic waist jeans. Did I say moms? I meant Miley Cyrus.

H M wrap shirt, £7.99
Wallis pencil skirt, £20
Red high heels, $44
Navy blue pumps, $30
Teardrop earrings, $40
Amrita singh jewelry, $20
Wallis red ring, £8.75
Betty Jackson. Black stud earrings, £8
Mango black belt, £23
Leopard print belt, £20

Guess what? Matchy matchiness is only OK if you're competing in MotherBoy XXX.

Anyone? Anyone?

Moving on....

But seriously. When you match every part of your outfit, it looks a little newbie-ish, I'm not gonna lie. I like a mix of patterns and colors because it makes an outfit more interesting and it's pretty difficult to go wrong. Unless you're dressing like a complete hobo, in which case I disapprove. But seriously. Instead of doing a singular color theme, mix it up and have fun! I love the two types of animal print in an outfit like this. Because the color palette is neutral, it works. And red shoes match everything. EVERYTHING, I SAY! You should have some. The trick to making this look on purpose is to have a couple of things kind of match. Like the red in the shoes and the ring or the belt and the earrings. Just don't go overboard or you'll look like a contestant on Toddlers and Tiaras.

Hopefully that makes sense. If you keep these three things in mind: Accessory restraint, accessory interest and accessory mixing in mind when you shop, you can totally swing this. And then you can look smugly down upon Miley Cyruses mom jeans like I do.


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